Ridhima Finds A Shocking Secret Of Vansh & Vihaan. Till Love Do Us Part 21 February 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 140


The Episode started with Riddhima and Vihaan coming downstairs. Dadi asked why didn’t they come for dinner, Vansh liked kheer a lot. Riddhima covered the handcuffs with her saree end and held his hand. Dadi asked why did you tie the hands. Vihaan asked Riddhima to free his hands, it’s embarrassing. Riddhima lied about a custom. Dadi said he is your husband, keep him tied all your life. Chanchal said I haven’t heard of it before.

Vihaan said Riddhima is ready to go to any extent to make our love stronger. Riddhima hurts his finger by her nail and he warned her. She then recalled Vansh’s words. Dadi asked them to have dinner. Riddhima asked didn’t Ishani and Angre come. Dadi said they went for shopping, they called and said they will be late.

Riddhima thinks it’s the right chance to check the room. Riddhima said I am not hungry. Vihaan said but I want to have dinner. Kabir saw his bleeding hand and thinks something is wrong, I lost the game, not my mind and thinks to find out. Riddhima and Vihaan argued. Vihaan said I am not a fool to throw the keys. She pushed him and said I can’t trust you. He fell down and fainted and she also fell over him. She checked him and said he has fainted. She asked him to get up. She said no, I won’t call anyone, it will be good that he stays unconscious, I can find the secret related to Vansh’s mystery. She got the keys and opened the handcuffs. She then went and saw the painting. She checked the backside.

She said I have to solve this soon, there is nothing. She then saw something and said what’s this. Ishani and Angre came to the room and Riddhima hid. They argued. Ishani said I trust Vansh, clear now and they left. Riddhima checked the painting again and she read, the key to my pain is the key to this secret. She said it means…. when Vansh was in pain, he used to play piano. Angre came and asked what are you doing here. She said I came to meet Ishani.

He said tell me if there is anything related to Vansh. She said you have earned Vansh’s trust completely, he believed that you will never break it. Vihaan became conscious and recalled his fall. He said it’s not easy to get away from me and she checked the piano. Vihaan said my shadow will be with you, Riddhima. She hits the piano and a secret drawer falls down and she got a blueprint. She checked it. Aryan came and took it. He asked what do you want to do with the blueprint. She said Vansh wants to renovate the house, you mind your own business. He gave the blueprint to her and left. She then checked it again.

Vihaan thinks does she know about the secret of 8th december. Kabir asked are you sure, it was VR mansion blueprint and Aryan nodded. Chanchal said Riddhima is clever, what will we do. Kabir said we have to find out. Aryan said there is no guarantee if we will get anything and Kabir scolded him. Riddhima said I just have 20 mins left and she left. Vihaan followed and said where did she go. Flashback showed Riddhima seeing Vihaan and thinking to get rid of him. She reached the location and said what can be the secret here, there is nothing, I have less time. She heard footsteps and said Vihaan… where shall I hide. She moved off the carpet and saw a secret door and saw Kabir coming.

Kabir had a gun in his hand. Riddhima entered the secret passage while Kabir looked for her. Riddhima said just 10 mins left, I have to find it soon. She saw a locker and said what can be the password. She thinks and entered some password. She said I have just two chances left. She recalled Vansh’s laptop password. Kabir saw the secret door and smiled. Vihaan came and stopped Kabir.

He said you are holding a gun and roaming in the house, can I know the reason. Kabir said I am a policeman, I have an old relation with this gun, people got colourful in this mansion, so it’s just for safety. Vihaan said we are one family, there is no hide and seek between us. Kabir said I came to find something, what are you doing. Vihaan said I feel life is a search, I don’t need anyone’s permission to go anywhere in my mansion, come and they left. Riddhima then entered the password.

She got the papers and a pic. The clock striked 12 and she became shocked seeing the pic of Vansh and Vihaan. She thinks it means they knew each other, how can this happen, what’s this mystery, what’s the connection with 8 december.

Riddhima asked what’s this. Vihaan said it’s a fire, if this comes out, then it will be a storm. Vihaan and Kabir wish her happy birthday while Riddhima cuts the cake and a red coloured water splashed out of the cake….Read more

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