Ahana’s Mission In VR Mansion Revealed. Till Love Do Us Part 2 March 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 153


The Episode started with Vansh staring at Kabir. Kabir asked what, stop staring at me, I don’t think it’s important to answer you. Riddhima looked at Ahana and thinks Ahana was blaming Vansh, Vansh is trying hard to find out who had pushed me into the car, I should be thankful for getting a husband like Vansh, who cares for me, who loves me so much.

Dadi said welcome to the new year, come, lets begin the countdown and they counted down. Everyone wished happy new year and they all hugged. Riddhima wished Vansh and he also wishes her and they hugged.

Vansh said coming 2021 will be very lucky, a new story will be written, such that it’s remembered for centuries. She said I love you and hugged him. Ahana looked on. She went and held Kabir’s hand and they smiled. Kabir then clapped and said wow, your style…., I just love it. Ahana said I told Riddhima that Vansh can do anything to her anytime and he held her close. He said you planted the seed of doubt, it will be useful and they danced.

He then recalled Anupriya’s arrest. He said that day isn’t far when Vansh and Riddhima’s pairing breathes their last. She said but Kabir, it won’t be so easy, when I told Riddhima about Vansh, then she refused to me, she trusts Vansh a lot, everyone has many questions with my coming. He said so I got you here to confuse everyone, a storm has to come, congrats, you didn’t disappoint me. She said I did all this on your saying.

He said they have to pay a price for what they did with my mum. She said Ahana has come here, don’t worry, this hot lava will swallow everyone. He held her and said never think to double cross me, because I am not Vansh, sorry isn’t in my dictionary, I don’t spare my enemies, I will tell you when the volcano will blast, you listen carefully what you have to do.

It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and saw red colour on her hands. She became shocked seeing the red colour like blood on the bed and she fell down the bed. She saw the message written with blood on the floor and she became shocked. She reads…. your love story will be written in history, but such stories are always incomplete. She recalled Ahana’s words and said whose blood is this, who can do such a thing.

She saw some blood drops and followed to the storeroom. She was caught by the masked person and the person blindfolded her and tied her hands. Riddhima shouted for help. Vansh said Riddhima is nowhere, is she in any problem again. He shouted Ishani. He asked where were you. Ishani said I took a doctor’s appointment and came just now. Aryan, Chanchan also clarified.

Vansh shouted where is Kabir. Chanchal asked what happened. Vansh said Riddhima isn’t anywhere, where did she go, you know all what is happening with her, I feel she is in some problem. Ishani said please, it’s not important that she is stuck in some problem. He said I think she is in some problem. Ahana looked on. Vansh said I pray that my doubt is wrong and she is fine, even if my doubt is right, I will save her.

Riddhima is made to stand on the stool, connected to the door by ropes. Vansh came there and said why is this door shut, is she inside and went to check. Riddhima tried to shout and she prayed. Vansh got Riddhima’s earring. He said it means she is inside.

He then opened the door and she hanged down the stool. He became shocked, he got the gun from his pocket and shot the rope and she fell down. He freed her from ropes and asked are you okay and she hugged him.

He said whoever planned to kill you, I will not spare him. She said everyone wants to harm me here, Kabir is also here, I am very scared. She cried and hugged him. She said when I woke up in the morning…and she told him everything. He said don’t worry, the culprit will be in front of us to pay for his crimes, I promise you.

He saw the marks on her neck and said its enough of games, now it’s our turn, it’s time to make his game over. He picked the gun and loaded it and left. He pointed the gun at Ahana and she became shocked.

He said how dare you try to kill my wife, you will be punished. She said no Vansh, I didn’t do anything and he scared her. He said don’t try to cross your limits, Riddhima shouldn’t get a scratch and Ahana laughed. She said wow, you crossed limits and you are asking me to stay in my limits, I didn’t see a person like you, you want to burn in revenge fire and doesn’t want to hurt her.

He said it’s love, one can’t give pain or bear the pain, just do what’s told to you, not more than you, it’s double fun when enemy is in pain, Riddhima thinks Kabir is doing this, she doesn’t know you are with Kabir, Kabir thinks he planted you in my life, that idiot has no clue that you met him according to my plan, I made Kabir believe that we have issues, he got you to VR mansion and started using against me, now both my enemies will dance on my tunes, Riddhima and Kabir, both…..

Vansh said Riddhima thinks I don’t know about her cheat, but she doesn’t know that I know everything, I want to make her feel the same pain and hurt her the same way….Read more

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