Ridhima Revealing The Truth. Till Love Do Us Part 2 May 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 240

The Episode started with Riddhima and Vansh arguing. Kiara said Vansh, can we go to your office room and talk, if your wife doesn’t have any problem. Riddhima said of course, I am absolutely okay with it. Vansh said sorry but thanks for the offer. Kiara asked what was this, oh, you are really something, Vansh and she left. Riddhima said I am sad for her, I am not a stone, I have a heart. He said even I have a heart, but there is no one to see.

She said I hope this heart beats for me, you are mine and I am yours, I can do anything for you, I am not able to get you despite being so close. He said I can still see fear in your eyes. She asked can you read eyes. He said eyes are the gateway to the soul, I am yours, you have to become mine. She said tonight at 8pm and she left.

Siya said Vyom and I spoke a lot, it was like a virtual date, amazing. Ishani said finally, your friendship is going ahead. Siya said thanks, Riddhima doesn’t think so, she did the limit, she entered the room and asked me not to talk to Vyom, I scolded her and Ishani said very good. Siya asked who is she to stop me, she is meeting Vyom.

Ishani asked what, she meets Vyom? Siya said yes. Ishani asked what did Vyom say. Siya said he felt good when I told her truth, I didn’t ask him why she met him, I should tell Vansh. Ishani said I don’t think he will help you in this, he will just take Riddhima’s side, we have to do this.

Vyom said just open this box. The man said I can break it, it’s not getting decoded. Chanchal came to Anupriya. She said Riddhima is calling a spirit. Anupriya asked how can you say that. Chanchal said I have seen Riddhima taking all the servants to the lawn, she asked for a matchstick. Anupriya said maybe she is planning a campfire, I have no time for this, go.

Chanchal said I am not scared, I will go. Kiara said maybe someone’s pyre is burning and she laughed. Chanchal scolded her. She came back and saw Anupriya gone. Vansh came blindfolded. He said I have come, Riddhima. She said you can open your eyes now. He removed the blindfold and saw the surprise. She asked him to sit.

She asked how did you like it, white is lonely, but I like it, it’s a colour of peace, love, truth.. He asked did you change. She said I want to tell you the change and he said I am loving this change. She got a call from Vyom but she disconnected it. He said it’s good you disconnected, some moments shouldn’t get interruptions. She said it’s our little space, I hope you like it. He said I feel like we became old Vansh and Riddhima.

She said that was the idea to do all this and kissed her hand. She said the old days pass, but the memories are always alive. Vyom called her again and she disconnected again. She said I need to show you something. She showed their album and reminded him of their first meeting and he kissed her.

She said when I came on your cruise, it was a beautiful starry night, this day of our marriage, the most beautiful day of my life, we had united. He said we are united. She said I wanted to relive these moments, so I did all this, he thanked her and said I am really enjoying this. He asked don’t you want to tell me anything else that you promised. She said I have to tell you. Vyom called her. Vansh said answer the call and she went to answer.

She asked have you gone mad, why are you calling me, you got the black box, the deal is over. Vyom said shut up, the black box is fake. She said it can’t happen. He said I don’t know you are fooling me or Vansh is fooling you, I am calling this deal off, you know what it means. She said no, Vyom listen to me and she went to Vansh. She said you knew it.

Vansh asked what. Riddhima said don’t act, you have lied. Vansh said I didn’t lie, I didn’t tell anything, except one truth, I love you. She said you cheated me. He said I didn’t cheat you, you got me here, you wanted to tell me something, what happened, is the white colour not for peace, love now…. She said no, tell me, you love me or not.

He said I love you a lot, but I have to see my family and business, I can’t change my rules, you are cheating me. She said I had called you here to tell the truth. He said then tell me. She said I can’t tell the truth. He said truth can’t hide for long, it comes out soon and she left. She cried and said why did you do this Vansh.

He said I did this because I am Vansh, it doesn’t mean that black box can be just black, it can be of orange colour as well. Riddhima said I want the black box. Vansh came to the room, Riddhima collided with him and they fell on the bed. She asked why did you come. He said you look worried. She said I am fine. He asked what do you want sweetheart, tell me, if you are in any problem, I will help you. She said you stay away from this.

He said but I am your husband, how can I stay away from you, what is the matter, tell me. She said I know you have responsibilities towards the family and business, I have also taken some responsibilities, I need some understanding, trust and time from your side, nothing else. He asked why do you think I can’t give this to you. She thanked him, held his face and she left. Ishani troubled Riddhima.

She said we will throw you out as well, you can’t be permitted to cheat Vansh and ruin the house. Riddhima said I am the bahu of this house, I can’t ruin this house or cheat Vansh. Ishani said I don’t understand your relation with Vyom, knowing he is the enemy, guess what, Siya told me everything. Riddhima said you should worry for Siya, she is meeting the enemy, she is in love with him. Ishani asked why do you go to meet Vyom, when Dadi and others, Vansh knows it, then what will happen to you.

Riddhima came to some place and met Kabir. Vansh also came there. He said this was your plan, you wanted to use Kabir and ruin my business, was our love, marriage and this relation, was everything a lie?

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