Till Love Do Us Part 15 June 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 298



The Episode started with someone coming to the room and seeing a dummy lying on the bed. Riddhima was somewhere outside in the tea garden. She got a rose on some tree and cried. She sat there at some grave and said I didn’t wish to do this, sorry, Vansh shouldn’t know about it, else he will break down, he can never understand me, I took your life, I killed you, I am sorry, I love you a lot. 12 hours ago, Riddhima woke up and said Vansh…. and went to get freshened up. She saw red colour water running from the tap. She said blood and wiped her face. She then saw the message on the mirror, hello Miss Murderer….

She became shocked seeing her old pic with the murderer tag. She said who can do this. Siya came and asked what happened, what’s this. Riddhima asked what are you doing here, are you spying on me. Siya said no, I heard your scream and came, I am the same Siya you trusted and loved, trust me, why are you worried. Riddhima said nothing happened to me, how did you hear my scream when the door is shut. Siya said I am close to your room, are you fine.

Riddhima said I am fine, you go, I have to stay alone and Siya left. Riddhima went to ask Sara and they argued. Sara said you are a murderer, you made me an assassin Sara, this is our life’s big secret. Riddhima said no one should know this secret, who did this, who knows about our past. Sara said black mamba. Riddhima asked really, you really think that he did all this, he is someone from my family, how can he know about our past?” and Sara left.

Riddhima saw someone going in a hoodie and run to see. She threw a stick at him to stop him but he still run and she missed. Angre came and asked what happened. Riddhima said nothing, where did Vansh go, tell me, if he tells me and go, I won’t stop him, I am his wife, I have all the right to know. He said don’t worry, he is safe, he went for an important work. She said it’s fine, I won’t ask again, sorry, we had a deal that I won’t interfere in his work. He asked her to take care. He said I think Chanchal has come and Ishani asked who has come. The man said someone has come from your family. Chanchal said it’s me, I have come and Ishani welcomed her. She said I missed you a lot.

Chanchal asked why didn’t you put it on social media. Siya came and hugged her. She said we missed you a lot, you look very slim. Chanchal said I took care of myself well and Siya complimented her. Angre and Riddhima also came there. Chanchal asked Riddhima to touch her feet, she is her Saas. Riddhima said sorry. Chanchal said I am joking, you are pregnant, your face is glowing, it will be a baby boy. Siya said I will tell Dadi that you have come and Riddhima left.

Angre said I will set up your room. Chanchal asked is Vansh still mad for Riddhima. Ishani said come, I will tell everything. Riddhima became stressed and fainted. Siya ran to her and asked what happened and shouted for help. Angre came and asked what happened. Siya said she just fainted. Angre said I will take her, you call the doctor and he took Riddhima to the room. Riddhima became conscious and saw everyone. Siya asked are you fine.

Riddhima said yes. Siya said you fainted in the corridor, Angre and I got you here and Chanchal joked. Dadi asked how did this happen. Chanchal said it happens. Riddhima asked how long was I unconscious. Siya said for half an hour. Dadi said take care of yourself. Ishani said she looks fine, I think we should leave, she had the juice, she might need her privacy, doctor said she is okay.

Riddhima asked did the doctor had to come and Chanchal asked why. Dadi said we had to call the doctor, you fainted. Ishani said if we didn’t call a doctor, then you would have complained to Vansh. Riddhima asked what did the doctor say. Siya said that you are fine. Riddhima asked did he do a complete checkup. Angre said yes, you are absolutely fine. Dadi asked her to rest. Ishani said don’t call me if you need anything. Angre said take care and they all left.

Ishani said I also think Riddhima was hiding something. Chanchal said yes, check this beautiful necklace, do you like it, keep it. Ishani said yes, we have to find out what Riddhima is hiding. Chanchal said if I had a daughter, then she would have been like you, smart and clever. Ishani said I am also your daughter, you have come, we will do the plotting. Chanchal said we will see everything, our team name will be Chashni, Chanchal and Ishani and Chanchal took the necklace back.

Ishani said you won’t change. Riddhima got a call and asked what…. Siya knocked the door and Riddhima disconnected the call. Siya came and asked are you fine. Riddhima asked why are you coming to my room again and again, I am fine. Siya said sorry to disturb, I came to give you this letter. Riddhima checked the letter and cried.

Vyom read the letter. He asked from where are you coming. Riddhima asked why shall I tell you. He said I got to know what’s common in us, sorrow, your tears of Riddhima are telling me something, like you told someone a final goodbye…Read more