Ridhima To Prove Ishani As Black Mamba. Till Love Do Us Part 17 May 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 258


The Episode started with Riddhima checking the cctv footage and saw Ishani near the pool side. She said it means Ishani had pushed me, but why, is Ishani black mamba, I don’t understand, I have to check her room first, I have to find out what she is upto, she went and saw Vansh. He asked where are you going, what are you doing here. She said nothing, it’s a big hotel, I have found a way to reach you, but I don’t get you. He said rest your mind, ask your heart to know that Vansh is here, I stay there. She said when love gets ahead of limit, distance can’t be tolerated, we went to the pool side, had juice, I don’t remember when I fell asleep. He said because you love me. She said I do love you.

He said when love gets ahead of limit, distance can’t be tolerated, you don’t remember how you slept in my arms, I took you to the room. She said I don’t snore. He said my apologies, I can apologize by taking you out on a dinner date tomorrow. She said fine, a date from my side today, I have a special surprise. He said very interesting, you are giving a lots of surprises, from whom did you learn. She said let surprise stay a surprise. He said the deal is done, your surprise tonight. He lifted her in his arms. She said, I am heavy, put me down but still he took her.

Riddhima showed her surprise to Vansh. She opened the blindfold and looked at her and she smiled. He said you look dropdead gorgeous and she thanked him. He liked the decorations and said what a beautiful surprise, Riddhima. She asked you like it. He said I love it. She said I am so glad. He asked is there anything special tonight. She said it a special night for me. He asked why. She asked why, is a reason needed. He said no, my wife doesn’t need it at all, what are you thinking. She said nothing, I want you to not go away from me for a moment, I want to live my entire life in this one night. He kissed her and said my every night is yours, I will not leave you and go, even if death comes. She cried and scolded him.

He said I am sorry, Riddhima, see it’s a beautiful date night, I am sorry. She said it’s okay and hugged him. She said I don’t want to spoil this night. He said thanks for this surprise, it’s really beautiful, I want to make this night memorable. He held her close and they romanced. He then lifted her and entered the pool.

It’s morning, Ishani talked to Siya. Siya said I am fine, why is everyone tensed, I asked you to tell everyone that I am fine. Ishani said I didn’t say thinking you will give me a surprise. Siya said, I have spent much time under the shadow of Vansh. Vansh heard Ishani talking to Siya. He asked are you talking to Siya. He asked Siya where are you, don’t you miss me and Siya disconnected the call. Ishani said she is fine. He asked where is she. She said she is fine, you behaved badly with her, she doesn’t want to talk to you, please leave her alone. Vansh came to the hotel and spy and recalled Johnson’s words. He said the perfect plan, Vansh, but you forgot that I am Vyom, I make a way anywhere, 3 mins when those men go and Angre comes, I hope my magic works there and he smiled.

Riddhima entered Ishani’s room. Ishani was taking a shower. Riddhima thinks I have to find a proof that Ishani is black mamba and Angre came there. Riddhima placed the bag back and Riddhima greeted him. He said you are here. She said yes, I had come to talk to you. He said I know you are hiding many things from Vansh, you are checking our room, it maybe related to that, am I wrong. She said sorry. He said I have been with Vansh since a long time, I know he had undergone many troubles, many has cheated him, he loves you dearly, I liked it when you came in his life, he was also happy, you became a reason for his happiness, if you cheat him, then he will shatter forever, now everything is in your hands, your love is his strength, but it can become a weakness and Ishani came out. She saw Riddhima leaving and asked Angre what was she doing here. Sara came to the hotel. She saw Riddhima and thinks I have come to fulfill my mission.

Riddhima asked Angre did you see Vansh. Angre said no. Riddhima said he isn’t answering. Her ring fell in the pool and she became shocked seeing Sara with the ring. Sara said I will complete the work for which I have come and showed Vansh lying in the pool…Read more

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