Vansh Put Ridhima To The Test. Till Love Do Us Part 17 March 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 175


The Episode started with Riddhima checking the papers. She said Vansh, aged 15 years, Dadi was right, what crime did he do that he was sent to the juvenile center, where is the page with crime details, it’s missing, I couldn’t reach the secret, what had happened that he was sent to the juvenile center, my doubt was right. Angre asked how can she come back and sit if she had gone there. Vansh said when I lifted the ghunghat, she was there, she went and took the file as well, how much does she know about the truth which will shake up VR mansion.

Ishani asked but how will we know?” Vansh said Dadi can tell us. Aryan came and said Dadi is normal now. Vansh asked what had happened to you Dadi. Dadi said don’t know, Riddhima came with a drink, I didn’t like the taste and she asked me to have it, I felt strange like I am saying things unwillingly. Vansh thinks Riddhima fed her truth serum to reach my juvenile home secret.

He asked what did she ask you. She said she asked me about your pics aged between 15-18 years, I couldn’t lie and told her that you were in the juvenile center. He asked did you tell her about my crime. She said no, forgive me. He asked her to relax. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. She thinks what is it Vansh that hiding it from me, something went into her eyes. Vansh came and blew in her eyes. She thanked him and slipped back and he held her close. He scolded her for feeding truth serum to Dadi.

He said you are thinking to hurt Dadi to get incomplete answers. She asked him not to ask anything if he can’t give answers and he stopped her. He made her wear red bangles. She asked why this now. He said you should have not done this with Dadi, don’t you know you have crossed limits. She said you had hid the truth, I was helpless to do this, my intentions weren’t wrong, I can never think of hurting Dadi, my mission is to reach the truth and broke the bangle with her hand.

She said when it’s important to reach the truth, we have to be wrong. He saw the blood on her hand and did the aid. He asked do you know what crime I have done, I know you have my case file, but I am telling you, you can never reach that secret, leave it now, you can never reach the truth, I am a secret myself, you can never reach me but she stopped him. She said I didn’t lose, I don’t think I am doing wrong, it’s related to my parents’ death, I will reach it.

He said you don’t try that with anyone else, you won’t talk to anyone about the secret, you won’t go out, you understand, do anything, but please don’t break my rules, make sure you won’t step out of the house. She said you make any rules, if I have loved you truly, I will reach this secret before our marriage. He said okay, try well, don’t give any excuses and he left.

Next day, Riddhima was going out and Vansh stopped her. He said I had made rules that you won’t go out. She said I have to go to the parlor. He said the parlor will come home for you. She said I have to buy few things. He said you think I can’t get the things home. She said I felt I know you, I feel I have to know you, I have to go, check and buy things.

He asked her to learn to trust others. He said someone will shop according to your taste, you can’t go out. He lifted her and took her to the room. She said the truth will break all the locks and come out, trust me, I am doing this to save our love and relation. He said trust is the most important thing in love and relation, your actions show how much you trust me. She said you can’t stop me like this.

He said I have no option than to make you away from all this, better stay away and got a handcuff. She said don’t do this. He handcuffed her, tying the other end of the chain to the bed. He said I can’t see you in trouble, you are responsible for this, you will stay at home now and he left. She asked him not to do this and looked for her phone. She tried to get the phone and got her phone and called someone for help.

Vansh came with the breakfast and she hid her phone. He asked her to have food, there is some time for mahurat. She said you think the groom will trap the bride in the room and the bride will be happily ready for the marriage, no Vansh. Vansh said when a mum stops her child from going towards fire, she seems like a villain to the child, I am the lucky groom who will deck up my would be bride, I have this right on you and she sat upset and he asked her to eat.

He said you love me, for the sake of my love, just have food, function will take much time and she ate the food. Her phone vibrated and Vansh asked about the vibration. Kabir beats up the juvenile center officer. He asked why was Vansh in custody, tell me his crime. The officer said I won’t say anything, you can beat me as much as you want. Kabir said I have to know the truth to ruin him, Riddhima won’t stand against Vansh without knowing the truth and Kabir beats the man. He asked Riddhima to pick up the phone. Riddhima asked why can’t you tell me the truth, Vansh.

Kabir said I have to break that marriage and threatened the man. Vansh and Riddhima got married. The man said I will tell you everything….Read more

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