Fake Ridhima Gets Caught. Till Love Do Us Part 18 April 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 219


The Episode started with Aryan saying get ready to die. Vansh came to Riddhima and said so you were the one who stole the diamonds, why Riddhima. 12 hours back, Vansh threw the box and asked who stole my diamonds. Aryan came. He became shocked and asked what the hell, where are the diamonds, who can steal it, maybe Riddhima, I know this will happen and Vansh became angry at him.

He said we don’t know if she did this. Aryan said I knew she has stolen it. Riddhima said you got what you wanted, now the deal is over. Vyom said no, the deal just started, Vansh’s pride won’t get less if the diamonds are stolen. Aryan said I am sure that Riddhima had stolen it, we caught her in the basement today, I am telling you that Riddhima has stolen the diamonds.

Angre asked him not to blame Riddhima. Aryan asked where is she. Dadi came and said we can’t blame Riddhima, we have no proof against her, but her behavior is forcing us to doubt her. Riddhima asked what do you mean to say. Vyom said Vansh’s pride is in his family’s stuff. Dadi asked Vansh to find the culprit and punish him/her and gave him the rifle.

She said you shouldn’t spare the culprit, just death is the punishment and Aryan smiled. Dadi said if Riddhima did this crime, then let this gun do it’s work, it’s your Dada ji’s sign, he used to say that every bullet identifies it’s target. Vyom showed the sniper rifle, it’s Vansh’s Dada ji’s rifle, I want this, you have very little time to get it. Dadi said we don’t have much time. Riddhima said fine, I accept the deal.

It’s morning, Riddhima took the rifle. Vansh took it and said I caught the thief. Angre said we are shifting this rifle. She asked why. He said enemy shouldn’t take benefit of anything. She said I think when enemy comes in front, you should hide the weapon but hold it. He said you are right, give me the bullet and passed it to Angre.

He said you have stolen my heart. Riddhima asked and… He said my dreams, one more thing is stolen, my diamonds. She asked what, are you serious, it’s too bad, what will you do now. He said it’s not a kid’s play, that thief knows everything about us, we will catch the thief soon. She said best of luck and went. Vansh asked Angre to take care of the rifle.

Vyom asked what did you say. Riddhima said that rifle can’t be stolen. Vyom showed the shirt options, black, white and red. He asked can you get the rifle. She asked how can I get it. He said you are Vansh’s wife, find out, you will get the gun or shall I call the deal off. He tried to choke her and she nodded. He said that’s my girl, black will suit me, dark, symbol of death.

Dadi saw a family album. Vansh said Riddhima didn’t steal the diamonds. Dadi asked what proof do you have. Vansh asked how can she steal it, she is bahu of this house. Dadi said Anupriya is also bahu, greed doesn’t see relations, I loved Riddhima, but she changed now, don’t be a lover boy, think as the owner of VR industry, it’s a big loss. He said no, I can’t agree and she explained to him. She said I never interfered in your work, but you have to listen to me now, this matter is about Rai Singhania’s respect, I can’t forgive anyone.

She said I will give this work to Aryan, he will punish Riddhima if you can’t, then it’s your wish. Ishani came to Aryan and they saw Riddhima coming. Ishani asked from where is she coming, Vansh gave her much freedom, he doesn’t ask her anything, Aryan you should explain to him. She saw Aryan gone. Aryan caught Riddhima and dragged her. He then loaded the gun and threatened Riddhima. Ishani said she comes and goes by her own wish. Vansh called Riddhima.

Aryan asked Riddhima did you see the diamonds and Riddhima nodded. Aryan asked her to speak up, yes or no. She said yes, I have stolen the diamonds, leave me, let me go now. Aryan said thanks for confessing this, you will go to heaven now, get ready to die. Vansh came, shot and Aryan fell down. Riddhima said Aryan wanted to kill me, what’s happening. Vansh freed Riddhima. Aryan said she confessed that she had stolen the diamonds. Vansh asked her to answer. Aryan said you have the gun, shoot her.

Vansh pointed the gun at Riddhima. Siya came and asked what’s happening here, Dadi has called you to meet someone. Vyom got Dadi’s blessings. Vansh said I had told you to never come here. Vyom said I had also told you that my name is Vyom, circle. Vansh and Vyom started laughing and they hugged. Dadi said they have old friendship. Siya said they look like enemies. Vansh said we know each other since childhood.

Vansh asked Vyom about his stay abroad. He said we have to keep news about friends, and stay alert of enemies, it’s our business’ first rule. Vyom asked am I your friend or enemy and they laughed. Vyom greeted Riddhima. Vansh asked how do you know her. Vyom said rule number 1, we have to keep news of friends and stay alert of enemies. He gave him a gift and joked that it’s a bomb.

Vansh checked the gift and saw it a violin. Vyom said Vansh played violin well. Vansh said Vyom plays saxophone well. Ishani taunted Riddhima. Dadi asked her to be quiet. She asked Vyom to have dinner and Vansh got a call. He said I will be back and left. Vyom stopped Riddhima and said I gifted the violin to Vansh, he didn’t thank me, you can thank me….Read more

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