Black Mamba’s Face To Get Revealed. Till Love Do Us Part 20 June 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 302



The Episode started with Riddhima saying no one trusted me, I didn’t swear on you, because I didn’t wish to lie, better don’t ask me anything. Angre said fine, I don’t want any answer, I can just save you for half an hour, I can’t do anything, I don’t know what I will do, I can’t save you, because Dadi… She asked did Dadi asked you to take my life. He said I am sorry, please solve this, just 7 hours and she left.

Riddhima became sad and someone looked on. Ishani got an envelope and called Uday, the lab guy. She said I am Riddhima, can you come and meet me, I want to talk to you regarding the parcel and Uday came. Ishani said I am Riddhima’s relative, she recommended this lab. He said I can give you a good deal, we have a diamond package, Riddhima took it, we provide nine months reports and pregnancy kit, we give complimentary dolls of baby size.

She said it means you give a provision to women for fake pregnancy. He said yes, I thought you know it. She said of course, Riddhima told me everything. He said sure, you will get heavy discount, we have a policy, if two women from the same family get the deals, then we give discounts. She said great, I will call you tomorrow and he left.

Ishani said Riddhima you are gone. She laughed and said fake pregnancy. Riddhima cried, looking at Vansh’s pic and she recalled his words. She said I wanted a simple life, and Lord has given me a complicated life, I thought to tell you everything and fix everything and saw someone’s reflection. She turned and saw the person in hood and she ran after him.

She saw some girl with the same bracelet. She went to grab the person and saw Siya. Siya asked what happened. Riddhima said stop this acting, you were following me. Siya said I didn’t do anything. Riddhima said let Vansh come, everything will get clear and she scolded Siya.

Siya said I read the letter, I had to bring out the truth. Riddhima said I don’t want to explain anything to you, why are you spying on me, you are denying it, you did this. Siya said this bracelet isn’t mine, Chanchal gave it to me. Riddhima asked what. Siya said I just did that doll thing, because you had hurt all of us, I don’t know anything else.

Riddhima asked her to just go. Dadi got a letter and she checked. Riddhima and everyone else got the letters too and they read… they will be meeting black mamba. They all think who is black mamba. Sara came and saw Dadi. Ishani came next. She asked what’s all this, I came here looking for Dadi and everyone came there. Vyom came and said it’s a party ambience.

Angre asked him to go and handle his work. Chanchal came and said the snake has called me here, what are you doing here. Ishani said sorry, black mamba invited me here. Angre said me too. Chanchal asked where is that black mamba. Angre said it’s a family matter, you can go. Vyom still stayed back. Chanchal said black mamba isn’t punctual and they all saw someone coming.

They saw Riddhima and Dadi scolded Riddhima. They all accused Riddhima and Vansh came. Chanchal asked Vansh to see what Riddhima did, she is playing with their emotions. Dadi said she is cheating you. They all complained about Riddhima and Vansh asked Riddhima what are they saying….Read more