Is Ridhima Really Pregnant? Till Love Do Us Part 17 June 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 301


The Episode started with someone catching Riddhima and fainting her down. Riddhima was seen at a hospital. She woke up and asked who are you, how did I reach here. The doctor said please relax, your ultrasound has happened, reports have come. Riddhima said I don’t want any test. Siya, Dadi, Chanchal and Ishani came there. Siya said you messaged us and called us here. Riddhima said I didn’t message you all. Ishani said you have messaged all of us, check your phone and Riddhima checked. Chanchal said you came here to get the test done and now you don’t want the report. Dadi asked the nurse to get the reports.

Riddhima said I didn’t send the message, if the test is done, we know that it will be fine, we will leave, we will collect the reports later. Doctor brought the report and Ishani smiled. Dadi asked her to tell them what’s in the report, is Riddhima fine, is the baby fine. Doctor said don’t worry, your bahu and the baby are fine, you can check the report.

Dadi said congrats Riddhima, don’t know why I came in the words of these fools and Riddhima went for checkup. Dadi scolded Ishani and Chanchal for blaming Riddhima. She said it’s good Vansh isn’t here, if you have tried to defame Riddhima, then you don’t know what Vansh would do, Riddhima won’t do anything that upsets Vansh, she crosses limits and makes mistakes, she won’t do anything that she gets separated from Vansh.

Vyom caught Riddhima and she asked what are you doing here. He said you should thank me, I asked the doctor to make the report positive to save you from your family. She asked what, I don’t want your help and interference. He said I want to help you, I got shot for your sake, just to save this baby, I decided not to let any kid die, look at you, you killed your baby, why, how can you do this, I want to know the reason, if you don’t tell me, then I will kill you. She said you can kill me right away, I am not scared, I won’t tell you anything, you stay out of my life and she left. He said I will find out, what game you are playing.

Angre said yes Dadi, I heard Riddhima saying she isn’t pregnant, maybe she is faking her pregnancy. Ishani said she proved me a liar, now tell me Dadi, who is the liar. Dadi asked why did the doctor lie, who said the baby is normal, call that doctor and put the call on speaker and Angre called the doctor. Dadi threatened the doctor and asked her to speak the truth. She asked is Riddhima pregnant or not, was the report right or not.

The Doctor was at gun point and she said yes, I was paid to lie that Riddhima is pregnant, I didn’t see that person’s face. Dadi scolded her and disconnected. She shouted Riddhima, why did you lie to us, you didn’t do this right and Angre asked her to relax. Doctor said they are dangerous, they will kill you and me also. Riddhima said I know how dangerous they are, thanks for the support and she left. She took some reports from the lab technician and checked. Ishani came and asked are you hiding something. Riddhima asked what are you doing here. Ishani said Dadi is calling you, come. Riddhima said you go, I am coming. She thinks why did Dadi call me. She placed the reports in the envelop and left.

Dadi asked why did you lie to us, why did you ask the doctor to make fake reports, you cheated us that you are pregnant, how long do you want to keep this secret, you think you are too smart. Riddhima asked what do you want from me. Vyom heard them. Riddhima said you all got the ultrasound done, doctor got the reports, it stated that me and my baby are fine, why are you doubting me now, why will the doctor lie. Dadi said she is lying, she told us the truth that you are not pregnant. Chanchal said you were hiding a big thing from Dadi. Dadi asked what’s the truth. Vyom asked what drama is going on here. Riddhima said I am pregnant, I don’t know why did the doctor lied, maybe the doctor lied later. Vyom said I had fixed everything, what’s going on.

Siya asked what did you say. He said some drama always goes on. Dadi said this baby is Rai Singhania’s heir, if you do anything wrong with the baby, then you don’t know what I will do with you. Riddhima said it’s enough, I will not tolerate this now and showed her pregnancy reports. She said I can read it for you. She asked them to check it well. She said this report is of two days ago, it said that my baby is healthy and safe.

Dadi said maybe all these reports and that doctor are fake, I will understand your game, nothing can stay hidden from me. Riddhima said these reports are true, I am pregnant, can any mum lie about her baby. Dadi said I feel that we are waiting for Vansh’s baby, you will ruin this Rai Singhania empire before the heir’s coming. Ishani said I feel the same and she left. Dadi asked Riddhima to go to her room and rest if she is pregnant and Riddhima left.

Angre said I think something is wrong. Dadi said Vansh will come back in 8 hours. He said we will find the truth before he comes. She said this story shall end before he comes. He said what if she is really pregnant, we should give her some time. Dadi said I decide in this house, you have 7 hours, if you can find the truth, then good, else….Angre said okay and went to Riddhima. She said you can tell me anything.

He said last time, when I asked you to swear and tell me, I thought I got all the answers, I know you are hiding something, what is it, anyone can doubt you, I know you do everything for Vansh and the family’s betterment, what are you doing now, whom are you saving, I can just ask you, I can just tell you, you know you and Vansh’s relation got well after much difficulty, if he gets hurt, then this time he can’t hold himself.

Riddhima and everyone got some envelops. They all got to the place to meet black mamba and the Black mamba arrived… Read more

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