Ridhima Succeeds In K!lling Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 19 January 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 106


The Episode started with Aryan saying don’t know who shot the first bullet, I recorded the video, the box fell, I got saved from Vansh’s hands, I don’t know how the chip fell there, at last I got this chip, who can be that fourth person, who shot the bullet. Anupriya said no one knows that I was also there. FB showed Anupriya shooting Ragini. Vansh run somewhere. She said you deserve this death by my hands, Ragini. She heard footsteps and went.

She said Vansh ran after the 4th person, I got hidden, if this girl told him the truth, I would have not been there in the world. Kabir said fate saved us that day, Riddhima saved us today, I believed you that she died, but you didn’t check it, it’s the Lord’s grace, she was alive, Riddhima got her to us, we got saved. She said when Ragini is in here, none can know our secret.

Kabir said that secret can shake that family’s foundation, that you killed Vansh’s mum and she smiled. She said it was necessary to kill her, else how would I reach Vansh’s dad and make my place there, this foolish girl got a proof, which could prove that I am behind that murder, she was blackmailing me, I took time to know Ragini is a blackmailer, I proved she is a cheater to Vansh, our masterplan was on track, I became elder bahu of Raisinghania family. Kabir saw the pics and threw them over her and they smiled. He said don’t worry mom, Vansh can never find out who was the real murderer of his mum.

Riddhima thinks Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, did Aryan shoot her or anyone else, what’s the truth. She asked Vansh when you came back, what happened. Vansh cried. FB showed Vansh holding Ragini and checking her pulse. He said oh no, her pulse is weak. Ragini said listen to me Vansh, forgive me, I did wrong with you. He said nothing will happen to you. She said I have to tell you about your mum’s murderer, sorry I used to blackmail her, I will tell her name. He asked who is it.

She fainted. He said get up, tell me the name and took her away and FB ended. He said I took Ragini to the hospital, she went into a coma, she knew my mum’s murderer, I shifted her to a safe house, I didn’t keep her captive, I was saving her life, I was waiting for her recovery for 3 years, I booked a house for her in Mauritius, so that she goes and starts a new life, I didn’t tell you, if anyone kept an eye on us, if anyone knew you know this secret, then your life would have been in danger. Riddhima thinks I thought he is a devil, why couldn’t I trust him.

He said I lost her, maybe I can never get justice for my late mum. She thinks I am sorry Vansh. She said storm is coming, come fast Vansh and he fell into the pit. She shouted Vansh…. Anupriya said I think a storm is going to come. Kabir said yes, but it will come in Vansh and Riddhima’s lives, Riddhima saved Ragini’s life and handed her over to me, this was her big mistake, Vansh didn’t let anyone know that Ragini is alive, even you didn’t know it. He served the champagne to her. He said it went according to our plan, cheers to our success.

Kabir said Riddhima is useless for us, Vansh will spend his life behind bars, none can stop our mission from completing. Ragini got up and thinks she is Anupriya, how did I come here. Anupriya said you can live in that house with pride, our dream will be fulfilled. Ragini went out and cried. Riddhima shouted Vansh, please open your eyes. She saw the wound on his head. She tore her dupatta and tied to his head. She said everything happened because of me, I will not let anything happen to you, please open your eyes. She went and got some water. She sprinkled it on his face and asked him to get up.

Vansh was resting on the bed. Riddhima cried and recalled his words. He woke up shouting Maa. He asked why did you save me Riddhima, you would have let me die, I am a devil, I thought I will never love anyone, you proved me wrong, your love forced me to trust someone again and they looked at each other. He said you loved me, you always stopped me from doing wrong, like my mum used to do, you didn’t get scared of my name, I scared and threatened you, your courage surprised me and raised your respect, I told you I see my mum’s reflection in you, I don’t deserve you, I couldn’t become a good husband or a good son to punish my mum’s murderer, I am sorry mum, I am sorry Riddhima.

Riddhima hugged him and cried. She thinks I misunderstood you and made a big mistake, I want to make Ragini reach you and rectify my mistake, I will express love and apologize, I know you will forgive me, I have to get Ragini from Kabir. Kabir and Anupriya were shocked. Kabir asked where is Ragini, I will find her and he left. Ragini was running out but she fell down and cried. Someone came and she was shocked.

Vansh saw the kalash and played the piano. Riddhima said sorry. He asked why are you saying sorry, you aren’t behind Ragini’s kidnapping, you were just mistaken about my intentions to keep her, don’t know why fate always cheats me. He showed the kalash and said you know what’s in it. She signalled no. He said the ashes of my mum’s last sign. He recalled the painting. She said I was broken knowing my mum had been murdered, but I had a hope that I will get justice to her. He placed the kalash on the shelf. He said now I think that hope also went far, I will feel guilty seeing this kalash, I couldn’t get justice for mum. He asked will you do me a favor?”

Riddhima said all this happened because of her and now only she will fix it, no matter what she has to do. She caught the masked person and tried to remove the mask. She said you?….Read more

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