Ridhima Kills Her Unborn Baby. Till Love Do Us Part 16 June 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 300


The Episode started with Riddhima getting a note with the doll. She read, why did you kill me mumma. Ishani and everyone came. Ishani asked what’s this new drama. Vyom thinks who sent this, it means someone else know Riddhima’s secret. Riddhima said this doll isn’t mine, I also came here hearing the voice, I am also scared. Siya asked who stabbed the doll, you called us here, you messaged us, look.

They all showed her the messages on their phones. Ishani said I don’t know what is all this, it’s a big waste of time. Dadi said it’s not a good omen, you are pregnant, you should be away from all this, the bank officer is coming in the morning, he needs your signs, be ready.

Riddhima went and thinks who can do this. Ishani took the doll and run. It’s morning. Dadi and Riddhima signed the bank documents and the Bank officer left. Riddhima said I will also leave. Chanchal asked why did you make Riddhima sign the paper. Dadi said Vansh made a trust of 100 crores for his baby, he made Riddhima the nominee. Chanchal said he is doing a good job to secure his baby’s future. She went to change and Daid left.

Chanchal came to Ishani and asked her to wear proper clothes. Ishani said I didn’t know you will come instead of Angre. Chanchal said I don’t think Riddhima is pregnant, she is just acting, she became sad hearing the baby’s name. Ishani said she is hiding something, I don’t understand, why will she do a drama of pregnancy, she knows this truth will come out. Chanchal said for money, Vansh made a trust of 100 crores for the baby. Ishani said we should expose her truth. Chanchal asked her to take selfies and Ishani complimented her. She said Vansh will come till tomorrow, we will expose Riddhima’s truth, check her room, I will find out about the doll and Chanchal left.

Riddhima came to her room and thinks of black mamba, who can it be from the family. Chanchal came to her. She said I have come to take care of you, you are pregnant, you should have this juice. She spilled the juice on her clothes and Riddhima went to clean the dress. Chanchal checked and got Riddhima’s purse and saw some medicines. She then asked Riddhima to rest and she left. Ishani said I want to find out if you sell dolls, I want a talking doll, about a baby’s size, what, is it out of stock, that lady was lucky who got the last doll, wasn’t it a lady, oh, a man bought it, okay, inform me when next stock comes.

Angre came out of the pool and asked which doll are you talking about. She said the doll we saw last night, who can get it in our hotel, that knife at the doll’s neck, I was looking for it, who bought that doll, you will be surprised to know that a man bought that doll. Angre said I had bought that doll, what was the need to call him, Vansh asked me to buy it, he wanted to gift it to Riddhima, I don’t know how that happened, it means that person knew the truth. Ishani asked what truth, you have to tell me.

He said I think Riddhima isn’t pregnant, she lied, how will boss handle this. She said I knew it. He said please don’t blame her, maybe she is helpless, promise me, you won’t tell anyone, I am finding out. Chanchal came and asked how are you. He said I am fine and she praised their jodi. She asked can I take Ishani with me. Angre asked them to go and they left. Angre said how will Vansh react knowing this, I have to find out. Chanchal said I got such thing from her purse that you will be shocked and showed her the medicines. Ishani said it’s my medicines, doctor gave it to me when I had a miscarriage, see it’s my prescription, she is so smart, she doesn’t want anyone to know about her miscarriage.

Chanchal said she is so smart. Ishani said I didn’t get one thing, why is she doing this, we will know it one day that she isn’t pregnant. Chanchal said we will tell everything to Dadi that the baby isn’t coming. Dadi asked what is Ishani and Chanchal talking about, you are acting to be pregnant. Vyom looked on and thinks what’s going on. Dadi said you have stolen Ishani’s prescription, these medicines are taken when a woman suffers a miscarriage. They all asked Riddhima. Riddhima asked Ishani not to interfere in her matter, isn’t she ashamed to blame her. She said you are saying that this prescription is mine.

Chanchal said I got this from your purse. Riddhima said it means you placed your hand in my purse, I didn’t know you can do this, when did you get this, when you got juice for me and the baby, when I went to the washroom to clean the juice off my clothes, did you get this at this time, strange, you are blessing me and my baby, and then telling everyone that I am not pregnant. Vyom said great, you are lying so much that it looks like the truth, amazing Riddhima.

Riddhima said me and my baby are safe, I don’t know why you both feel that I am not pregnant, what proof do you have that you got this prescription from my room, I am not making any story, I am pregnant, me and my baby are safe. Chanchal said I am going from here. Ishani said I am sure that you are not pregnant, why don’t you get an ultrasound if you are confident. Riddhima slapped and scolded her.

She said I don’t want to have any test and she left. Sara stopped her and asked why do I feel that Ishani is saying the truth. Riddhima said no. Sara said fine, I am with you, I can kill Chanchal and Ishani if you give me an order and she left. Riddhima said things are getting more complicated, Vansh please come, I need you. She saw someone running and followed,she then saw the water on the floor.

Dadi asked why did you lie to me, you cheated us. Riddhima said I am saying the truth and showed the pregnancy reports. Dadi asked her to go and rest. Angre said if you have taken such a step, then Vansh won’t be able to handle it.

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