Till Love Do Us Part 16 June 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 299


The Episode started with Riddhima asking Siya what did the doctor say about the baby. Siya said he didn’t say anything, he was a general physician, he didn’t check about the baby, why, is everything fine. Riddhima said yes, you can go and Siya left. Riddhima cried and tore the papers. She trashed the letter and left. Siya got the torn letter. Vyom was playing a trumpet and Siya called him. He answered and scolded her.

She said I have to tell you something urgently, Riddhima got a letter and became nervous, I am joining the letter pieces. He asked what are you saying. She said I will give this letter to you, Riddhima fainted today, she is much worried and he asked her to get it.

Riddhima refused to have food. Angre came and said you need to have the food for the baby at least, eat please and she sat. He answered the call. She heard the date and said I lost someone on this date. He asked who. She said I don’t know well and saw someone’s shadow. He asked her not to worry, Vansh will come, if there is anything to share, she can share with him, he is always there. She thanked him and he left.

She said few things can’t be shared and went and pulled the curtains. She placed a dummy in her place and left the room. Coming to the present time, Riddhima was still at the grave. She cried and said sorry, I had to do this, Vansh should not know about this, else he can never forgive me, he can never understand me, but you understand why I did this, I took your life. She saw Baby Rai Singhania written on the stone.

She said I love you my baby and she cried. She said it’s been 3 months today, just I know how I have spent these months, will Vansh understand that whatever I did was right. Vyom read the letter and recalled Siya’s words. He read… your secret is out, you aren’t carrying any baby, you are just cheating Vansh, if you didn’t faint that day, then your truth would have not come out. Vyom recalled making the doctor lie to Vansh.

He said I was also tricked at first, I thought doctor made a mistake, but she really killed her baby, the same day when she made a deal with me, she wanted a good future for herself, Vansh and the baby, she that same day killed her child, why is she lying to the family. Riddhima said I am sorry and left. Vyom then came to her. He asked from where are you coming. She asked why shall I tell you.

He said who am I to ask anything, your tears are telling me something, we have something in common, I understood it today, sorrow, pain, pain of losing a child, I understand what parents feel when they lose their child. She said just stop it, my baby is fine, baby isn’t born yet, don’t say this. Vyom asked on whose grave were you crying, wait, I have another proof and showed her the letter. She asked from where did you get this. He said anywhere, you tell me, did you lose the baby before our deal or after that, you said you want to leave the crime world and lead a good life with Vansh, what was that drama. She said stay out of that.

He said you are so clever, I thought Vansh is the most clever one in the family, but you are his Guru. She said stop it. He said Vansh ruined my family, I suddenly started believing in God, one day Vansh would know that he lost his baby because of you, he will go away from you, like Madhuri went away from me, I lost my child, you also lost yours, I am so happy, I have no wife, Vansh won’t have his wife. Riddhima slapped him and said shut up, yes, I lost my child and Angre came there.

Riddhima said it’s between Vansh and me, you don’t need to be happy, Vansh will understand everything, you just get lost and stay out of my life and she left. Vyom said Vansh won’t understand and he danced. Angre said what, what did Riddhima say, she isn’t pregnant, no, such a big cheat, why did you do that. Riddhima cried and thinks of Vyom’s words. Angre came and said I went to meet you, but you weren’t in your room, where did you go. She said I was walking around. He said I regard you an elder sister, I know you love me as your younger brother.

She said yes, I trust Vansh and then you. He said swear on me, tell me the truth, don’t hide anything. She said ask me. He asked are you hiding something from Vansh and she moved away. He thanked her and said I think I got my answer and he left. Vyom looked at her. She then heard a baby crying. Chanchal asked is any baby crying. Dadi said yes, don’t know who left the baby and everyone went to see. Riddhima became shocked seeing the baby toy stabbed.

Ishani said Riddhima isn’t pregnant. Riddhima slapped her and refused to have a tests. She then ran after someone.

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