Ridhima Seeks Revenge On Aryan. Till Love Do Us Part 16 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 256


The Episode started with Vansh taking care of Riddhima and complimenting her. He got a call and left. She said Vansh didn’t call me at the pool side, I had seen Aryan there, it means he did this and she apologized to the baby. She thinks to check Aryan’s room. She then thanked the room service staff. She said my phone was left here, Aryan isn’t in his room. She took his phone and checked. She said Aryan is in his room and run to hide. He came from the washroom and his phone rang. She then checked Ishani’s phone. He looked for the phone and she threw the phone somewhere. Ishani came and said I was calling you. He said I swear, I was looking for my phone. She asked whose phone is it. He said it wasn’t here. She asked him to join her for drinks. He asked how can this happen and he left. Riddhima also left. Vansh thinks I got Sara’s info after the first dose, lets see what I find after the second dose. Angre asked are you thinking to give her drugs, I don’t want to give her drinks, but I need to find out, what other way do I have, I can’t afford to lose her, she is my wife, lets get done with this, it’s important to find the 6 hours secret. He said you came to say something. Angre said Johnson told me the time and address, but he was nervous, he said his daughter’s marriage is close. Vansh said congrats, but maybe he didn’t tell us before, don’t worry, get a nice gift for his daughter, go and meet him and Angre left.

Riddhima greeted Aryan. He asked how are you, I am doing fine, bye. She said I did much swimming yesterday, I came to say sorry, I am sorry to ask about your personal stuff. He said really, I forgive you. She said you owe me an apology for pushing me into the pool. He asked what nonsense and she also pushed him in the pool. He became angry. She said I know you had pushed me. He said you lost your mind and left. She said Vansh will not leave Aryan, I should get more evidence against Aryan. Dadi asked Vansh not to worry, why does Anupriya worry for her. Vansh said I know you are worried for the black box, it’s such a precious thing. She said I have no tension, don’t worry. He said I love you, after mom and dad left, you gave me their love, you got me educated and made me capable, don’t worry, she then recalled Vyom’s words. She got a call and said it’s spam calls. He said I will block it. She said I will do it myself, you focus on your deal. He said oh yes, it’s tomorrow. Angre was playing table tennis with Johnson. He asked are you sure. Johnson said my BP is high. Angre said it’s your daughter’s marriage, congrats. Johnson said give this to Vansh, Vansh should know that I am loyal, I will never cheat even after death. Angre asked what are you saying. Johnson said say goodbye to Vansh. Johnson took a gun out and said sorry. Angre said you said about loyalty, will you do this. Johnson said no, it’s not for you, but for myself. Angre said tell me what are you thinking, talk to me, I will help you, what about your daughter, think, listen to me but Johnson shot himself and Angre became shocked. Riddhima asked Vansh where were you. Vansh asked what happened. She said just like that and she hugged him.

She said I wanted to be with you, I can never get away, promise me, you won’t go away. He asked what happened, I am not going anywhere. Angre said no, why did you do this Johnson and he called Vansh. Riddhima said we have to see a lot together, our baby is coming. Vansh asked is anyone going to snatch me from you, why are you so worried. She said no. He answered Angre’s call. Angre said I don’t know why he did this, Johnson killed himself. Vansh asked who forced him to kill himself. Vyom came and greeted them. Vansh said Angre, I will call you back. Vyom asked did you forget me, I am so excited to see you all here in Goa, what are you doing here, it’s fun to enjoy a holiday on a public property. Vansh said it’s VR residency, outsiders aren’t allowed here, you poisoned me. Vyom said I got the antidote for you and they argued. Vyom said I will take the black box from you even if I have to burn your family and Vansh threatened him. Vyom asked about Siya, did she not come back. Vansh caught his neck and asked where is Siya. Vyom said I swear, I don’t know. Aryan asked will you kill him and Riddhima looked on. Vyom said you can kill me, come on, kill me, it will be a good news, Vansh killed his best friend. He then asked Dadi to bless him. Vansh asked him to just leave and he placed something down for Aryan. Aryan picked it and Riddhima looked on. Aryan also left and she thinks Aryan is with Vyom.

Vansh spiked Riddhima’s drink. He asked where is Sara, who is she. She told him the address and Vansh went there…Read more

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