Vansh & Ridhima Comes Back After Falling Down The Cliff. Till Love Do Us Part 15 April 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 217


The Episode started with Vansh calling out Riddhima. Someone loaded the sniper gun and aimed at Vansh. Vansh shouted Riddhima…. Riddhima shot him and smiled and he fell down. She came to meet someone. Six hours before, Vansh run with his bleeding arm, shouting Riddhima. He then saw someone running away. He saw her and followed. He got hit by a tree and fainted. Present time, Angre came to Vansh.

Vansh said Riddhima…. Angre said she is fine, she is safe, you got shot, it’s bleeding, come with me. Siya came and held Riddhima. Riddhima then hid her bag. Siya said you came along, where did you leave Vansh. Riddhima said I am also thinking the same, Chang’s goons got after us, Vansh saved me and sent me back, don’t know where he is.

Anupriya said Vansh is coming with Angre, I will keep a 15 day fast that our family got saved, the fire is placed off. Dadi said no, the fire isn’t placed off and she goes. Ishani asked how can anyone be so heartless, they burnt the entire house to show their fake death, they didn’t think about the family. Aryan said it’s obvious, Riddhima is more important than family for Vansh. Ishani said their plan to run away has failed, so they are coming back home. Angre got Vansh home. Siya asked Angre to call the doctor, Vansh is so hurt.

Vansh said no, where is Riddhima and he went upstairs. Dadi looked on. Angre got Vansh to his room and Riddhima hugged Vansh. Vansh asked are you okay. She said you got shot, sit here, I will call the doctor. He said I am not so weak that a bullet takes my life, I can’t see you going away, you don’t know what I went through when I didn’t see you in the jungle, come to me, I don’t need the doctor, where did you go, I searched for you, I didn’t get you, how did you come home.

She said I fainted there, when I opened my eyes and you weren’t beside, I didn’t find you, I got scared and came home, I asked Angre to find you and get you home, she hugged him and his phone fell down. She stopped him and said don’t exert yourself, I will pass it and handed over the phone. She said I will get first aid kit and also call the doctor and she left. He was about to see the bag hiding and got a call.

A guy said it’s time for you to listen, Riddhima is not yours, it’s painful, I know Riddhima’s foot was hurt,he disconnected and Vansh recalled. Angre came and said doctor has come. Vansh said I will come. Riddhima asked Vansh to sit, she will clean the blood marks. Vansh said you care a lot for me, I will come, I stay in your heart, where will I go, you don’t go anywhere and he left. She took the bag and placed it in the cupboard.

Kabir got up and coughed. He was wounded and chained up. He shouted is anyone there. He asked someone to help. Vansh saw the bullet and recalled the shooter. Riddhima wiped the blood marks off his shoulder. He said wounds are on both the sides and just one side is treated, how insensitive, come. She said I am fine. He said we will just get sure if you are hurt. She said nothing is hidden from you, I can’t hide anything from you even if I want. He looked at her foot and thinks of the shooter. He said you are my life. She said you are also my everything and hugged him.

It’s night, Vansh wore his shirt and Riddhima helped him. She said you should have taken rest today. He said sweetheart, I like to be with you, but I have to go, business is like a second wife. She said so work on first wife today. He said interesting, what can you do. She said say what I can’t do. He said you can do anything. She said you just need to give me a chance. He said I will give, but not now, enemies are many, they were outside the house before and not inside, you rest, take care and went downstairs. Aryan said looking cool as always and Riddhima looked on. Aryan said I didn’t understand how did you come back after the death drama. Vansh said I should get Chang’s file on my table.

Aryan said my men have seen a girl in red dress, she had a sniper rifle with her, any idea, who could that girl be. Vansh said people who hide and shoot are called cowards, we should be careful of those who appear as dear ones and are enemies. Vansh went and moved the cupboard to get inside. Riddhima called someone and said I have seen Vansh’s hideout and she also went there. She saw Vansh’s office. Vansh said you know how much loss we will face if you fail. Angre asked what happened. Vansh said we have to be alert, who is watching us and hearing our talks.

He caught Riddhima and asked Angre to do his work, he will just come. Vansh and Riddhima came to their room. She said sorry and he asked her to relax. She said I was looking for a book to read, I was feeling bored. He said let me guess, you were looking for a murder mystery. She said no, it was a love story. He said interesting, very interesting, I think something and you answer something else, either I am thinking wrong or you are doing wrong.

He said you look worried, what happened. Riddhima said nothing as such, I feel tensed and she hugged him. He said I fainted for 6-7 hours, don’t know what you went through. She said I had told you, I had also fainted, I didn’t know where I am, I looked for you, shouted, I came home somehow and sent Angre to find you, why are you asking me, do you have any doubt on me.

He said you know my enemies, don’t know who will come in front. She said you think I am any enemy, just think, what you are thinking is right, what will you do. He said I don’t know, I know my Riddhima can’t do this, she is my life and asked her to rest. He said get any book from the library, no need to go there and she nodded.

Riddhima saw Vansh’s wound. She asked him to take painkillers. He said if wound is healed, then the person who gives the pain isn’t remembered, I don’t want that, how is our baby. She said baby…. baby is fine, I will do the dressing.

It’s night and Riddhima left. She came to some place and saw a guy playing the trumpet. She said Chang. He turned to her and smiled. He greeted her and asked looking for someone, Chang is right there. He showed Chang’s dead body. He said I think he is dead. He asked her to try the french cheese, it’s good. He said I think you lose your appetite seeing Chang’s dead body, I have a big appetite, see, good wine, good food, good girls, are you a good girl. She asked who are you. He introduced himself.

He said my name is Vyom, it means zero, end circle of life, wherever you start, you come to the same point, you don’t have to worry, you had to get diamonds from Vansh, where are the diamonds and Vansh woke up. He called out Riddhima. Riddhima said I will get the diamonds and deliver soon. Vyom said make it fast and Vansh called her. He got her phone under the pillow. He asked how do you know that Vansh doesn’t doubt you. She said I am confident, he won’t get any evidence against me. Vansh checked the cupboard, he got the bag and saw the red dress.

Riddhima saw the red dress and the teddy. Vansh looked at her. She asked are you looking for me. He asked why are you hiding behind the curtain. She said so that you remove this curtain and find me. She tried to woo him and got close. She asked why did you keep this dress for me…Read more

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