Kabir & Aryan Sacked From VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 17 February 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 137


The Episode started with Aryan saying I had mixed the powder in the Gangajal, not Vansh. Riddhima said Dadi you had given me 3 hours, I have proved it, Vansh had forgotten the names of Ishani’s baby. Vihaan said Aditya and Sakshi, I thought of these names, Ishani, when I was recovering in the hospital, I used to think of the family, I wanted the baby’s names to be related to life, so I thought Dhwani or Ankush. Ishani asked why did you not tell this before when I doubted you. Vihaan said it was a big blame on me, I couldn’t have won anyone’s trust by words, it was important to expose those who were behind it, everyone should know where the termites are in this family.

Aryan said Vansh… Kabir said there is one more blame, what do you want to say about the signatures, who practices his own signatures. Riddhima said thank God, you have asked, I have an explanation, you can’t ask anything now. Vihaan said if you say so and he showed the video and they saw Kabir practicing Vansh’s signatures. Vihaan recalled Riddhima’s message and checked the CCTV footage, Kabir forged the sign and the footage will be there.

He said there is no doubt now, Kabir made this plan to prove me, I have given him a place by respecting Dadi and mom, but he has shown his truth in just 2 days. Kabir said Dadi and Dadi slapped him. She said I never thought they will do this. Kabir said I am sorry, when I felt he was not the real Vansh, I thought he wanted to harm the family. Aryan said he is right and Dadi slapped him too.

Ishani said this is exactly what you deserve Aryan, you played with my baby’s life to prove yourself, I doubted Vansh. Vihaan hugged her and said I know it’s not your mistake. Dadi apologized to Riddhima. Riddhima said your slap was a blessing for me, so I could prove it in 3 hours, forget it and she hugged Dadi. Vihaan said I hope you are convinced that I am Vansh, Kabir tell me what do you think. Kabir said Vansh… Vihaan said younger siblings call me Vansh Bhai.

Kabir said yes Vansh Bhai. Riddhima said we were blamed and were threatened with jail, you both are the culprits, so you deserve the punishment, Vansh never forgives the culprits, be thankful that he isn’t sending you to jail, you both will be leaving this house, it’s Vansh’s decision. Vihaan said I can’t tolerate your insult, I will drop you at the gate, it’s my duty as an elder brother, ready boys. He then dropped them at the door and said Chanchal and Anupriya should also go, they won’t like it. He said I understand your pain, okay, here we go again and he brought Kabir and Aryan back. He said it’s not Anupriya and Chanchal’s mistake, why should they bear the punishment of staying away from their sons, so I decided to keep them at home, they are unfortunately a part of this family. Dadi smiled and hugged him.

Dadi said this is my Vansh’s special quality, he keeps the family united and Riddhima starred at him. Riddhima shuts the room’s door and scolded Vihaan. She asked have you gone mad to get them back, she fell over him and they had an eyelock. He said if the enemy is away, we don’t know how they will attack, so I keep my enemies close. She thinks it was Vansh’s habit, how does Vihaan know it. He said don’t know Vansh said the same, I told you, great minds think alike, maybe you like me, I don’t mind, keep staring, I like it and she moved away.

He said we need their signs on the document. we did a favor for them, Dadi will force them to sign the NOC, once I get the property on my name, then it will be on your name, we can keep an eye on them and she nodded. Someone looked on. She checked and said someone is keeping an eye on us. He said maybe someone is mad for your beauty. She asked what and he left.

She said once the property transfer happens, I will get rid of Vihaan as well. She saw someone’s shadow and left. She got a red ball and said jokers uses some balls. Vihaan and Ishani had a talk. Riddhima and Kabir came. She said I know Kabir did wrong, he is feeling guilty, when Vansh has given him another chance, his guilt should end, right Kabir, he wants to get on his knees and apologize and Anupriya held Kabir. Vihaan said just do it Kabir. Kabir sat down and said I am sorry. Ishani said keep your sorry and remember it, I will never forgive you and he angrily left. Ishani said I will not forgive Riddhima, you got him into this family and she left. Riddhima thinks I have done wrong, I will fix everything.

Anupriya said Vansh I need to talk to you in private and Riddhima left. Anupriya said you did right with Kabir and Aryan, you forgot your biggest enemy, that’s closest to you, Riddhima, did you forget everything, why didn’t you punish her, she came here as a spy, she had accepted her crimes in front of Siya, Siya is in coma because of Riddhima, don’t forget it. He said I don’t forget anything, I give a full chance to enemy before hunting, so I keep the enemy close. He thinks Riddhima has done many things, I will believe Anupriya now.

Riddhima placed some papers and Vihaan asked are you thinking about me. She heard him and went out to see. The door was then locked. She asked him to open the door. She followed him and saw the clown. She said Kabir, you are caught, remove this mask,but she became shocked seeing….Read more

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