Vansh Is Exposed In Ridhima’s Parents Accident. Till Love Do Us Part 15 March 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 172


The Episode started with Riddhima coming to Vansh. She said I didn’t know you will be so hurt, have food, you didn’t eat anything since morning, please, I am sorry. She wrote sorry and her message on the tissue. She kissed it and slid it inside the door. He read the message… I am sorry Vansh, won’t you give me a chance,he tore the tissue and threw it back.

She wrote again. He read… Vansh I love you, sorry, he still tore it also and threw it back. She wrote again and slid the note. He read… if you can’t forgive me, what’s the use to stay here, I am going away from you. He worried and opened the door. He shouted Riddhima. She hugged him and cried.

She asked why do you get upset when you are too afraid to lose me. Vansh said never go away from me. She said I am sorry, I was confused when so many clues came in front of me related to my parents’ accident. He said it’s okay. He looked at her wound and took her to the room and did aid to it. She thinks I will not hurt him anymore.

He said promise me, you will never repeat this foolishness again, if anything happened to you today, I would have killed myself. She said please, don’t say this, I am sorry, you also promise me, you will not keep any secret from me,he nodded and they moved close but she pushed him away and said you forgot, we haven’t gotten married yet, I am a bachelor now, so all the romance after marriage and he stopped her.

He said future Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, some romance can happen before marriage, right. She said wrong and stopped him. She said you have to wait for some time, go, I have to change and he left. It’s morning, Dadi said pandit ji, marriage should happen with all the rituals. She said I am scared, I hope the eclipse on their happiness gets away. Ishani said Riddhima is the real eclipse, how can Vansh forgive her always. Dadi said she is Vansh’s love. Ishani said no, she is just a problem, she always gives him pain, she has to pay for it, I will not leave her if she hurts him again, where is she now. Riddhima made sweetdish and looked for sugar.

Siya came and took water. Riddhima said I have hurt you all, trust me, I didn’t intend to dig out the old wounds, I just had questions. Siya said there are many things which he won’t even share with his shadow, he may not share it with you, you have to trust him, then you will be happy, else not. Riddhima said I promise, this won’t happen again, I know I shouldn’t doubt him, forgive me. Siya said okay, Mithibhaat idea is good, if Vansh gets happy, then I will be happy too and Riddhima thanked her and took the sweetdish for Vansh. Riddhima thinks my parents’ mystery is still there, what had happened with them.

She recalled everything. She heard Vansh talking to Angre. Vansh said the car should be completely destroyed, Riddhima shouldn’t know anything about her parents, she shouldn’t know about the car by which they met with an accident, you get it. Riddhima said another car, it means Vansh lied to me again, no, he has to give me all the answers today and Kabir caught her.

She asked what’s this misbehavior and Ishani came to pass by. Kabir said Ishani was coming, she would have seen you listening to Vansh and Angre’s talk. She said I don’t intentionally hear anyone’s talk and she left. He said now no one can stop Riddhima from finding about her parents’ death, Riddhima will reach her aim, Vansh’s destruction and end, Riddhima doesn’t know that she is my pawn, now it will be fun. Riddhima thinks what’s Vansh hiding and she recalled Vansh’s words. She said I have the right to know about my parents’ accident.

She called the warden and asked which year did they bring me to the the orphanage. The warden said 1996. Vansh blindfolded Riddhima and said I am here, where will you find me, trust me. She thinks what is he going to do and took her for the surprise. He said you know I love giving surprises, opened the blindfold and She smiled seeing the cake. He said we will cut it during sangeet celebrations and they danced. He said you have used my favorite perfume, how shall I stop myself from coming close to you.

She said I will also plan a surprise for you, you will know it in sangeet. She kissed him and run out of the room. He said what surprise can it be. Riddhima saw some old pics. Siya helped her with the albums. Riddhima said wait Siya, it just has pics of Vansh till 14 years, and then pics of 18 years and above. Siya said you can make a collage of these good pics.

Aryan said Vansh was…. Siya coughed and stopped him. Riddhima asked where did Vansh go, tell me. Ishani came and asked what are you doing here, Dadi is calling, it’s sangeet today, you also go and get ready. Ishani and Siya left. Aryan said your questions never end, it always puts you in some problem. She thinks I feel they are still hiding something from me.

Riddhima thinks sorry Dadi, I have to give this truth serum to you to know Vansh’s truth and gave the mocktail to Dadi. She asked about Vansh’s pics aged between 14-18 years. Dadi said Vansh had spent 4 years in the juvenile centre…Read more

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