Vansh Digs Ridhima’s Grave. Till Love Do Us Part 17 January 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 103


The Episode started with Kabir checking Riddhima’s call and voice message. He heard it again and dropped the phone. He thinks Ragini is alive, it means the plan will fail, Vansh won’t be proved a criminal. He said how can this happen and called her. He asked did you see Ragini with your eyes. Anupriya asked what, Ragini is alive. He asked how did you get Riddhima’s phone. Flashback showed Ishani scolding the maid and she left.

The phone rang and the maid said whose phone is this. Anupriya said give it to me, go and she answered. She said it’s impossible. He said send the phone to Riddhima, I want to know it from her. She said fine. Riddhima fell down the bed. She thinks I have to contact Kabir. The maid came and saw her fallen down. Riddhima said my phone. The maid made her sit on the couch and left. Someone wearing a mask made Riddhima faint using chloroform.

Kabir said mom, did you send the phone. Anupriya said yes. He said she switched off the phone, she didn’t give me the card, she is fooling us. He said I think she has seen Ragini herself. She said Ragini will tell the truth to Vansh, what happened three years ago, Vansh will not leave us. He said this won’t happen, I need to know when and where Riddhima saw her, I have plan B, listen to me.

Vansh said there is a special reason to keep you here and he held her hand. He said this heart is beating for a special reason, very soon, it will be fulfilled, you have gone through a lot, very soon, you will be free of the pain, that day hasn’t come, I hope you will get to your senses soon, then we will be in front of each other. He got a call and said good job, I knew Riddhima won’t sit quiet, you didn’t disappoint me while then, Riddhima woke up.

She said my legs are working, I will call Kabir. She saw her phone in the water. She said Vansh would have done this. A note was thrown in and someone knocked. She read, meet me at pool side in an hour. Flashback showed Kabir asking Anupriya to send a note to Riddhima. Riddhima said thanks Kabir and she went to meet him. Vansh held her. She was about to say Kabir. He asked whose name comes with K in this house. Kabir came and hid. She said I know, I was saying kaun hai and stopped seeing you, I was feeling suffocated in the room, so I came here.

She thinks how to send message to Kabir. She said I came out of the room, but you have caged another girl. Kabir thinks Riddhima is giving me a message. She said I want to promise you, I will find Ragini and make her get to a safe place. She thinks Kabir will do this work. Vansh said you think you will snatch Ragini and I will just see. Kabir thinks Riddhima means Ragini will be with me, it will be my gain, I will wait for Riddhima to get Ragini to me. Vansh and Riddhima argued and he left. Riddhima said we will know if I can do it or not.

Anupriya said Riddhima is brave, she has challenged Vansh. Kabir said I know she has much fire in her, she would have started planning. She said if Vansh stops her, then she can’t reach Ragini, how will we get Vansh behind bars. He said if Vansh creates troubles for Riddhima, then you have to help her. She asked how can I help her. He said you are forgetting that she is helping us, we can get Ragini only with her help. She said okay, think we got Ragini, what is your plan. He said come on mom, you know the answer and he left.

It’s night, Vansh dag up a grave. Angre called him and said Ragini will get conscious in 24 hours. Vansh said it’s good news, keep me updated. He said very soon, one for whom I am digging this grave will be here soon. Riddhima looked on and thinks Vansh is going to kill Ragini, it’s time to show courage and save Ragini.

Riddhima woke up and said what’s this sound. She saw Ragini crying. Ragini said save me Riddhima. Riddhima said I won’t let anything happen to you and Ragini disappeared. Riddhima said I won’t let you kill Ragini, I can’t waste a min now. She placed pillows in her place and left. Vansh turned towards her side and he continued sleeping. Riddhima reached the gate. She saw the big lock. She said Vansh did this to stop me, I will try once. She tried to break the lock and someone looked on. She turned and said I felt someone was here, I will save Ragini and get justice also.

It’s morning, Vansh asked Riddhima to help him. He asked how do I look. She said same as you always look. He asked how can this happen, I should look different today, it’s a special day, it’s a day of revenge, I will end Ragini’s chapter forever, you should pray for me, you should feed me curd and sugar, we can have a new start, I am going to take a big step at 4, I can take anyone’s life for my family. She said this is the difference between us, I can risk my life for an innocent life. He said our thoughts are opposite, science said opposites attract. He ate the curd from her hands and said good luck, he left and she saw Vansh leaving. Ishani locked the door. She smiled and said Riddhima you can try but you can’t go out of this house. She went to take a call and Riddhima looked on. Riddhima thinks my plan B is always ready.

Riddhima hits someone (a doctor) and wore his clothes to get out of the house. Vansh was in the car with someone. He said only 2 hours left. Riddhima was with Kabir and they were also going to Ragini. Vansh’s car broke down. He said 30 minutes left and run. Kabir thinks 30 minutes and Ragini will be in his possession…..Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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