Ridhima Suspects Sara Poisons Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 18 May 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 260


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to take medicines. He said your friend Gayatri is a sweet girl and she coughed. He pats her back and asked are you okay, why are you crying. She said nothing and they had a moment. He said doing this increases love and kissed her. He said take care, even if I am there or not. She said don’t say this ever, I will make Gayatri meet everyone, they will be glad. He said absolutely and went to attend to a call. She said I will see who identifies her, one who does it will be black mamba, I won’t let anything happen to my Vansh.

Dadi said if Vansh knows that I have hidden the black box, what will he do. Riddhima brought Sara there. Dadi dropped the knife and Sara asked her to use the knife carefully. Riddhima then introduced them. Sara said I am glad to meet Dadi, I touched her wife. Dadi said she is Sanskari. Riddhima introduced her friend to the family. Ishani said we heard it, what name did you say, Savitri.

Sara went to her with the knife and asked what name did you call me. Ishani said I was confused, Gayatri right. Sara heated the knife with a lighter. She said what happens when we cut a cold apple with a hot knife. She asked Dadi to have it. Dadi said you have it. Sara said your loss, Riddhima will you refuse, you didn’t introduce me to the family. Riddhima introduced Ishani and Aryan. Sara said any ways, I am glad to meet you and Riddhima observed them.

Sara said I love this colour, red, colour of love and warmth. Aryan said well, I love red too, Gayatri, see I got your name right, what do you want. Sara said I make people sleep in peace. Ishani asked what. Sara said I am a masseuse, my hands have magic. Aryan said show your magic to me some time. Sara said I am glad to meet you all and she went with Riddhima. Ishani said she looks mad.

Riddhima stopped Sara and asked what were you doing. Sara said you introduced me to the family to see their reactions, you are too innocent, leave all this, focus on time. Dadi said I have to keep it away from Vansh. Vansh came and said Dadi, you told Angre that staff came to your room, no one had come here, we will find it here. She said fine, but what’s the need for the black box. Vansh and Angre looked for the box. Angre signalled no to Vansh.

Vansh asked why are you sweating and asked Angre to have water. Dadi stopped them and said I am not willing to have any food, leave it. Vansh asked her to just relax, everything will be fine. He opened the microwave and saw the black box. He said Dadi… Dadi became worried. He asked did you hide this in the microwave.

She asked Angre to go out, I have to talk to Vansh and Angre left. She said I lied to Angre, I don’t trust anyone. Vansh asked why, I trust him. She asked do you trust him more than me, keep the black box anywhere, give it to anyone, I won’t ask anything. Vansh said I am sorry, my life was in danger, I was worried that the black box can go into the wrong hands and asked her to take care. She said Vansh will know my truth if he opens the black box, no. Sara stabbed the ice and thinks I like ice cubes, its also a weapon. She asked Vansh to try the virgin mojito, it’s a must try.

Riddhima came and Sara scared her indirectly. He got a call and Sara added something in the drink. Vansh took the drink and Riddhima asked what did you add in it and run to stop Vansh. Vansh drank it and asked are you fine, come with me to the doctor. Sara asked why are you overreacting. Vansh said relax, the drink was refreshing. Sara said it’s tough to make me lose, one more… He said no, thanks. He asked Riddhima to relax, he is fine and held his head. Riddhima asked what’s happening, you aren’t fine.

He asked Gayatri did you add something in it. Sara said you got to know it. He said you added vodka. She said yes, I didn’t expect that you will know. He said I told you that I don’t drink, it was insensitive. She said I am sorry. He said it’s about my promise to Riddhima, I don’t lose control and he left. Sara asked Riddhima to focus, time is passing by.

Sara went to kill Vansh. She said Vansh will die today and Riddhima looked for him…Read more

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