Vansh Learns The Truth About Sara. Till Love Do Us Part 16 May 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 257


The Episode started with Riddhima stopping Aryan. She said I knew it, you are backstabbing the family, I have seen Vyom leaving this parcel for you, I will tell everything to Vansh. He said actually I am helpless, I have taken a loan, those people will kill me, I can’t tell this to Vansh. She said you are taking help from Vyom. He said he has trapped me, I had come to the pool to meet Vyom and take my gold chain, I didn’t push you. She said fine, but why were you called black mamba, don’t act, I have saw the message on your phone, check your phone. He showed her his phone and asked where is black mamba. She said you would have deleted it. He said I don’t know what you are talking about. She said this is not over yet, I am coming to talk to you. Sara killed the man and she called Riddhima. Riddhima said you had run away right. Sara said your doctor is dead, I have stabbed him.

Riddhima said listen to me. Sara said you can’t stop me for long, who is going to die now, Vansh will die, you and your baby will also die. Riddhima said shut up, do anything you want. Vansh went downstairs. Sara said you used to say the same in the orphanage, you used to get scared, you are a coward, don’t threaten me. Riddhima said I am not Riddhima now, but you are the same Gayu, try as much as you want, I will see what you do and Vansh came there. She said you were so angry some time back. Vansh said your basketball skills suck. She said you don’t know it and he challenged her. They played a game,he cheated and won. She said you cheated. Vansh said everything is fair in love and war, didn’t you watch the film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She said not fair. She said it’s too hot and removed her tshirt. Vansh looked at her. She then took the ball, held him and smiled, She basketed the ball and he said cheating. She said everything is fair in love and war, didn’t you watch the film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, so the score is one for all. He said anyone can get distracted seeing a beautiful girl like you and he went close. She said I am very sweaty. He said let me get a glass of juice for you, I love you. He then spiked the juice and she came there. He said cheers to our love, it’s bad manners to not have the drink once you say cheers. She said of course I know it, I don’t want to sit here and drink and she sat on his lap. He said I think this is your favorite spot. They finished the drinks and he said I need to talk to you, listen, sit, who is Sara.

She said I love you and I love Goa, it’s a beautiful girl, when the baby comes, we will get the baby here. He said absolutely, answer me, who is Sara. She said I want a coconut. He said I will get you everything, Sara shot bullets at you, who is she. Riddhima said I am so lucky to have you, a life of happiness, such a good husband, you love me so much. He said I am lucky to have you, thank you for making my life beautiful, who is Sara, where does she stay. She said I was so scared of you and didn’t wish to face you, look where we are and she hugged him. He said please tell me who is Sara, where does she stay. Riddhima said she is a contract killer, I won’t let anything happen to you and our baby. He asked where does she stay. She thinks and told him the address. He asked what is it, don’t sleep, tell me more. He said I should go there and find out. He took Riddhima to the room and went to the address. He had a gun in hand and proceeded. He then knocked the door and pointed the gun.

A man opened the door and asked who are you, why did you get the gun, I will call the cops. Vansh said don’t call the cops, I am in love with a girl, her name is Sara, I came here to surprise her. The man said she doesn’t stay here, someone fooled you. Vansh said sorry to disturb you, why did Riddhima tell me this address, how can she lie under the influence of drugs. Riddhima thinks sorry Vansh, I had to do that. She recalled seeing Vansh spike the drink and thinking what is that. Vansh thinks Riddhima had seen me adding the drugs, but did she drink the juice or not, what did she do. She recalled throwing the juice in the pool. Vansh came to the pool and saw the juice fallen on the poolside. He thinks you have thrown the juice here, how did you make that story. He saw the number there and address on the poster board. She thinks I have to send you away and save your life. Vansh said dose got waste, I just got the last way.

Riddhima surprised Vansh and they got romantic. He said I will never leave you and go…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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