Vansh Secret Get Into Ridhima’s Hands. Till Love Do Us Part 17 March 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 174


The Episode started with Vansh asking Aryan to handle things, he will just come. Ishani came and asked him to come for dance. Vansh said I will be back in 2 mins. Siya asked him to go and concentrate on the dance and everyone danced. Vansh looked at the girl in ghunghat,Riddhima was looking through the files and a file fell down,she picked it and said there are files above the cupboard also. She then checked the other folders and got Vansh’s file.

The officer called Vansh and said Riddhima took the files, sorry Sir, I didn’t know she can do this. Vansh said Riddhima…. she got the file, she will understand everything, if she is there, then who is the girl here, I will find out the secret. Vansh went to the girl. Kabir looked on and the light went off. Angre went to check at the meter room. The light came back and Vansh checked the girl in ghunghat.

Ishani stopped him again and asked him to dance in the sangeet but Vansh still went to the girl, he lifted the ghunghat and was shocked seeing Riddhima. He said impossible, how can this happen. Riddhima said it’s enough of the ghunghat rasam, there is no veil between us now. Vansh thinks how did she come if she was there. Riddhima asked what happened, did you expect someone else.

She pinched him and asked what happened. He said nothing, I will just come. She thinks sorry Vansh, It’s important for me to know my parents’ secret. Vansh saw the pic and looked at her. Ishani and everyone danced. Kabir thinks Vansh and Riddhima will meet now and then it will be a big blast. He said it’s turn of Vansh and Riddhima now, we are enjoying their sangeet. Riddhima danced and everyone smiled. Riddhima asked why did you lie. Vansh said there is a difference between lying and hiding truth, no one would want the past to add poison in the present, you should not go into my past.

She asked him why did he hide it, the truth about the parents for an orphan matters a lot, don’t you understand this, even then you didn’t tell me the truth. He said it will just hurt you to scratch the wounds of the past, I have just one answer, I did this for you and our relation. She said we are going to make a new start, I am your shadow, hiding truth from shadow is cheating one’s own identity, you know well where I had gone, I am just one step away from the truth, I am giving you another chance. Vansh asked who told you that I was in the juvenile center for four years, whom did you made to sit there under ghunghat. She said I was under the ghunghat. He said you are lying. She said no, I have learnt hiding truth from you, I am your wife, it’s my dharm to follow your steps.

Dadi said Aryan lost the ancestral necklace in gambling, it wasn’t lost. Riddhima thinks Vansh may know that I gave the truth serum to Dadi, he will get angry. Dadi told more secrets. Ishani asked why is Dadi saying the old truths and Vansh stopped Dadi. He said ladies and gentlemen, party is over and took Dadi to the room. Kabir said party is over, but no one has cut this cake, I didn’t think my plan will go long, Riddhima I know you got something from the juvenile center. Riddhima said Vansh doubts that Dadi is behaving like that because of me. She hid the papers and said I can’t read it here and went to the kitchen. Ishani came and asked what are you doing here. Riddhima said I had come to make ginger tea for myself.

Ishani said you are hiding something. Riddhima said it’s nothing like that. Ishani said people playing with fire face a bad outcome. Riddhima said gold gets bright when it burns in fire, I think we choose our own destiny, everything is in our hands. She took the papers and Ishani left. Riddhima looked Kabir. Kabir asked what did you get there. Ishani said you mean Riddhima wasn’t in the ghunghat, how can this happen. Vansh blindfolded himself and shoots a bottle kept over Angre’s head. He said she is reaching close to the truth.

Ishani said I feel she is making a good story. Vansh said she reached the truth even when I tried to stop her, I had made marriage plan to distract her, but she had reached it. She said you should have told me, I would have stopped her. He said I don’t want to involve you, I can handle Riddhima. Riddhima said I didn’t ask for your help. Kabir said actually, I am helping myself, you are also helping me, but you will know it soon and come to me. Vansh asked how much does Riddhima know the truth which will shake up VR mansion.

Riddhima said no one can stop me from getting to the truth, I will get it before the marriage. Vansh asked her to try her best….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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