Anupriya Caught As Yellow Gloves Person. Till Love Do Us Part 2 December 2021, Thursday pt1: Episode 58



Till Love Do Us Part 2 December 2021, Thursday pt1 Episode started with Mrs. D’ souza trying to run away. She said I have to tell everything to Riddhima. Riddhima was in her room. The yellow gloves person caught Mrs. D’souza and took her. Riddhima went to see and said I felt someone called me, there is no one here, who called me. The person injected Mrs. D’souza. Riddhima looked around. She said I feel something is wrong but didn’t see anyone under the staircase. Vansh then came there. He asked what happened, why do you look so worried. Riddhima said I heard some sound and came to see. He asked what sound. She said I was sitting in the room and heard some sound, so I came to see here, is it the yellow gloves person. He said or your illusion.

She said you think so. He took her to the room. He said I spoke to the doctor and he said patient’s mindset become such after a shock, he is coming for your check up. She said I am not mad, I heard someone calling me, trust me. The person dragged Mrs. D’souza. Riddhima said there is a gut feeling, anyway, leave it, you will not believe me. She saw Aryan going and having yellow gloves in his bag. She said why didn’t I think of him. Aryan came and said I am your yellow gloves man, not everything you see isn’t true. He showed the yellow cloth. Ishani came and said Aryan you fooled Riddhima well. Everyone came into the living room. Dadi said D’souza didn’t arrange the dining table, so we made this arrangement. Vansh passed a plate to Riddhima and she took a different plate. Dadi said such little fights make relations fun. Aryan saw something fallen in the curry. He showed the earring. Chanchal said it’s D’Souza’s earrings, she made the food carelessly, call her. Anupriya said she isn’t answering. Vansh asked Angre to look for her. Riddhima saw the blood drops on the rice, she looked up and the dead body fell. She screamed and everyone became shocked seeing the yellow gloves person. They saw Mrs. D’souza. Vansh held Riddhima and she said yellow gloves. Vansh said relax.

Riddhima said Dadi slept with difficulty. She cried. She said I can’t believe that D’souza did all that, she tried to kill us, she came to me and told me that she has seen the yellow gloves person in the storeroom, I don’t understand anything. Uncle and Anupriya came there. She said she did all that so that none doubts her, Angre got some reports in her room, she was facing mental issues, they can do anything. Vansh said I don’t believe this. Uncle said she was an old employee, seeing the suicide note, there is no doubt. Vansh read the suicide note.

Riddhima said if she had a big problem, why didn’t she tell us. Anupriya said she would have told us if she was normal. Vansh said it’s clear now, we will know by postmortem report. She asked do you think we should involve the police. Uncle said she is right, we shall forget it now and give a good farewell to her. Vansh said yes, I have seen her since childhood, it’s tough to get loyal people like her. She thinks did Vansh kill Mrs. D’spuza so that I don’t reach Ragini.

The yellow gloves person got to a place and burnt the gloves. Kabir came and said amazing, no one had any doubt. Anupriya removed the coat and burnt it. She smiled. Kabir said mom, I love you and hugged her. She said you are my real son, Ishani and Sia call me mom, Vansh too calls me mom, they don’t know the difference between real and step relations, I love just you, I loved your dad a lot, you were born before my marriage, I couldn’t get you in front of the world, I had no status to survive with you, I was helpless to marry Vansh’s dad, I did injustice with you Kabir, I couldn’t raise you, I wanted to get a day in your life when you get all this money and luxuries, it’s time you get everything. He said no, you didn’t snatch anything from me, you forget it, we have one mission, to ruin Vansh and get his empire, come on, so I sent Riddhima there. She said I felt you will not succeed with her, but you had full faith in her, wow, she caught me and I cried to make her realize that I am doing it for Vansh.

Kabir laughed and said Sunny was a threat to us. She said yes, it was Vansh’s master stroke, I knew Vansh had planned his entry. He said fine, Vansh couldn’t defeat his enemy, we made a plan for Riddhima, Vansh’s trust returned for Riddhima, D’souza got killed. Anupriya said I had written that message on Riddhima. She recalled cleaning the mirror. She said I was scared when she caught you in the VR mansion, D’souza had seen me and I had to kill her, and ended the yellow gloves story, if we have to win in this mission, then we have to go to phase 2. he said I am ready, I will make such a plan that Vansh can’t think of…..Read more