Vansh Spent His Childhood In Jail- Shocking Secret Reveals. Till Love Do Us Part 16 March 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 173


The Episode started with Dadi and Aryan looking at the Sangeet arrangements. Riddhima thinks who can tell me about Vansh, his 4 years pics are missing. Kabir also helped in the arrangements. Dadi said I am tired, I will go and rest, you guys manage. Riddhima thinks Dadi can help me, she won’t tell me if I ask, what can I do and saw the drinks. She took a mocktail for Dadi. She asked Dadi to taste it and tell her how it is.

Dadi said I feel fresh seeing you happy, I am happy, Vansh and you are marrying again, Bappa has given me another chance. She tasted it and said it’s strange, I didn’t like it, my head is getting heavy. Riddhima thinks to confirm. She said sometimes, we lose the taste buds. Dadi said it’s really bad. Riddhima asked are you happy with me.

Dadi said yes. Riddhima asked which habit of mine do you find bad. Dadi said just one, you don’t believe Vansh and spy behind his back. Riddhima said sorry, tell me about Vansh. Dadi said he is the closest to my heart. Riddhima asked what’s something that would have been good if it didn’t happen. Dadi said he doesn’t have peace in his life. Riddhima recalled tasting the mocktails and sending the servant away.

She added the truth serum in a glass. She thinks sorry Dadi, I have to give this truth serum to you to know about Vansh’s truth. Riddhima said Siya and I were in the storeroom, we were looking at Vansh’s pic albums, I found something strange, Vansh’s pics aged between 14-18 years aren’t there, where was he. Dadi said Vansh had suffered much sorrow, he has much courage, I decided to never tell those secrets, past is past.

Vansh said Riddhima has planned a surprise for me, you know her surprises in such situations, keep a watch on her, you know I hate surprises. Angre said don’t worry boss, I will keep you in the loop, if things go out of hands, I will give you a call. Riddhima said I promise I won’t tell this to anyone, you can tell it to me, Vansh and I are marrying again, it was his idea to make a new start, we shall end old matters, it’s your wish to trust me or not, I will go if you refuse and Dadi stopped her.

Dadi said I trust you, Vansh had spent those four years in a juvenile center, it was like 400 years for us, don’t forget your promise. Riddhima said promise, juvenile center where under-aged criminals are kept. Dadi said Jeevan juvenile center, Vansh lived a suffocated life there and she held her head. Riddhima asked Dadi to rest. Angre looked for Riddhima.

Kabir saw Angre coming downstairs, he then called out Angre and asked for his help. He asked how is this for the function. Angre said I am not your servant, wear what you want. Kabir said you felt bad, I am asking as a friend, come. Angre said I have some work and he left. Riddhima said I will go to the juvenile center and find out why Vansh was sent there.

Vansh collided with Riddhima and said you didn’t get ready. She said I was going to get ready. He asked why do you look worried. She said nothing like that but he stopped her. She said anyone will see, we aren’t married, wait till the rounds,she left and he smiled. Kabir looked on and recalled Dadi’s words. He thinks it’s a breaking news for me also. Riddhima got ready for Sangeet and Vansh came. He said I feel jealous, how can anyone be so lucky.

She said it’s bad to steal, I am stealing your words, I also feel the same, I had to say sorry, when you got the surprise cake, I didn’t react well, sorry, whenever you do anything for me, I feel really good. He said no need to say sorry or thanks. She said decorations has been done as wanted, are you happy to remarry me. He said it was my idea, I have to be happy. She said Dadi said I have to wear this ghunghat till marriage, we can’t see each other, else it will be an abshagun. He said I will go mad and got into a moment with her.

She thinks I have made this rasam for you to reach your truth of the four years when you were not with your family. She hugged him and thinks very soon, I will reach the truth of my parents’ death. The girls danced in sangeet. Someone wearing Riddhima’s dress came downstairs with the ghunghat and sat and Vansh smiled. Riddhima covered her face and left. She recalled asking the maid to sit in her place and not lift the ghunghat.

The Maid said sorry, Vansh will kill me, I can’t help you. Riddhima said please don’t refuse, ask for any price, I will give it to you, you may have some dreams to fulfill. She gave her money and asked her to buy anything after her work ends. The maid asked her to come back soon. Riddhima said one hour would be enough. Kabir saw Riddhima going and said right, I will reach close to my aim when you reach the truth, we have to ruin Vansh.

Riddhima went to the juvenile center and asked for Vansh’s info. She said I am his wife, Riddhima. The man said give me some time, I need to talk to my boss. He called Vansh and said you were right, a girl has come here and said she is your wife, she wants your info. Vansh asked what rubbish, how does she look. The man said I will send her pic.

Vansh said yes, send the pic. The man took her pic and sent it to Vansh. She said I am not a criminal, you can’t take my pic. He scolded her and asked her to get out. Vansh became shocked seeing her. He thinks how did Riddhima reach so close to my past. He looked at the person sitting in front of him. He said if Riddhima is there, then who is the girl in ghunghat.

Riddhima hit the officer. She checked and got Vansh’s file. Vansh and Riddhima performed in the Sangeet. She said you promised our relation will be transparent, why didn’t you tell me the truth….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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