Ridhima’s Lookalike Storms VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 15 April 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 218


The Episode started with Riddhima going to steal the diamonds and the alarm rang. Vansh and Aryan came there and saw her caught. 12 hours back, Dadi asked Riddhima from where are you coming. Anupriya asked the same. Dadi asked her to answer. Riddhima said I went to the doctor. Dadi asked her to look at the time, why didn’t she tell anyone. Anupriya said maybe she didn’t wish to spoil our sleep. Dadi asked what did the doctor say. Riddhima said I had stomach ache, she said there is nothing to worry. Dadi said you won’t go alone, danger is still there, fire isn’t put off and Riddhima left.

Riddhima came to the room and saw the dress on the bed. Vansh saw her live on the camera feed. Angre talked to him about work. Riddhima saw the teddy bear. Vansh was looking at her on his phone. Riddhima threw the teddy and Vansh went to the room and saw the teddy. Riddhima came and asked are you looking for me. He asked why are you hiding behind the curtain. She said so that you move the curtain and find me and saw her wearing the dress. He smiled.

She danced for him and they had a romantic talk. She asked why did you keep this dress for me. He said I wanted to see how red colour suits you. She said every colour suits me. He asked how many colours do you have and she flirted with him. He said lets raise the toast. She smiled and refused to drink. He said even I am not drinking till our baby is born and he left. She came to his office and looked for the diamonds and the alarm rang. Vansh and Aryan checked on their phones and rushed to see.

Riddhima ran and got caged. She said no, what shall I do, Vansh would have known by now. Vansh, Aryan, and Angre came there and they became shocked. Aryan said Riddhima, well, what the hell, what is she doing here. Vansh opened the gate and got in. He saw the fishes in the aquarium and took Riddhima out. Aryan asked what were you doing there. She said I went to see the underground office, I didn’t know this will happen, no one can stop Vansh’s wife, right Vansh. Vansh said Angre, Aryan, out.

He asked Riddhima to say the truth. She said I said the truth. He said you are lying, you know I hate lies. She said I went to find something, I can’t say it. He asked her to say. She said you won’t understand. He said try it. She said my heart which you have stolen. He said I didn’t keep it there as any document, what if I don’t return your heart. She asked him to think, it’s a serious crime. He said I know, I am a big criminal.

She said you should get punished and pointed the rifle at his heart. He said oops, I got saved from you last time, I think I won’t get saved today. He said this is my Dada’s rifle, you can’t play with it. She said I was joking and left. Vansh said Riddhima was there. Angre said it’s natural that she wants to know about your office and work. Vansh said I have to know what happened when I wasn’t conscious. Riddhima woke up. Kabir asked who is there, why did you tie me here and he got food.

Riddhima went back to the office and tried to enter the passcode. She opened the gate and got inside and saw the aquarium. She said Vansh was seeing that fish tank again and again, what’s special in this. She saw the diamonds inside.

She got the diamonds box and said Vansh kept the diamond at a safe place, he is smart but I am no less and she took the diamonds and left. Angre asked what do you mean. Vansh asked why did she come there, that red dress, it’s something very fishy. Angre asked which red dress.

Vyom got blindfold. He blew off the candle by his sword and Riddhima came. He threw a knife towards her. She said you missed the shot. He said I never miss my shot, baby doll. She said don’t call me baby doll, don’t you have a shirt.

He asked why, what’s the problem. Vansh checked the aquarium and was shocked seeing the diamonds gone. Vyom asked for the diamonds. Riddhima gave it to him, he checked and said excellent, poor Vansh, I have his pride and diamonds in my hands.

Vyom asked Riddhima to get the rifle. Riddhima took the rifle and Vansh caught Riddhima. Dadi asked Vansh to punish Riddhima if she did this mistake.

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