Sara Succeeds In Kíllíng Vansh? Till Love Do Us Part 18 May 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 259


The Episode started with Sara checking Vansh’s pic. The room service guy came and spilled the juice on her bathrobe. He apologized, cleaned the floor and left. She said I should have killed him, I have to kill Vansh, I love the colour of blood, red, I will kill Vansh by this string, by first making him paralyzed, I will use the poison of black mamba. Angre checked the cupboard. Dadi said, I kept the black box here. Angre asked where did it go. Dadi said what will I tell Vansh, my bp is getting high. Angre said relax, do you doubt someone. She said everyone is family. He asked who had come here, the room service girl.. she said yes, but she doesn’t know the safe password, I know that. They worried and he left. Riddhima looked for Vansh and asked him. He said I didn’t see him. She asked him to find Vansh and let her know. She felt tensed and her ring fell down. Sara came out of the pool with the ring and Riddhima became shocked. Sara asked where you looking for this, have it. Riddhima asked her to leave. Sara said maybe my work has already got completed.

Riddhima said I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. Sara asked did he answer your call. Riddhima said no, he is around, I will find him. Sara saw Vansh in the pool. She asked does dead people talk. Riddhima shouted shut up, I will find my Vansh. She went to her room and called Vansh. She saw the bath towel with blood. She found a blood stained knife there. She said no, it’s not Vansh’s blood. Sara came and said it’s someone’s blood. She said don’t worry, I gave him a painless death, relax, he thought he will win over Sara, he doesn’t know that Sara doesn’t lose to anyone, he was mentioning your name. Riddhima said I don’t believe it, nothing can happen to Vansh as long as I am alive. Sara said nothing will change if you don’t believe it, you get ready for your gift, you didn’t call me in your marriage, be ready to become a widow. Riddhima slapped her and asked her to leave. Sara said I didn’t feel bad about the slap, your child will not be able to see his father, you will be lonely like I had been lonely. Riddhima said get out of here. Sara said be ready for your gift and she left. Riddhima called Vansh and thinks where are you Vansh. Someone rang the bell and left. She looked for Vansh. She read a message, you will get the gift in the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom and became shocked seeing someone. She cried and shouted Angre. Angre came and saw someone there. He removed the white cloth from the face and saw some random person. Angre shouted to the manager and asked what’s this. Manager said he is our staff member. Angre said I know, he had a heart attack, his body was lying in the pool, take him out. Angre asked Riddhima to relax, nothing happened to Vansh. She cried and went out. Vansh called her out. She hugged him and asked where did you go. He said I had gone to take this necklace for you, the battery got dead, I couldn’t call you, wear this and see. Riddhima said I want to tell you something. Sara came and greeted Riddhima. She asked didn’t you recognize me, I am your childhood friend Gayatri. Riddhima introduced her husband Vansh. Sara said finally, I got to meet you Vansh. He asked what do you mean. Sara said you are so famous, I heard a lot about you, we finally met today. Vansh said I will leave the two of you and he left.

Riddhima asked what’s this joke. Sara said it was just a trailer, I don’t know who Lord sends to kill someone, we can’t even identify it. Riddhima asked did you kill that water. Sara said shut up, I told you already, you remember the date right, I have to kill Vansh, why don’t I go close to him in front of you. Riddhima said nothing will happen to him. Sara said I accept this challenge, I will start the program to kill him at midnight, maybe I kill him within 12 hours, how shall I kill him and told her the ideas of murder. She said it should be thrilling, it’s of no use to die, when Vansh breathes his last, then our story will end, which you started long time back, I will punish you Riddhima, Gayatri will end that day, I lost my love because of you. Riddhima said I swear, I didn’t do anything. Sara said you are a liar, you snatched my love, you have made me Sara, I had waited for 7 years, I will take revenge on you, tell Vansh everything. Riddhima then got a call from Vanshl. Sara said I will tell him what you did with me. She answered and said I am glad to meet you, I would like to meet you again. Riddhima said I am coming, she disconnected the call and Sara left. Riddhima thinks I won’t let you succeed, Gayu.

Riddhima said you are doing wrong. Sara asked her to focus on the time. Sara asked Vansh to have a drink and Riddhima worried.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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