Vansh To Learn About Sara’s Truth. Till Love Do Us Part 20 May 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 263


The Episode started with Sara shooting at Vansh. Vansh and Vyom had a fight. She tried to get the aim, she shot and Vyom got shot. Vansh picked the gun and saw Vyom shot in his leg. Vyom said so this was all a plan, you called your men to kill me, you are so dead Vansh and he left. Vansh said who shot this bullet. He saw someone running and he followed Sara. She shot to stop him and she managed to escapes. He got a call and asked Angre to speak. Sara went to the hotel.

She went inside her room and said my aim can’t get missed, how did this happen. She checked her bag and took some pills. Riddhima came shouting. She helped Gayatri and gave her the pills. She asked what happened, have water, calm down. Sara said I told you that I will kill Vansh, he got saved, don’t think I will leave him, my aim can’t fail always. Riddhima asked what happened to you, what’s these pills for. Sara said no. Riddhima asked is there any illness, calm down. Sara said nothing happened to me. Riddhima said you were my friend, you are still my friend, I have a problem with your work, it’s wrong, I hate crime, not criminals. She said I am not Gayu, I am Sara, you don’t care for me, else you would not have done this, you are responsible, I am a famous assassin in the world, it’s just because of you, police and enemies are after me, I went to the jail, I had to do all this because of you, I was a simple girl, I stayed in between criminals in the jail, she tortured me and made me mad, I used to top in studies and helped everyone, they gave me weapons in my hands, instead of books, because of you, you had ruined my life, I hate you Riddhima.

Riddhima said you can’t change the past. Sara said you can’t also change the future. Riddhima asked what shall I do that you leave Vansh. Sara asked can you return my loved ones, get out now. Riddhima said I can help you in healing the wounds. Sara said you can’t help yourself, how will you help me, get out. Riddhima said just 2 mins, listen to me, I can give you a life like mine, I can give you a better deal, much money, new house, new identity, police and enemies can’t reach you, you can think about your future, you can forget your pain. Sara said wow, you are trying to bribe me. Riddhima said I can keep my promise. Sara said fine, if you try to double cross me, then I won’t leave Vansh, you and your baby. Riddhima said I won’t. Sara said fine, deal done, get whatever you told me in 48 hours. Riddhima said I need more time. Sara said I don’t have time, leave now. Angre said I saw Riddhima leaving and called you. Vansh said we have to be alert, maybe that shooter is in front of us and we are not able to identify. Sara saw Vansh and hid from him. She saw Aryan and went to him. She said sorry, I couldn’t tell you, I like you. He asked really. She said yes and they had a talk. She asked him to kiss her. He said you are very fast, I can’t lose this beautiful chance. She said come closer to me and kiss me, Vansh left and she Sara look him. She then run away. Ishani recorded Aryan and laughed. He asked where did she go.

Aryan said you are so funny, you were going to kiss the pillar. He said Gayatri asked me to kiss her. She asked where is she. She showed the video and laughed at Aryan. He said trust me, she was here. She then joked at him. He asked her to stop it, what’s happening. Angre asked did you see Riddhima. Vansh said yes, she went for her routine checkup, I came running here after that shooter, I didn’t see her face and saw the shoe mark. He said it shows that it’s a girl’s shoe impression, you find out the hotel guest list. Angre said Augustine checked it, rest are families, a girl has checked in individually. Sara said Vansh would get a clue to reach me, did he know about me, he is very sharp, I have to be careful. Vansh asked for Sara’s room number. Sara said I have to move all the stuff from here. Vansh asked Angre to find out about Vyom. Sara saw Vansh in the corridor and she left. Vansh said she is the one and he asked her to stop. She said my game will be over,she runs and he also run after her. He heard a gun shot,he then stopped and turned to see.

Vansh and Vyom met. Vyom said our enmity went a level up, I will snatch everything from you and they fought. Vansh asked him to stand on his feet first. Officers came to check about drugs smuggling. Vansh worried when Angre got caught…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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