Real Ridhima’s Location Found. Till Love Do Us Part 20 April 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 224


The Episode started with a girl coming in front of Aryan’s car. He said sorry, I didn’t see you carefully. She said the entire road is yours, now go. He said I was thinking if I can give you a lift. She said that’s the problem, I don’t know where to go, I am just walking, I am very adventurous, I like to explore. He asked can I become a part of your adventure, there is much place in the car and heart as well, come. She asked what. He said I don’t bite, come. She said but sometimes, I bite. He took her to the car and introduced himself. She said Kiara….

Vansh said I want the consignment soon and ended the call. Dadi came and stopped him. He asked all okay. She said get away from that chair. He asked what happened. She sat on the chair and asked what did you decide about Riddhima. Chanchal asked the same. Vansh said I can’t tell you anything now, give me some time, then I will do as you say.

Dadi said stop it, we didn’t get the diamonds and ancestral rifle till now, I can’t tolerate it, so I decided that you won’t sit on the chair, your heart is with that betrayer Riddhima, who is looting us, but just because of you, we are not able to do anything, so I took this decision, until you take any decision about her, you won’t sit on this chair, your rights will be snatched. Chanchal said you can manage it well and Vansh said I agree.

Kiara said stop the car. Aryan flirted with her and she left. He thanked her and said you should thank me. She said you asked me for a lift, I accepted it, you should say thanks. He asked would you mind if I click a pic of yours. She said of course not. He clicked her pic. He came home and looked at her pic. He said you are drop dead gorgeous, you met me and made me yours, you are a magician. Ishani saw him talking to Kiara’s pic.

She said I didn’t see you so romantic before and took his phone. She said yes, she is a bomb, who is she, why is she showing middle finger. He said that’s my Kiara, she is showing that she isn’t wearing any ring. Ishani and Siya teased him. Siya said Chanchal will break all her fingers seeing this pic and they laughed. Vansh came home and said where did Riddhima go. Riddhima shouted Vansh, save me. He asked you okay.

He went inside the washroom and asked where are you, I can’t see anything and pulled him close. He asked what rubbish is this. She said I am lost in your love, I was taking your test, you called me a thief, I thought you hate me, you came running to me, that shows you love me, I am sure that you can never hate me.

He moved away and asked what was the need for this steam fog. She hugged him and unbuttons his shirt. She said you said you want to reach your wife, but there is fog on the way, but see, your love has found your Riddhima and she romanced him.

Vansh held her leg and pulled her. He asked are you hurt and she signalled no. He said romance isn’t fun until some pain isn’t involved, you created much hotness, sweetheart, this will cool you off and sprinkled water on her. He said I wanted to find my wife, there was much fog, now it’s all clear. She said when the way is clear, then kiss your wife, kiss me.

He then got a call. He said I will kiss my wife and left. Angre said good news, we were waiting for the big consignment, it’s finally here, black box is in the city. Vansh said fantastic. Riddhima heard their talk and Vansh left. Riddhima called Vyom and said Vansh is going to take the black box. Vyom said you will get it for me, else the deal won’t get completed. She said okay. He washed his hands. He said Vansh…. Vyom the invincible.

Aryan came to meet Kiara but a Guard stopped her. Aryan asked where does Kiara stay, tell me. Guard said tell the full name. Aryan said don’t know. Guard asked how would I know. Aryan said I dropped her today, she is a beautiful girl and showed her pic. The Guard said I haven’t seen this girl before. Aryan asked him to look again. The Guard said I don’t know.

Aryan asked where are you, Miss Kiara. Kiara got ready and took the black box. At the club, Vansh came and Riddhima hid. Vansh didn’t see her face. Riddhima collided with Kiara and saw the black box. Kiara then took her bag. Riddhima checked the message. She thinks it’s the same code that was written on that girl’s bag, I need to take that any how.

Kiara thinks to deliver the bag to Vansh and Riddhima looked on. Vansh saw the bag missing. Riddhima didn’t get the black box. Vansh said it’s mine, no one can take it from me…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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