Ridhima Reveals Her Secret To Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 21 June 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 304



The Episode started with Sara saying you left me there and called the police. Riddhima said no, I went to get the doctor to save that professor, I thought you will get into trouble if he dies, the police came there and the situation got out of control, I tried to tell the police that you are innocent, it was that professor’s mistake but the police didn’t believe me, that professor’s family was powerful, I couldn’t do anything, I am saying the truth, I tried hard to save you, but I couldn’t do anything, I still have that guilt. Sara asked her to shut up. She slapped her and said I spent 5 years in jail, you know the pain of living in the jail.

She cried and said I have suffered a lot there, soft-hearted and cheerful Gayatri died and this Sara became a contract killer, I hate myself, you can’t imagine, it’s because of you, you are the reason for this, my entire life got ruined, when I came out of the jail, I thought to start life fresh with Aditya, I thought why he didn’t come to meet me, but he committed suicide by drug overdose, you are responsible for his death, you have written my fate.

Riddhima said sorry, Vansh and I will try our best to take you away from this past, give me a chance and hugged Sara. She said I will make things fine, have water, take rest and she left.

Sara said if Vansh knows that I shot at him that day, he will not help me, he will kill me and she worried. She got a message from black mamba. Dadi asked what are you saying Ishani. Ishani said I heard Vansh and Riddhima talking, she was fooling us, she is pregnant and Vyom heard them. Siya asked how can this happen.

Ishani said it was all a drama, she was fooling us, she was talking about her past, she is hiding some secret. Dadi said I didn’t see such cunning girl till now, what does she want, she creates some drama every day, I think she is black mamba herself. Ishani said maybe, she sent us those videos, we should have found out about her past, we got busy in her pregnancy matter.

Vyom said wow Riddhima, good game, I thought I am the most clever, but she can fool anyone. Vansh then came to Riddhima. She said I want to tell you something before making you meet Sara. He sat down and asked her to speak. She said Gayatri and I used to stay together in the orphanage, she was aggressive, I used to stay calm, she was very protective for me, if anyone teases me or troubles me, she used to get too angry. He asked what happened then. She said an incident changed our fate, we had gone to Goa on a college trip. She then told him everything and Vansh became shocked. She said Gayu went to jail, I tried to save her, but what could a helpless orphan girl do, I couldn’t help her, those five years of jail changed her, she was a diamond, she came out as a stone, she didn’t get affected by anything, she became a contract killer, she changed her identity, Gayatri is Sara and got up.

Ishani saw Vyom spying and hid. She then followed him. She said what is he doing here at this time. She saw him taking the disguise. She said it means Siya lied to me, the manager is Vyom, I will record this and show it Angre. Siya said surprise and hugged Vyom. Ishani said Siya is here. Vyom said I asked you not to come here and Siya talked sweetly. He said you are the owner, I am the manager of this hotel, don’t come here again, go, if anyone sees us, it won’t be good and Siya left. Angre came and asked what are you doing here.

Ishani said I came to take water and Angre asked her to come. Ishani thinks shall I tell Angre, no, I have to talk to Siya first. Riddhima said Gayu, my friend is Sara, we can’t blame her, she thinks this is her fate, we can change her fate if we want, I want to change her fate, black mamba gave her the contract to kill you.

Vansh said you are telling me now, a contract killer is between us, anything could have happened to my family, you, me and our baby. She said I always stopped her, I saved you, I felt that I have a responsibility to save her from the wrong path, she is changing, she has suffered a lot because of me, she saved my life, she takes medicines for her depression, she needs help, she gave me a new life, I want that we give her a new life today. He sat back and said you have made me feel so small once again, you proved that you don’t trust me.

She said no. He said it’s strange that you accepted me without thinking of my past, you didn’t tell me your past, thinking I won’t be able to tolerate it, why do you become big when it’s about tolerating sorrow. She said I didn’t wish to fall weak, I didn’t have courage to tell you, but I told you today, don’t get upset, I will break down. He said I don’t know, but don’t make such face, I will fall in love with you once again and she hugged him.

Vansh asked did you tell Gayatri that you are going to tell me the truth, so she had run away. Riddhima said she isn’t such to run away. He said don’t blame yourself, I want to see you happy. Sara met someone and said you are black mamba. She shouted to Riddhima but Black mamba killed her…Read more