Ridhima Descends On Vansh For K!lling Her Parents. Till Love Do Us Part 18 March 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 177


The Episode started with Riddhima getting away from Vansh. He stopped her and tied the gathbandhan. Dadi said it was a bad omen happening, Riddhima where is your focus, gathbandhan is for seven births. Riddhima thinks did Vansh kill my parents, no, this can’t be true. Vansh thinks something is troubling her, else she would not be so lost.

Riddhima smiled and took Dadi’s blessings. Vansh signalled Angre and Angre left. Officer said I have told the truth. Kabir said you would remember about the couple, was there any girl with them. The officer said no, there was no girl. Kabir said say something that relieves my ears and scared the officer.

Officer said I will say what you want. Kabir recorded his statement. Vansh said Riddhima got to know something, she would have not been calm if she got to know everything, she shouldn’t know more about it. Riddhima looked on. She heard them. Vansh and Angre left. She said I have to know the entire truth, did Kabir say the truth, I have to talk to Kabir.

Kabir asked the officer to go now, he freed the officer and smiled, the officer turned to go and Kabir shot him down. He said leaving you means leaving an evidence against me, he saw someone coming. Aryan came and saw the officer lying on the ground and he saw Kabir.

Riddhima also came to talk to Kabir. Kabir pointed a gun at Aryan and he became shocked. Kabir and Aryan smiled. Kabir hugged him and said you are my true brother. FB showed Aryan telling Kabir about Vansh’s crime, he had knocked down a couple, he was in the juvenile center for four years. Kabir asked when did this happen. Aryan said 1996.

Kabir said I understood what to do when you told that, Riddhima’s parents also died in the same year, a person can love someone, but it doesn’t take time to change that love into hatred when the person knows her lover has killed her parents, I made Riddhima believe that Vansh killed her parents.

Aryan said brilliant plan. Kabir said Riddhima is coming and they hid the officer’s body. She asked what are you doing, where is the officer, I have to know the truth. He said it took time, but I got the truth from that officer, I didn’t know the truth will be so bitter, Vansh had killed your parents in that accident, that’s why Vansh was hiding it from you. She cried and said this can’t happen, Vansh can’t do it, where is that officer, I want to hear the truth from him.

Kabir said the officer had left, Vansh would have killed him, I have something that will bring the truth out and showed her the video. The officer said a couple was murdered by Vansh, they were Riddhima’s parents and she became shocked. Aryan hid and looked on and dropped the phone. Kabir recalled asking the officer to just read it word to word and not act smart.

Kabir said your Vansh is your parents’ murderer, how will you deny this truth, she left and he smiled. She called out Vansh. She said Vansh lied to me, he played with my emotions, why. Her alter self appears and said no, don’t think so, Riddhima, Vansh loves you a lot, forget the past, focus on your present. The positive self asked Riddhima to remember her parents, she lost her parents’ love because of Vansh, fight for them.

Riddhima then looked at the alter sides, asking her to choose Vansh or her parents and she shouted stop it and threw things in the washroom. She said Vansh lied to me and she lay in the bath tub. She said how can this happen, Vansh killed my parents, my love who gave me a family, he had snatched my family and sank inside the water.
Vansh came to the room and said where did Riddhima go, Siya said she is in the room. He saw the water coming out of the bathroom and went to check. He was shocked seeing her immersed in the water. He lifted her and took her to the room and pumped out the water from her stomach. He then gave her CPR and asked her to get up, else he will lose belief in love. She became conscious and he hugged her. She pushed him away. He said you were lying unconscious in the bath tub, who did this to you, tell me. She said no, sometimes situation makes person do such things, what situation made you do all that. He said I have no answer for your riddles,she pointed a gun at him and he became shocked.

She said this weapon snatches a person’s life, do you remember, you gave this gift to me on our first suhaagraat, you told me that I shall remember the gun when I have to choose between love and cheat, I want to talk about faith today, love, marriage, every genuine relation is on faith, we married again to make a new start, we promised to trust each other, I hope you will say the truth. He said fine, ask. She said it’s simple question, I want truth as the answer, did you hide any truth from me intentionally.

Precap: Riddhima showed the video and asked Vansh did he kill her parents, if not, then prove it. Vansh said I will bring out the truth in front of you…Read more

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