Vansh’s New Face Will Shock You. Till Love Do Us Part 2 March 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 154



The Episode started with Riddhima wishing the viewers a happy new year. The leads Helly and Rahul performed. Vansh gave a gift to Riddhima. He said every moment spent with you is special and took her foot impressions. Someone kidnapped Riddhima again and she acted to faint. She turned and unmasked the person and saw Ahana.

Vansh said Riddhima will be punished by me, I have saved Riddhima because death would be easy for her, I will punish her the way she deserves, she thinks I don’t know her cheat, I know everything how she had come in my life as a spy, she was with Kabir.

Ahana said but she blindly trusts you, she took a bullet for you. He said I want this, if the trust is deep, it hurts a lot when it breaks, I want her to feel the same pain, I will break her the way she broke my love and trust, I will hit her trust first, she will break down by her next strike.

I want revenge, both Kabir and Riddhima will never think to do this with me, this arrow will be shot from your shoulder, don’t be careless. She said don’t worry for that, we will take revenge, don’t forget your promise, you know your life’s book is in my hands. He said breaking commitment isn’t in my hands, I will fulfill the promise when time the comes and they shook hands.

She said the deal is done. He said Riddhima has to pay a price for her deeds, then she will know she has hurt me a lot. He recalled Ishani’s words. He said she will get the same pain, you have to win Kabir’s confidence and make him believe that you are with him, I will create problems for you, Kabir will take a stand for you, Riddhima will feel you are with Kabir.

Riddhima came there. Ahana said your master plan will ruin Riddhima’s life. Vansh said I want that, she should know the punishment of breaking faith. Riddhima heard Vansh’s voice and she went to see him. Ahana saw Riddhima coming. Riddhima asked Vansh was here, right. Ahana asked why will he be here with me. Riddhima asked why did I feel so. Vansh hid from her.

Riddhima went to call him. Vansh came and asked her to give all stress to him and gave her a gift. He said every moment spent with you is special, new year, new start, I want to capture this moment. She said I don’t understand. He took her foot impressions on the clay board.

They placed their right foot over the board and he wrote the date. She smiled looking at him. She thinks he respects my feelings, he loves me a lot, he can never hurt me, don’t know why Ahana lied to me. He asked are you thinking about Ahana again. She said yes and he fixed the board on the wall.

She said she is strange. He said overthinking is bad for health and relations, you are not fine, take some rest, I don’t think Ahana is behind all this. She said I feel she has come here for a motive, she isn’t innocent. He said I don’t know why, I can’t agree. She asked what if I prove it.

He said the day it happens, I will throw out Ahana and her aides. He got a call and he left. She thinks I have to get Ahana’s real face out in front of Vansh, did Ahana plan those attacks on me, I have to find out. Ishani got ready. She got a note in the the drawer and she read I know what you did last night. She said did Vansh keep this chit.

Aryan also got such chit and asked did Vansh send this. Chanchal got an earring there. She said Riddhima has done this. Kabir also got an earring and saw the note. He said so Riddhima did this, she is planning something big, I did a big mistake in understanding you, if I knew your smartness, then I would have not involved you in this plan. Riddhima said they would have got my note, I will catch that attacker and expose.

Someone kidnapped Riddhima again and she acted to faint and thinks I was alert, I was just acting. She turned and unmasked the person and saw Ahana. Ahana removed the coat. Riddhima said it means my doubt was right, you attacked me, I was doubting others, it’s enough now Ahana, you can’t stay in this house now, get out of here….Read more