I am Not Vihaan, I am Your Vansh- Vansh Tells Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 15 February 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 133


The Episode started with Vihaan practicing the game. Riddhima came and asked why did you accept the challenge, do you know how to play basketball. He said I am already in stress, don’t make me nervous, I never watched this game even on tv. She asked are you mad, you should have refused, Vansh was a master in this game, listen to me carefully, when the team is made, you will choose me first, I know the game a bit, I will handle it, okay. He said okay. Kabir said come on Riddhima, how much will you handle, you should have chosen a strong partner, now everything will be out and Vihaan smiled.

Everyone came. Vihaan said heads. Aryan tossed the coin and thinks it’s heads, but I can’t let you win Vansh. He said it’s tails, Kabir won the toss, he will select the team first. Kabir said Riddhima, she is a good player. She thinks I can’t help Vihaan now. Kabir said you are a good player already, I hope you don’t mind. Vihaan said I don’t mind, Kabir. Riddhima thinks idiot, how will he manage. Vihaan asked Rudra to come on his side. Kabir said Aryan.

Vihaan said Angre, one member from the enemy team will be out after 10 points. Kabir said I accept. They shook hands and began the match. Anupriya thinks his truth will be out today. Angre said notice every move, Vansh’s truth will be out, one can’t copy talent overnight and Ishani nodded. Chanchal said the game has begun, both the team members are competing well.

Kabir took the ball from Vihaan and passed it to Riddhima. Dadi asked Vansh will you lose in front of the family. Vihaan smiled. Kabir took the ball from Riddhima and threw it into the basket. Riddhima thinks this idiot isn’t understanding the help. Kabir said come on Vansh, accept your defeat. Vihaan said no Kabir, it’s will be decided in the end and he scored a point. The game went on. Vihaan looked at Kabir and signalled no.

Riddhima recalled Vansh playing basketball. Vansh’s team got 10 points. Chanchal said Vansh, tell me, whom to remove. Vihaan said Aryan can rest and Aryan went out Rudra also went. Chanchal said Vansh’s team scored 20 points now, whom to remove. Vihaan said you, out please and Kabir left. Dadi asked Riddhima not to lose. Riddhima scored points and Angre went out. Dadi and everyone clapped. Vihaan held Riddhima and she recalled Vansh.

She thinks why does his behavior match with Vansh, I didn’t teach him all this, no, he is a clever money-minded player, he can’t be my Vansh, his face matched Vansh and he came here, it’s a coincidence. She slipped and fell in his arms. ? She thinks of Vansh and her moments. Vihaan said think of it as my bonus, it’s free just for your pretty face. Chanchal said both teams have 25 points, they have 24 seconds to make their team win. Kabir thinks how can anyone make someone a good basketball player in less time, can Riddhima do this. He asked how shall I prove that he isn’t Vansh, but his lookalike. Aryan said stop trying Kabir, he is Vansh, I have seen him playing basketball.

Kabir said something would be unique, his style. Aryan said yes, he could play using both his hands. Kabir dropped a red ball on the floor. Vihaan stepped on it and fell down. Dadi said stop the game, he is hurt. Riddhima said Vansh, how did this happen and she looked at Kabir. Angre then held him. Kabir said just one point is left, he is Vansh, his right hand is hurt, he can play with left hand. Riddhima thinks Vansh could play with left hand also, it’s impossible Vihaan and Kabir smiled. Vihaan looked on. Riddhima said no need, Vansh is hurt.

Vihaan said don’t worry Riddhima, it’s a matter of one point, I will manage. Riddhima thinks he is stubborn. She said please try to understand and he played with left hand. Riddhima thinks Vihaan can play with left hand also like Vansh. Vihaan baskets the ball, Riddhima looked on and everyone clapped. Ishani said all my doubts got cleared. Angre said yes, you are right, he is Vansh. Ishani hugged Vihaan and said congrats, I am so happy and they all left.

Riddhima asked Vihaan to show her his hand. She twisted it a bit and said let me check your shoulder once, careful. He laughed and said I act well, right. She asked what do you mean, are you playing a game with me, you are hurt right. He signalled no and he held her. She asked since when did you start using both the hands, you played basketball so well, why did you lie that you don’t know the game.

I never said that Vansh used both his hands, that he was a great basketball player, how did you do that. He said you think a lot, sweetheart and she recalled Vansh. He asked did we not do this before, did this moment not come in our life before and she recalled the moments. She said you are my… He said yes, it’s not your illusion, I am not Vihaan, I am Vansh, your Vansh.

She cried and said Vansh. He started laughing. He said you have trained me to become Vansh, you got fooled easily, I am a hacker, I can get any info, I did my homework and used for my profit, it means I am very good in my work, it’s not a bad deal if I get triple for my work, am I right. She said some jokes hurt the heart, don’t do it again. He said your heartbeat was too fast that I was able to hear it, this game was a test, Angre took the test.

She said yes, you passed the game well, no one will doubt you except Kabir, Kabir won’t lose, he would be preparing something, we should be ready. He placed a finger on her lips and she recalled Vansh. He then stopped her saying Sshhh…., something is there, wait a min and got the red ball. He recalled picking the red ball. He threw it around and someone caught the ball. Riddhima said you were right, someone is keeping an eye on us, we have to end this property matter soon, okay. He said I have an idea and she asked what?….Read more

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