Vansh As Vihaan To Punish Kabir For His Sins. Till Love Do Us Part 2 February 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 120


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Vansh… Vihaan asked who Vansh, my name is Vihaan, do I know you. She recalled Vansh. She said Vihaan and he nodded. She asked how can this happen, same face like Vansh. He asked do you have old habit to talk to yourself, wait a min, I know you, I had saved you from goons yesterday, right. She thinks how can this happen. She checked the papers placed there. He asked why are you checking here. Flashback showed Vihaan seeing Riddhima coming on the cctv footage. He took the pics and placed them under some basket and sat on his desk.

Riddhima took the basket but he stopped her. He asked who permitted you to come in, you are a pretty girl, you should knock and come. She thinks of Vansh’s words. He said wake up, your face got pale as if you have seen a ghost, I think you came to thank me, am I right, I deserve thanks, but I prefer cash, 1 lakh is fine, 1000 for wounds, 99000 for being there at the right time, it’s about being there to save your life, I have less time, I am very expensive.

He looked at her and said I think if you open your palm, cash will flow out, am I right, no problem if you didn’t get cash, I accept digital payments, but girls safety tax will be extra, are you on mute mode, your choice, I like to say it clear, you can go if you came to waste time, you have much time, I have a short life, I have no time to waste, your eyes are very beautiful, I appreciate it, it doesn’t mean you got a license to stare at me, please leave and she left. She turned to see him but he shuts the door and he said bingo…. and smiled.

She came home and thinks of Vihaan, Vansh’s words… She thinks how is this possible, no difference in their faces. Kabir collided with her. The sindoor fell over her and she was shocked. He smiled and she slapped him and everyone came. Kabir got angry. Riddhima asked how dare you do this, did you forget the limits. Kabir said so sorry, I was going towards the temple. She said some mistakes can’t be forgiven.

He said I didn’t do this intentionally. Dadi said he did it by mistake, he is apologizing, forget it and Riddhima went. Ishani said for the first time, Riddhima did something right. Dadi said stop it Ishani. She said sorry Kabir from her side, Riddhima lost Vansh, she is in big shock, forgive her if possible and Ishani left. Anupriya looked at him. He said Riddhima, you have to pay a big price for this slap.

Riddhima cleaned the sindoor from her hair and Kabir came there. She asked how dare you come here, get out. He said you know this colour and she pushed him. He placed the colour on her reflection. He said sindoor colour. She threw something and breaks the mirror. She asked now? Did your illusion break? He said come on, times have changed, I heard it a good thing to marry some widow. She shouted Kabir, don’t dare, I will always be Vansh’s wife, in every birth, I will be with Vansh. He asked really. He held her face and said you had this love for me also. She pushed him and said my illusion broke, time, truth and relations changed.

He said right, change is constant, it’s a rule of the world, like things changed before, it can change again, what’s the harm to marry me, okay fine, you love Vansh, I give you freedom to love you bonus, you keep him in heart, I have no objection. She said you admit that you don’t have love in your heart, you just want to get me, it shows your dirty intention.

He got close to her and said if I had to get you, I can do it anytime, but no, if you become my wife, then the small voices raising against me in this house will get calm, if you accept me as a husband, then I will get Vansh’s place in this house, that’s all I want, won’t you do this for me, for old times sake, think what’s at stake before saying no. She asked what do you mean.

He said the list is long, but I will tell you by making it compact. He stepped on the glass pieces and counted…. Ishani is pregnant, her baby can be in danger, Dadi’s life, Aryan, Chanchal, actually I have bought these two, you think, it’s profit for both of us, if you say no, then it may hurt your loved ones. She said you do what you want, I will never marry you. He asked why this stubbornness, no one will object if you marry me.

She said get lost before I slap you again. She raised her hand and he held her. He said stay under control, the slap you had hit outside, this proposal is it’s result, maybe you can’t pay the price for one more slap, you will agree to marry me in the next six hours, clear. He said six hours, Riddhima and she looked at him.

Vihaan said I have played my move, I have to see if Riddhima comes back. Anupriya said it’s shagun for Kabir and Riddhima’s engagement. Dadi said how did you think of this, Riddhima will never accept this. Dadi asked Riddhima are you ready to marry Kabir and Kabir smiled…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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