Vansh Saves Ridhima In An Accident. Till Love Do Us Part 15 March 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 171


The Episode started with Vansh turning towards Riddhima during sleep. Riddhima thinks I have to reach that car some how, Vansh shouldn’t know my plan. He turned away and slept and she tried to go. He woke up and asked where are you going Riddhima. She said nothing, I got water, I was checking the door. He held her close and said don’t even think of going away from me, I know everything. She thinks what does he mean. He held her close and slept. It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and saw Vansh sleeping. She thinks this is the right chance.

She got the car keys and said I will unveil the car’s secret, maybe I get answers of all the questions connected to my parents’ death and she hid from Aryan. The keys fell and he asked is anyone there. She thinks I may get caught if he sees the keys and she picked up the keys, he didn’t see her and left.

Riddhima went to the car and tried to start it. She said I have to come back before Vansh wakes up and there Vansh woke up and looked for her. He called her out and asked where did she go. She prayed to Bappa and said I have to know my parents’ truth, the car started and she drove off. Vansh heard the sound and shouted Riddhima….and ran to see. He saw the car was gone, He said she got the car keys and took the car.

Kabir asked what happened. Vansh said the car she took, it’s brakes have failed. She thinks maybe my parents’ truth got cleared. Vansh called her. She said Vansh would know that the car isn’t in the backyard, I won’t stop myself today, it’s about my parents. He said pick up, the brakes aren’t functioning. She said I don’t have to get scared today, it’s about my parents, it’s a last chance for knowing their truth. She then tried to apply the brakes.

She worried and said the brakes aren’t working and asked the people to move. She lost control of the car. Vansh collided with Dadi and something fell from her hands. Dadi said you made this abshagun, don’t do anything. Vansh said if I don’t go out, it will be really bad. Siya said I have to stop Vansh, else that unlucky car will ruin everything. Ishani and Aryan took her. Dadi worried and prayed for the children. Vansh and Angre left in a car. Vansh asked Angre to keep trying Riddhima’s phone, it’s about her life. Angre called her from Vansh’s phone while Vansh tracked her location. He said we have to reach her before any problem reaches her. Siya asked Aryan to drive faster.

Angre asked Vansh to take a shortcut, they can reach Riddhima sooner. Riddhima said how shall I stop the car. Angre said Riddhima is just 4 mins away, slow down the car, there is a locality ahead. Riddhima cried and recalled Vansh’s words, she heard Vansh and saw him. She said the brakes aren’t working. He asked her to lower the gears. She said it’s not working and they got to a cliff. He got his car in front of her car.

She said no, and turned the steering. The car hits somewhere and started burning. Vansh run to her and asked her to open the door. She said it’s jammed. His hand got burnt when he held the door handle. He opened the door and jumped away, the car blasted and he hugged her. He said you took that car, the brakes weren’t functioning.

I also have a right on your life, family also have a right on you, tell me before going anywhere. She asked why do you hide secrets from me, I am your wife, every secret will come out. He said I didn’t hide anything from you. She asked why is that car so important, is this related to my parents, tell me. Siya, Aryan and Ishani came there and they saw the car burning. Siya asked are you both fine. Ishani said Riddhima, you are always crossing your limits.

Aryan asked why did you need to take this car. Riddhima said Vansh wouldn’t tell me about it, what’s the secret, why is Vansh scared of it, did her parents meet with an accident because of this car. Vansh said enough, don’t push me like this, this car doesn’t have anything to do with your parents’ accident. She asked him to say the truth. Siya said I will tell you the truth. She said that car is related to them, the accident had happened, but not of your mom and dad, it was my accident, I lost my legs and got on the wheelchair.

Vansh said I couldn’t forgive myself for that accident, I couldn’t save Siya, I wish I could change that date and time, I wish I could come between that car and Siya. Siya said I know you love me a lot. Riddhima said Vansh, why didn’t you tell me, why did you hide it. Vansh said I gave that car a place in the house so that I remember that my family is my responsibility, I have hid this from you because I didn’t want to show my tears and weakness.

He said I didn’t wish to think that I couldn’t save my sister, I love you a lot, I can’t lose you. Ishani said amazing Riddhima, you find a way to hurt Vansh. Siya said Riddhima is Vansh’s life, I know Vansh will forgive Riddhima. Vansh and Riddhima left in the car. She said sorry. He said we will go home and talk. She thinks I have hurt him a lot.

Vansh stayed upset with her. She asked him to open the door. She sent a note with her kiss mark and he tore it. He then read her note. She wrote… I am going away from you, Vansh…Read more

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