Ridhima In Trouble As Siya To Expose Her Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 21 January 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 108


The Episode started with Riddhima seeing Siya. She said Siya can talk. She saw the wheelchair. Dadi served the food to Vansh. She said I know the matter is serious, you can’t lie to me, I can see you are living with a storm in you, you can’t control it. He said yes, I am very restless, I lost something important. Dadi said if it’s yours, then it will come back to you. He said I trust your words. She said if you didn’t do anything wrong, why will wrong happen to you. She fed him food and he nodded. She said see you feel so light after saying your feelings, at least learn to express, talk to Riddhima. He said I asked Riddhima not to leave me alone, she doesn’t trust me. He got a call and left. She prayed for his happiness.

Riddhima said Kabir, you will be shocked to know the kidnapper’s name, Siya kidnapped Ragini, I don’t understand why is she doing this, I feel bad for Vansh. Kabir asked how can this happen, Siya is on the wheelchair. Riddhima said she isn’t handicapped, she can walk. Kabir said it means she was cheating everyone. Riddhima said I think she has something big going on, I have to get Ragini to Vansh, I have to tell Siya’s truth to Vansh, I have to expose her. Siya came and asked how will you expose me, I will expose you and Riddhima disconnected the call. Siya got a knife and stepped on her feet. She said you have killed Vansh’s trust and made fun of his love.

Riddhima asked why did you do this, isn’t this cheat that you are acting handicapped. Siya said I wanted to surprise Vansh with the good news, I thought he will catch mum’s murderer, I have seen him breaking down, I can’t see him weak, I didn’t had courage to face him. Riddhima asked why did you spy on me. Siya said Vansh told me to do it, he asked me to keep an eye on you, he asked me to stop you from going out, your life was in danger, I did what he told me, but when I saw you crying, I felt you took Ragini, I was looking for it, I thought you are praying for Vansh, how can you hurt him, you proved me wrong, you got Ragini, you are a spy, you don’t love Vansh, you came in this house to ruin him. Riddhima said I can explain. Siya said you have married Vansh to spy on him and find evidence against him, admit it, you have done this, you are a spy.

Riddhima said yes, it’s truth, that I have come as a spy. Siya said it’s enough for me, I have recorded this to make Vansh hear it, Vansh did a lot for you, he loved you, you cheated him, Vansh will hear this recording, your game is over. Riddhima said I don’t care what Vansh thinks, I am just worried for Ragini, did anyone kidnap her, try to understand, I was going to tell my truth to Vansh, if you trusted me ever, then give me some time, a chance, I want to take Ragini to Vansh, then you can punish me, you don’t trust me right, you have the knife in your hand, kill me, I am ready to give my life.

She said I love Vansh, that spy Riddhima is dead, I am Vansh’s wife now, I have no connection with my past, trust me, give me a last chance. Siya said fine, I want to give you a last chance, don’t break my trust, you have 24 hours, change your fate if you can, else I will make Vansh hear this recording. Riddhima said done, I will change my fate in 24 hours. Siya asked her to remember. Riddhima said you have to listen to me. Siya asked what.

Vansh asked how can cctv footage disappear, that was the last proof for us, you aren’t able to help me, you always said you can do anything for me. Angre said I tried my best. Vansh said I hate to see you lost, get out. He thinks how will everything be fine. Riddhima blindfolded him. He said I am going, I have work and everyone came there. Riddhima showed the empty wheelchair. Vansh asked did you all leave Siya alone. Riddhima asked him to turn behind and see.

Siya came and everyone was surprised. Vansh cried and hugged Siya. He asked how… Dadi said Siya, you can walk. Riddhima asked how did you like the surprise. Dadi said it’s the biggest gift for us, you treated Siya and gave her a big life, I am proud of you and she hugged Riddhima. Riddhima said your happiness matters a lot to me. Vansh thanked her. He said I feel you did some magic, I can’t believe my eyes. Siya said true, Riddhima has done magic as a physiotherapist, Vansh is responsible for this, credit goes to Vansh and Vansh hugged her. Anupriya said congrats Siya, I am glad to see you on your feet. Siya thanked her. Riddhima thinks I am glad to see your happiness, Vansh. She recalled Siya’s words. She thinks to find Ragini. Vansh thinks how will I find Ragini. Siya thinks Vansh is in this state because of Riddhima and she signalled Riddhima. Riddhima thinks I don’t know that kidnapper.

Vansh talked on the phone with Angre and was very happy. Riddhima was coming to him. He turned in excitement and broke her mangalsutra by mistake. She cried saying it’s a bad omen. He said he has very good news. Angre found CCTV footage. Now he will be able to see who kidnapped Ragini and she became nervous….Read more

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