Vansh Defeats Fake Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 21 April 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 225


The Episode started with Vansh looking for the black box. Kiara saw him and signalled him about the box. Vansh said Angre, there she is, I will get back to you. Riddhima looked on. Vansh tried to go to Kiara but Riddhima went there. She pulled the bag by her shoe,she fell down and left. Vansh threw something at her.

Riddhima went and checked the bag but didn’t get the black box. Vansh got the black box. He said whoever it was, he would be very upset, nobody can take it from me and turned. Riddhima sprayed something at him and took the box from his hand and run.

Someone hits on her head, she fell down and he left. Vansh washed his face. Riddhima wore the mask and reached him. Vyom said I can’t wait for the black box. Riddhima came there. Vyom served food for himself. He asked her not to talk in a loud tone and warned her. She said I want to know why did you hurt me and take the box but he scolded her. She said don’t try to fool me, you snatched the box from me, right.

He checked the wound and got blood. He said it’s real blood, it’s not easy to make stories. He said you would have not come here to talk to me in a loud tone, I have made this with hardwork, have it but she refused. He said I don’t take deal or meal back and forcibly fed her. He said stop blaming me, go and get the black box, else you know, what you will lose.

She said if you didn’t hit me, then who can do this, now I get it, Vansh would have done this, my injury will expose everything, Vansh would know everything. Vansh is angry. Angre said Riddhima Bhabhi left the house an hour before us. Vansh said don’t call her Bhabhi, she is a duplicate, she came here to destroy us.

Angre said sorry, what about the phone call. Vansh said it’s her plan, she is playing a game with us, I want to know till when will this go on. Angre said let me check. He checked and said there is nothing seen in the cctv, the duplicate didn’t come back. Vansh said don’t know how she reached here before me, she was acting like she didn’t go anywhere outside, I will see today, how she comes back.

Angre asked why did she go there. Vansh said you are right, she had come to steal the black box, she was almost successful. He recalled hitting on her head and getting the box. He said you are clever, but none can outdo me. He went to unmask her. He heard police siren and left. Vansh said keep the black box safe, hide it where no one can think of. Angre said we know this is a duplicate, then why are we waiting for, just order me, I will disappear her.

Vansh said it’s an easy thing for us to disappear anyone, she is cheating me, she confuses us by making an interesting way, lets see what story she makes today, stay sharp, okay. Riddhima acted to be hurt and came home. Siya asked what happened. Vansh said new drama and looked at Angre. Anupriya said you are hurt. Siya said ask her about the accident and Riddhima went to her room.

Anupriya said I reached there, someone had pushed her and hurt her, Dadi is also hurt. Ishani said how sad, she got saved. Anupriya said you have to change the bandage at night and Vansh left. Dadi said don’t know when will he get sense. Vansh came to the room and helped Riddhima in dressing up.

He then made her lie on the bed and she thanked him. He took care of her and gave her medicines. He asked what happened, why are you looking at me as if I am some stranger. She said sometimes, people misread the books of eyes, you can’t be a stranger for me, you are my life, you will always be.

Riddhima said I was so scared, I didn’t know whose call was it, I called Anupriya, you didn’t call me, where were you busy. Vansh said no, actually something was lost, I was finding it, you know I don’t sit in peace until I get the lost thing. She said I know it well, I feel you don’t know your Riddhima. He said I know,he held her and she felt hurt. He said I think the wound is deep. She said yes, you can see it well. He said yes, I can see and understand also, you are lucky, Anupriya said the accident was dangerous.

Riddhima said Dadi said that one who is protected by Lord, no one can kill him. Vansh said Dadi also said that no one can save one whose sin pot is filled up and held her hand. She said I have kept something for you and he got it. She said I thought to question you this time, let’s see how much you know me, read the question and answer, leave it, I will ask, you answer me.

She then questioned him. She gave him a book. He said I don’t need a book to question you. She said then ask me and he held her. He asked my favorite colour. She said turquoise blue. He asked what do I hate the most. She said lies and liars. He said wrong answer, I hate the one who cheat me, like you are cheating me, you aren’t my Riddhima. She asked who am I then, do you have the answer.

Vansh and Riddhima had a dance and Siya looked on. Vansh said you can try, but you can’t win over me. Riddhima said you can try but you can’t defeat me. Kiara saw Riddhima and said I met you yesterday at the club…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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