Ridhima Steals The Black Box. Till Love Do Us Part 2 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 239


The Episode started with Vansh going to the other address. Ishani asked Riddhima what do Vansh and you do all the time, if Dadi knows the fake death drama, then what will Dadi do with you, what’s going on, tell me.

Riddhima said you will know it in the next 24 hours. Vansh came to the same place. He said Riddhima fooled me well, interesting and he left. Riddhima came to his office, opened the safe, took the black box and left from there.

Riddhima went to her room and called Vyom. She said I got the black box, I fulfilled the deal, it’s your turn now. Vyom said I will do it. She asked him to collect it from the trash bin and Vyom joked about Vansh. Vansh checked the locker and saw the black box empty. She went and trashed the black box. Vansh followed her and looked on. She the messaged Vyom and left. Someone came and took the box. Vansh looked on and said interesting, very interesting.

Siya asked Vyom why can’t I come to meet you, I will just see you, please meet me and he smiled. Riddhima said don’t know whom he is talking to now. She heard Vyom’s voice. Vyom said always keep your emotions in control and Riddhima went to see. She asked are you talking to Vyom. Siya asked why do you care.

Riddhima said I knew it, I had seen your earring in his hands, you are doing wrong, he is dangerous. Vyom heard them and smiled. Siya said stop telling me anything, how do you know he had my stud, what’s your connection with him, why do you meet him. Riddhima said I can’t tell you, he is not a good man and they argued. Siya said I love Vyom. Vyom said I am loving the cat fight.

Riddhima said he will kill you, are you crazy and scolded Vyom. Siya asked how dare you talk to Vyom like this, stop interfering in my personal life, I am sure no one knows that you secretly meet Vyom and Riddhima left. Vansh said I know what Riddhima did with the black box.

Angre said she has finally stolen it, sorry. Vansh said the black box is safe until we get the key. He smiled and placed a box there. Kiara looked on. Kabir shouted Riddhima. A man heard him and called the police station. Riddhima talked to the guard on call. She came to her room and saw Vansh’s romantic surprise. He talked to her nicely. She thinks he doesn’t know about the black box theft. She said I thought you are angry with me and he lifted her.

He said yes, I am very angry with you, so the celebration theme is blood red and gave her a rose. She got hurt by the thorn. She said I will apply the medicine and he asked her to try the old fashioned way and sucks the blood. He held her close and said you are just mine, I asm also yours, if it bleeds or anyone stabs the back, I am just yours.

She said I need to tell you something important. He asked oh really, then tell me, what could be the better occasion. She said wait for some time, it’s bigger than any surprise. He said alright then, it’s a date and they danced. Kabir talked to Riddhima on call. He said I love you Riddhima. She said I don’t care. The Guard said I will cut his tongue, just order me.

She said no. Kabir said I still love you, please come to me. She heard the police siren. The Guard said a neighbor heard his scream and filed a complaint and Kabir laughed. Riddhima said shut up his mouth and the Police came there.

The Inspector said open the door, who is inside. Riddhima said open the door, make me talk to the Inspector. She said my brother is mentally unstable, it’s my house, if we delay the medicines, he harms himself, doctor said he needs time to recover, sorry for the trouble, you can go in and check.

The Inspector said it’s fine, take care of him and he left. Kabir said Riddhima, what’s this nonsense. Riddhima said no need to shout, my deal is over, once I tell the truth to Vansh, you will be free. Kabir said he will kill you, you are a big fool, Riddhima and she ended the call. He laughed and said you are finished.

Kiara came to Vansh’s room and dropped the wine glass. He asked what happened, did the glass slip or you couldn’t handle the wine. She asked why don’t we drink it by the same glass. He said interesting, very interesting. Riddhima came and made her drop the glass. She said so sorry, how will you drink the wine now.

Kiara said I will get another glass. Riddhima said make it three glasses, won’t you offer it to me. Kiara said sure. Vansh said I like to drink it from the bottle, will you like it, if you don’t mind. Kiara said yes, I would love to. He asked Riddhima would she like it. She said no thanks and they argued.

Riddhima said I have to tell you. Vyom called her and said this black box is fake. She said you have cheated me. Vansh said you also cheated me. She said I can’t tell you the truth…Read more

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