Aryan & Kabir Get’s Caught. Till Love Do Us Part 17 February 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 136


The Episode started with Vihaan saying Dhwani if it’s a girl and Ankush if it’s a boy. Riddhima worried. Ishani said no, Vansh didn’t think of these names for my baby. Ishani said he isn’t Vansh. Riddhima said he is Vansh. Ishani said he has practiced Vansh’s sign,what’s the need if he is Vansh. Vihaan thinks I didn’t practice this signs. Riddhima thinks I am sure Kabir did this, Vihaan didn’t practice the sign here. Anupriya said he is Vansh’s look alike. Aryan said when the lawyer said it will take time, Riddhima was in a hurry for the property.

Kabir said your story would be fake and Dadi was shocked and she stumbled. Kabir asked her to sit. Kabir said I will arrest you for trying to snatch someone’s property, and you are under arrest Riddhima, you started this plan. Riddhima said it’s a lie. Dadi recalled everyone’s words. Riddhima said please trust me, it’s nothing like that. Dadi slapped Riddhima and she said Vansh used to hate cheaters, you are doing the same, I kept you like a daughter, you are making fun of my emotions.

Riddhima said I know I lost your trust, please give me a chance, I will prove the truth, else you can punish me. Dadi said fine and Riddhima thanked her. Dadi asked Riddhima to prove herself in 3 hours. She said else I will kill myself, it’s my promise. Riddhima cried. Kabir said I am a policeman and know criminals like you, when given a chance, you think of running away. Vihaan said wrong, how can I leave my family and run away.

Riddhima said Vansh is right, if you don’t believe us, you can lock Vansh in the room, then I will prove the truth, you are mistaken that we will run away. Kabir said the idea is good, I accept, you wasted 5 mins, you won’t do anything in 3 hours, go and try to make this lie a truth, we will meet her at 10. Vihaan thinks not bad Riddhima, you learnt making many plans and Kabir took Vihaan to a room.

Riddhima knocked the door. Kabir asked why did you come here, your partner is in room arrest, you can’t meet him. She said one can get permission to meet in police lockup also, I came to meet my husband and say bye to him. Kabir said husband, wow Riddhima, you and your game…. He laughed and said last wish is allowed in jail also, this is my house, come, meet and he left. She locked the door. Vihaan said you got me in room arrest, what will you do in 3 hours, we lost, he won, Kabir trapped you, I will upload in jail.

She placed a finger on his lips and said relax, breathe in, breathe out, you taught me to do this when stress gets high. She said listen Vihaan, Kabir trapped us, but we shouldn’t lose, relax. He asked did you think of something. She said yes. Kabir came and said time over, go out now. She said I have to say bye to him by hugging him, you won’t understand this, it’s not in your fate. She hugged Vihaan and told him something. Kabir then asked her to go out, she left and he shuts the door.

Riddhima prayed to Bappa and asked him to show her the right path. She said you know the truth, I need your blessings. She turned and someone hid. She said I had lied to save the family, but I am blamed that I did this for Vansh’s money and property, it’s a blame on my relation, help me. Angre came and said Bappa never supports the wrong.

She said I need your help and he scolded her. He said I don’t know how Vansh didn’t know your truth, you play your game cleanly, I was foolish to not understand your intention when you tried to kill Ishani and my baby, you did the same thing now, you want me to help you. She said just keep your anger aside and help me. He said never, I respected you because of Vansh, that reason went with Vansh, don’t expect anything. Riddhima worried for Dadi.

Kabir asked what, Ramanand is blackmailing and asking for 5 lakhs, he said he will tell the truth to everyone that you ordered the powder. Aryan said yes, he said he recorded the call, if I get trapped, then you will be trapped too. Kabir said you are an idiot, I told you to go and get it, what was the need to involve someone, listen, I can’t leave Vansh’s look alike alone, you go and throw money on Ramanand’s face. Aryan went to Ramanand and gave the money.

He warned Ramanand. Vihaan came to Kabir. Kabir said come, just 20 mins left, your game will be over, what will you do now, learn something new and he laughed. Vihaan said Aryan would have given cash to Ramanand by now. Kabir asked how do you know. Vihaan said when fake sign is easy, when making a fake Ramanand will be easier. Angre removed the hood and turned. Aryan got shocked and said Angre.

Flashback showed Riddhima saying is it not possible that it’s a plan against me, if Vansh’s look alike practice the sign, why didn’t he burn the papers, if he poisoned Ishani, why did he keep packet in his pocket, you know there were many conspiracies against Vansh, if there is one percent that he is Vansh, won’t you take a chance, for the sake of your love and respect for Vansh and Angre nodded. Angre said I knew you are after money and property, but you tried to harm Ishani and the baby, your bad face should be seen by the family. Kabir said your game is over.

Vihaan said big games are won in the final minute, I will clear your confidence and misunderstanding, you think you kept me on under house arrest, you are rather under house arrest, Riddhima has kept you under house arrest and found out how the powder packet was ordered, who ordered it, she is much smarter than you. Flashback showed Riddhima saying Ramanand had ordered the powder, why, how shall I find out and she took his phone.

Vihaan said Riddhima gave Ramanand’s phone to Angre and made him call Aryan, big games spoil in overconfidence, you underestimated Riddhima, I have chosen a competent life partner, we were talking via messages, you didn’t know right, oh your focus was on my games, it’s weird, but you are a foolish police officer, any way, 5mins to 10, we will have drama on next location. Angre signalled Aryan to speak. Aryan said I had mixed the powder in Gangajal, Vansh didn’t and everyone looked on shocked.

Riddhima stopped the clown. She asked where will you run now Kabir, remove this mask and she became shocked seeing….Read more

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