Vansh K!lled Ridhima’s Parents. Till Love Do Us Part 18 March 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 176


The Episode started with Vansh getting a call and he left. Riddhima said thank God, Vansh didn’t know about the phone. Kabir came and said no questions, I knew you will need my help, there is someone who can take you to the truth. She showed the handcuffs and asked how shall I come. He said you are forgetting that I am a policeman, I can handle this. He took her hairpin and opened the handcuffs, she thanked him and they left. He beats the officer, she then stopped him and asked him to let her talk.

She asked why was Vansh kept in the juvenile center. The man said you can torture me, but I can’t tell the truth, Vansh will kill me, I have a wife and children. She said I guarantee their security, just tell me. Kabir beats the officer and said sorry Riddhima, just shut up, I know how to deal with him. She said I think the guests started coming, I can’t go, I want to know what had happened with my parents. Kabir asked her to just go and get ready.

Ishani called out Vansh and gave his clothes. Riddhima said I won’t go until I hear the truth from him. Kabir asked her to go. Vansh came to his room and saw Riddhima. She recalled Kabir asking her to please go, she is getting married. Vansh said you didn’t go out of the room, good. He also got the handcuffs and said I think you should get ready, come. He made Riddhima ready with the adornments and removed the handcuffs. Pandit asked Dadi to call the groom and bride. Dadi said they have come. Vansh and Riddhima came downstairs. They got blessings from Dadi and sat in the mandap. They did the rituals and got up to exchange garlands. Riddhima thinks this moment is special, I wish my fear doesn’t get proved true and they exchanged the garlands.

Kabir tried asking the officer again. He said you aren’t here to help Vansh and Riddhima, its all about me, the jodi breaker, you have to break that marriage, you have to tell the truth, else they will always be happy and scared the man. Vansh and Riddhima took the rounds. The officer still refused. Kabir threatened the man that he will cut his fingers and asked him to tell the truth. The man said I will tell you everything, leave my hand. Riddhima thinks don’t know that officer told anything or not. Officer said a married couple got killed by Vansh’s hands, I don’t know about the couple, the case records were missing, I swear on my children, I don’t know anything else.

Kabir went and flashed a mirror light on Riddhima’s face. She thinks what’s the truth, I think the officer told the truth to Kabir. Vansh took sindoor in his hand. Riddhima saw a reflection and she read Kabir’s message… Vansh was in the juvenile center for killing a couple. Vansh filled the sindoor. She thinks was that couple my parents. Kabir was seen somewhere welding. Vansh took mangalsutra and made Riddhima wear it. Kabir smiled. Riddhima thinks I hope that my fear isn’t true, did I marry my parents’ killer. Kabir said this spark will burn Vansh and your relation, it will make you away from him, whatever is Vansh’s story, you don’t know what twist I will be adding in it.

Riddhima came to Kabir and asked where is that officer, I want to know the truth. Kabir showed the officer’s statement to her and she became shocked. She threw the things and lay in the bathroom. She said Vansh has snatched my family. She sank in the water tub. Vansh came and became shocked seeing her….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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