Vansh Learns Ridhima Is Vyom’s Wife. Till Love Do Us Part 20 April 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 223


The Episode started with Vyom playing the trumpet and Vansh came there and the Guard stopped him but Vansh hits the guard. Vyom saw him on the cctv footage. Vansh knocked down all the guards. He checked a door and asked Riddhima are you inside and Vyom looked on.

Vansh shot at the lock, broke it and called out Riddhima. Chanchal came to Dadi and said Riddhima is not the real one, it’s an imposter but Dadi didn’t listen. Chanchal asked who will steal your diamonds and the rifle, think.

Riddhima looked on. Vansh checked the room but didn’t see Riddhima. He saw pillows. Vyom came and attacked him. He saw Vansh and said Vansh, so sorry, you have come home to meet me but as an enemy, why, any ways, come as friend or enemy, you are my friend, welcome to my abode, my dearest Vansh. Vansh because shocked seeing Riddhima’s pic and Vyom smiled.

He said meet my beautiful wife. Vansh asked your wife? Vyom said yes, my wife. Vansh asked what nonsense, it’s Riddhima. Vyom said I was also confused on meeting Riddhima for the first time, but I had killed my wife, I can’t believe that she is alive, they both look-alike, I think we should celebrate. Vansh got his gun in his hand and Vyom got some drinks. Vyom asked him to have it and placed his gun away.

Vyom said I was happy that a girl looks like my late wife, but I was shocked as well. Vansh got a call. Angre said I found out about Vyom, he wants to make his business here. Vansh said Riddhima and his wife look alike, he killed his wife. Angre said what, I got to know his wife is alive. Vansh said I knew he will hit the sting some day, I will talk later. Vansh asked Vyom’s wife’s name. Vyom said leave the name. Vansh threw the glass and beats Vyom. Vansh asked where is Riddhima, tell me. Vyom said she would be at home.

Vansh said tell me, you have sent your wife at my house to destroy me, you think I don’t understand anything, you will send an imposter home. Vyom placed the gun at his head. He shot aside and emptied the gun. Vansh said I will find Riddhima and then I will see you, I will end this war, I promise that. Vyom said see you. Vansh went out, lay on the car front and thinks of Riddhima.

He shot at the tree and said I won’t let anything happen to Riddhima, I can kill that imposter to find you. Chanchal scolded Riddhima and asked her to leave. Riddhima held her hand and took the file. She scolded Chanchal. She said I am Riddhima, Vansh’s wife, if you try to harm me or my baby, then I will not leave you. Chanchal said you are lying.

Chanchal said you are not Riddhima, you don’t have Vansh’s baby. Riddhima showed Vansh’s pic. Chanchal said I know it’s Vansh’s pic. Riddhima said I want the baby to become like you. Anupriya asked why are you doing this drama, you are doing a deal with someone else. Riddhima recalled Vyom’s words and thinks is Chanchal with Vyom. She said I am not any imposter, I am Riddhima, this house’s bahu, I need to take a rest, so….

Chanchal and Anupriya left and Riddhima called up Vyom. Vansh came home. Angre said I found out…. how did you get hurt, come with me to the doctor. Vansh asked what did you find out. Angre said I got the location. Vansh said great, send it to me, I will go. Angre said location was here, VR mansion. Vansh asked what, it means Riddhima didn’t call and he looked upwards. He saw Riddhima at the window.

Angre said I don’t know what’s happening. Vansh said there is one way to find out and called her. She said I was calling you since long. He said I didn’t get the call. She said I was trying. He said you look killer in loose hair. She looked outside and saw him. She said so you are here, spying on me.

They had a talk. She asked him to come upstairs, is he going out somewhere again. He said where can I go when my destination is close. She said I like your attitude and gave him a flying kiss and ended call. He said this girl is very clever, I have to lay a trap to catch her.

She called Vyom and asked what happened there with Vyom, tell me but he disconnected. He is making a painting. She called again and said tell me how much does Vansh know but he still disconnected. She said he has gone mad and called again. She said you got mad, you aren’t answering. He asked are you talking to me, if you talk to me in loud tone, then I won’t say anything. She said sorry, Vansh doubts on me.

He said yes, he thinks you aren’t Riddhima, he is finding his real wife, you have to become smart, listen to me now, you get a black box for me. She asked does Vansh have it. He said yes, black box agent would be the king in the world. She said I have to get it to you before it reaches Vansh. He said perfect. She asked how would I find it, I want all the details. He said it’s in the city, give it to me, good luck. He disconnected and saw the world map.

Riddhima said I am lost in your life and hugged Vansh. Vansh said I was looking for my wife, now I can see everything clear. She asked him to kiss her. He got a call and said black box is here, when will I get it. Vyom said you will go to get that box…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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