Ishani Is Punished As Vansh Saves Ridhima’s Life. Till Love Do Us Part 15 June 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 297


The Episode started with Ishani asking how dare she call Thapa with my name, you insulted me, you had beaten up Angre, she deserves this. Vansh asked will you murder her for this, I won’t allow this in my house, get on your knees and apologize to Riddhima. Ishani said no way. Riddhima said no need for this. Vansh said you knew Ishani did this, still you have hidden this, tell me the truth, you are forgetting that it’s impossible to hide anything from me. He asked Ishani to apologize. Ishani said sorry.

Vansh said I feel sorry for you if this is your sorry, I have given you all the privileges and can take it back anything, you all can’t do your wishful, nothing can happen in this family without my permission, if anyone tries to break the limits, then I will forget that you all are my family, what will happen then, you all know it. He asked Riddhima to come. Riddhima went with him and Ishani looked at Angre.

Sara got a call and she answered. The man asked why isn’t the assignment complete. She said it will be done soon, black mamba, you know I don’t fail in my work, give me some more time. Riddhima came there and took the phone. She asked who is it, hello. Sara said give me my phone back, good try, what happened, did the call disconnect. Riddhima asked whom were you talking now. Sara said I will complete my contract soon. Riddhima said no, you won’t do anything to Vansh. Sara felt unwell. Riddhima asked her to have medicines, calm down.

Sara said I am not Gayatri, don’t call me that, don’t show me fake concern, I can take care of myself, I will kill Vansh and she left. Riddhima then worried. Ishani asked Angre to wear bangles. She said the man who can’t protect his wife isn’t a man enough, get lost, Vansh insulted me, you didn’t say a word, I had to apologize to Riddhima, I hate her, I can kill her. She shouted at him and she said don’t stare at me.

He said talk to me when your anger is gone, when you get to your senses. She asked how dare you, you think it was my mistake, she was trying to frame me, what proof do you want, I called Thapa and asked the caller’s number, it was Riddhima’s number, she deserved to die. Riddhima saw Vyom’s wound. He said it’s an old wound, your husband gave it to you, just shut the door while going, it’s okay, I can handle it. She said I will do the dressing, pain will get less.

He said I am your enemy, who wants to kill your family, you don’t hate me, I just see sympathy in your eyes, just you are the nice person in Singhania family, why did you marry Vansh, he is a bigger animal than me, you deserve someone better. She said mind your language, Vansh is a loving husband and they argued. He said thanks for helping me baby doll,she left and he laughed.

Ishani said how can you be so blind, you are ready to be Vansh’s puppet, but not to understand me, you are a servant class, I am ashamed that you are my husband. Angre said I am ashamed to call you my wife, you can kill anyone, who the hell are you, any gangster, it’s better to not have any wife, you are just a spoilt brat, you think you are doing it right, Vansh just asked you to apologize to Riddhima, don’t know what I would have done being in his place, just be in your limits, next time you have to face me before boss and he left.

Vansh came to the room and saw Riddhima. He then recalled his words. She said I was waiting for you, I had to deck up, I will deck up now, but it’s late. He said when I came to the room, you weren’t ready, sweetheart, you know I hate those who break the promise. She said no Vansh, we had a deal, I am trying, it happens sometimes and they lay to sleep. It’s morning, Riddhima woke Vansh up and kissed him. She said breakfast is ready, I got ready the way you want to see me and he closed his eyes. She said good morning, get up.

She offered him a glass of juice and toast but he said I don’t want it and she drank the juice. Vansh then got a call. She held his heart and said okay, you are refusing for the breakfast, but your heartbeat is saying something else, you want to have the breakfast, you need me as a thirsty person needs water in a desert. He said it’s saying something else also, if I can trust you again or not and he left. Siya greeted Ishani and asked what happened, are you okay.

Ishani shouted how can I be okay, are you stupid, Vansh slapped me in front of everyone, this happened because of Riddhima, I have to teach her a lesson. Siya said let it be and Ishani said you are changing side. Siya said Vansh will get angry at you again. Ishani said he went out, he won’t know and Riddhima came there. Ishani pulled out her leg forward. Riddhima stumbled and dropped the food plate. Ishani asked her to be careful.

Riddhima stopped the servant and asked Ishani to clean the mess. Ishani asked do you really think so, have you gone mad. Riddhima said if you don’t clean it then… and she placed a knife at Ishani’s neck. Ishani said put this away and Riddhima threatened her. She asked Ishani to clean it right away. Ishani cleaned it and Riddhima left. Ishani said once I know her one weakness, then see what I do.

Riddhima became shocked seeing red water in the tap. She became shocked seeing someone calling her a murderer. Sara and Riddhima argued. Riddhima asked who knows about my past. Sara said black mamba. Riddhima said you think he is someone from my family…Read more

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