Vansh Sets Fire Into His Past. Till Love Do Us Part 14 March 2022, Monday pt2: Episode 170


The Episode started with Vansh pouring the kerosene and lighting the fire to burn the car. Riddhima became shocked seeing the fire. She asked Bappa to protect her. She opened the door, coughed and fell back. She said how shall I go out and she tried again. Her saree got stuck in the door. Kabir came there and blew off the fire and Vansh was shocked.

He shouted Kabir, how dare you put off the fire. Kabir said I am rectifying your wrong work, you are igniting fire near the house and Vansh argued. Dadi came and asked what are you doing, Vansh. Kabir got a call and left. Dadi said if you do this, Riddhima will doubt you again, don’t give her any reason that she finds your past.

Riddhima thinks what does Dadi want to do, is Vansh really hiding something, why. Vansh said maybe you are right Dadi and he left. Riddhima asked what story is Vansh hiding, what is this car doing here in VR mansion if its related to my parents’ accident. She got down the car and left. Kabir saw her and hid. He thinks fate makes way for us when we are determined to get something, it’s time to make Riddhima’s doubt stronger against Vansh.

He said the car’s condition is such when it strikes somewhere, I think it had hit someone, you are going in a right direction, I am a policeman and have experience. She said there is a difference in being a policeman and a good policeman. He said I know you love Vansh a lot, you have to know about this car, you have to go to a special department to get this info, forensic dept, they check such cars and give the details, this is the task, how will you make this car reach the forensic dept, think and he left.

Riddhima said I should change, my clothes are stinking with kerosene. Vansh came and held her close. She said I didn’t know you are here, I have to go and take a bath. She thinks I can’t go close to him, how to make him away. She said anyone will come. He got close to her but then moved away and said fine, you need a shower, go and take it, I will wait for you and he left. She said his mood changed, because of my refusal or the kerosene smell.

Vansh went to Angre and asked how can you be so careless. Angre asked what’s the matter. Vansh said Riddhima could have died because of me, I should have checked the car before pouring the kerosene, Riddhima has reached the car, she was there. Angre said you mean she was inside the car when you went to burn the car. Vansh said yes, Angre. Angre said oh God. Riddhima thinks and said maybe I am thinking wrong, I have to find the car keys at any cost, where can I find it.

She heard Vansh and Angre’s talking. Angre asked what will you tell her if she asked you. Vansh said she didn’t ask me, she trusts me, I am feeling guilty, she can never reach the car’s truth. She became shocked and said Vansh has a connection with my parents’ death, so he doesn’t want me to know about the car, I will reach the truth and she left.

Angre said you know her nature, she is stubborn, it’s about her parents’ death, how will we stop her from reaching the truth and Vansh looked at the marriage pic. He said I have to do something big that she gets completely distracted. He thinks stay away from this secret, Riddhima. Riddhima saw him and thinks I will find the key, the secret is just two steps away. She plays music and they danced. She looked for the keys in the shelf and Vansh lifted her. They romanced and smiled.

Riddhima hugged him and saw the keys. She thinks maybe that’s the car keys. Vansh said I have to tell you something, will you marry me again. She asked again, you mean all the rituals… He said yes, I want to leave old memories and have new memories. He got on his knees and asked will you try to become my wife again and proposed to her. She smiled and held his hand. She said I will always be ready to become your bride, I love you and they hugged.

He thinks you will be busy in the functions, your focus will not be on the investigations. Riddhima thinks very soon the lock to this mystery will get open. He said you can tell me if there is anything. She said nothing. He said anything, trust me, I am yours, you will find me standing by you. She said I know, actually, there is a matter.

She said this time, we will call everyone, we will make a guest list and sat to make a guest list. He said I have some business friends and he named them. Riddhima asked how can I write with this kind of speed. He thinks she started getting distracted, as I wanted. She looked at the keys. He thinks I will find out what’s going on in your mind.

Riddhima saw Vansh sleeping and went to get the keys. She said I will find out the secret today, maybe I get answers about my parents’ death and she drove away the car. Vansh shouted Riddhima. Kabir asked what happened. Vansh said the car which Riddhima drove now, it’s brakes are failed…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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