Vihaan Is Caught Red-Handed. Till Love Do Us Part 18 February 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 138


The Episode started with Riddhima talking to the lawyer. She said I have gotten the NOC signed by everyone. Lawyer said I want an affidavit signed by Vansh that he is alive, he didn’t lose his life in the accident. She said fine, you will get it, you can come. She ended the call and said I know Kabir is helpless because he lost, once the papers gets submitted, there won’t be a problem and suddenly the power went off.

She said what happened to the lights and she went to check. She heard Vansh’s voice. Vansh said you are thinking of me Riddhima. She said Vihaan is joking or I heard Vansh’s voice. She dropped the torch and went to see. He said I am not too away from you and the door got locked. She said is this a trap. He said I miss you Riddhima.

She saw the audio player there while Someone went inside the room. She said I was right, someone is joking with me. She recalled dropping the keys in the room. She said it means someone wants to steal the papers, She went and found the door locked. She shouted open the door while a clown was seen taking the papers. She managed to get in and became shocked seeing the clown. She recalled opening the door with a hair pin.

She said you thought you will trap me and get the papers, give me the papers. She caught him and he used a pepper spray on her and run and the Lights came back on. Vihaan came and asked what happened and she told him everything. She said I couldn’t see his face, I know it was Kabir. He asked her to get up. He said tell me something, how can you be sure.

She said the NOC is a threat to Kabir’s motive to get the property. He said he can be Aryan also. She said no, he was Kabir, it’s important to expose him. He said wait, let me put eye drops on your eye. She said let me go but he tied her hands. She asked why did you do this. He said you can’t go out, please cooperate and he placed the eye drops and blew on air onto her eyes. She then recalled Vansh.

He said I know everything, sweetheart. He untied her hands and said Vansh would know everything, right and he smiled. She said Vihaan, it’s not the time to joke, I have to focus on one thing, I have to get the NOC papers back, Kabir had come here as the joker, Kabir played many secrets, now tomorrow’s sun will get your end and she left.

Riddhima thanked the lawyer and said I don’t need the NOC now, I had no idea that we can get affidavit from the local police station that the person’s dead body isn’t found, then that person is regarded alive for the next 7 years, thanks and the Joker looked on. She went and placed the papers in the temple.

She said I was worried when I missed the NOC, I knew you will always save me. She went to the storeroom and the Joker followed her. She shuts the door and said where will you run now Kabir, you are badly caught now. She recalled seeing the clown’s shadow. She said I got you here, this was my trap Kabir, remove this mask, there is no one here, leave the hope that you will get these papers, I want to see your defeat, anger and shame and she went to remove the mask.

He tried to run but she dropped the net over him. She said I had told you Kabir, you don’t take me serious, how will you run now, what will you get, blank papers. He checked and saw blank papers. She said I thought I lost the game, when you are keeping an eye on me, I thought to use your weapon against you, I faked the call to the lawyer, I made you hear this, I did this and you got trapped. He then crushed the papers. She said you played many games, it’s time the family knows about your truth, I will call everyone there, they will throw you out.

She opened the door and saw Kabir outside, on a phone call. She said Kabir here…. She turned to look at the clown. She said who is this. She shuts the door and said Kabir is outside, who are you. The clown played the voice recording. She asked how did you get it, who are you and he laughed. She said give me the phone. He placed the net on her face as well and he removed the mask. She became shocked seeing Vihaan.

She said you, Vihaan, it was you who kept an eye on me. Vihaan said yes, you are so sharp and intelligent, even then you didn’t know that I like to interfere in others’ matters, yes, it was me, it was important, the day I stepped here, I got to know that something is wrong, I didn’t know who is right and who is wrong, I had to do this for research and she scolded him. She said I was in a cheat, I thought I can trust you. He held her and said these things don’t suit you and he taunted her.

He said the woman who can play a dangerous game with family for money, she can get her husband killed as well, I had to save myself, I wanted to know if you are double crossing me, I had saved you, we would have gone to jail, the day I would leave from jail, I would have got 50 lakhs, you would be on the roads, don’t get angry on me, better smile and learn to say thanks to me. She said thanks my foot, you had stolen the NOC and double crossed me, I feel that tea vendor, our meet, it was all your plot.

Riddhima found a gift box that has a letter in it which said Riddhima has to reach until some secret before her birthday. She went to some location and found a safe box. She managed to open it and saw Vansh and Vihaan in a same picture. She then wondered how come they are together…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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