Shocking! Siya Is Caught Walking Under Mask. Till Love Do Us Part 20 January 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 107


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to do him a favor, don’t leave me alone and lay on her lap. Riddhima cried and recalled Dadi’s words while Vansh slept. Riddhima said you asked me something for the first time, I am sorry I can’t fulfill it, I have to go tonight to rectify my mistake, I am going to get the hope back, your mum’s murderer will get punished, maybe you will forgive me then and kissed on his forehead. She went to the temple and she said I have hurt Vansh a lot, why did I do this foolishness, why did I unheard my heart, my heart said Vansh is innocent, he didn’t do anything, but the proof had overcome my heart. Someone looked on.

Riddhima held water and said if the storm has come in Vansh’s life because of us, then I will calm it. Riddhima said I will do anything. She turned and said was there someone. She went to meet Kabir. Kabir threw things in anger. She asked what are you doing, what is all this. He said I am venting my frustration, I was close to success and everything got over. She said yes, Vansh wanted to save Ragini, where is she, return her to me. He said I don’t know where she is. She said you got her. He said I lost her and she asked how.

He said I was busy, Ragini was trying to run, I stopped her, someone came and took her away, I tried hard, I fought him, but I fell weak and took her away. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. Kabir said I couldn’t see the face of that person, I am saying the truth, I felt like I was dealing with some shadow. She recalled seeing someone. She said Kabir, I have felt like someone is keeping an eye on me, maybe it’s that person, Vansh was right, someone wants to harm Ragini, it’s from VR mansion, he is connected to his mum’s murder.

He said you are right. She said it’s my duty to make Ragini reach Vansh, we have to find Ragini and she went home. She said what did I promise and what happened. She saw the pic and said someone is a big enemy, all this happened because of me. Someone looked on. Riddhima said Dadi and Siya can never do this, they love Vansh a lot, Ishani and Angre can’t do this, they are with Vansh, Rudra and Chanchal have no courage to take big risk, two people are left, Aryan and Anupriya, that masked person is one of them. She moved back and collided with Aryan.

He asked are you planning your next mission. She said you tell me, on which mission are you. He said it’s fulfilled Riddhima, now…. He thinks of hiding the memory card. He wished her all the best. She said the mission is over, does Aryan mean Ragini is with him and she saw someone near the window and went to see her. Riddhima got to see the shoe so she checked the place and got the gloves. She said whoever it is, he is smart. Vansh said the kidnapper will be smart, but he will leave some clue, that will make us reach Ragini. Angre said I will check the room well. Vansh also checked.

He said check well, it can be any small thing. Angre said the kidnapper worked smartly, there is no clue and there they saw the cctv. Angre said the entire crime scene is before us now. Vansh checked the footage. He said once I see that kidnapper, then none can save him from Vansh but didn’t get the footage. Angre said I will check. Vansh said I want this footage, go and fix this, it’s a matter of some time, I will not leave that kidnapper. Riddhima was on a call. She said I will come back before anyone wakes up. She turned and saw the masked person. She said I knew you will come to keep an eye on me, stop. She run and caught the person but the person managed to escape.

Riddhima recalled. Flashback showed Riddhima putting some soil under the shoe’s sole and keeping it back. She said if one plan fails, then plan B will work, I will follow him. She followed the footmarks. she said Siya can’t walk, that person can harm her, thank God Siya is sleeping. She caught the person and said show me your face, remove the mask. She saw the pillows under the blanket and she asked where is Siya, what did you do with her, show me your face, else I will call everyone. She saw Siya’s face under the mask, she became shocked and said Siya.

Riddhima informed Kabir that Siya was the one who kidnapped Ragini. They will have to expose her in front of Vansh. Siya heard and said she will expose Riddhima that she’s a spy. She gave Riddhima 24 hours to save herself. Riddhima was at Kabir’s place and said they will have to find Ragini within 24 hours. Ragini dropped a vase and made noise. Riddhima told Kabir that there is someone there. He said there is no one. Anupriya covered Ragini’s mouth to stopped her from screaming…..Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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