Aryan As Black Mamba Kílls Sara. Till Love Do Us Part 21 June 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 305



The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima are you happy. Riddhima said I will tell her that you have forgiven her, she will be happy, we will find black mamba also. He said yes, relax, tell me, did Gayatri tell you who black mamba is, is black mamba a male or female. She said no, she got a computerised call always.

Chanchal gave the details and said I did as you said, I made a mistake, don’t tell anything to Vansh. Riddhima checked the phone number and became shocked. Chanchal said I got money transferred. Riddhima said I won’t tell Vansh, you may go. Chanchal left and smiled.

Riddhima called to verify the info. She asked how many transactions happened with this account, find out and tell me, what, 2 lakhs thrice transferred to Chanchal’s name, okay, thanks. She said it means Gayu transferred her the money, just she knows about my past, maybe this happened. She worried and said I feel strange, something is wrong, I will meet her and talk. Sara went somewhere to see black mamba and she saw Aryan.

Aryan said greetings from black mamba. She asked are you black mamba, you sent us murder videos, right. He said I didn’t come to give my introduction, we shall talk about work. She asked why are you showing your face today. He said because you are going to die today. She said I will expose you. Riddhima looked for Gayatri. Aryan then slits Sara’s throat and she fell down. He then dragged Sara from there.

Riddhima came there. She got Vansh to Sara’s room and called out Gayatri. She said her bag isn’t here, how can this happen. She called Sara and said her number isn’t reachable. Vansh asked did you tell her that you are going to tell her truth to me. She said yes. He said maybe she got scared and ran away. She said Vansh, she isn’t someone to run away, I had thought a lot for you. She hugged him and cried.

He said you have tried it from your side, don’t blame yourself, maybe she doesn’t want to change, so she left with her luggage. She said I had many questions to ask her, why did she pay Chanchal to spy on me, did she make those videos or someone else. He asked did anyone else tell you about black mamba. Riddhima recalled Sara’s words and said no, she said it’s someone from our family.

Vansh said you said Chanchal was spying on you, Sara transferred her money, it’s simple, maybe Sara created the black mamba illusion to do her work, lets not forget that she regarded you her biggest enemy. She said maybe. He said you did what you could, stop blaming yourself, I will try my best to find her and he hugged her. Aryan said cheers to me, Aryan Rai Singhania and Chanchal drank with him. Aryan said I am staying here in this hotel, no one has seen my shadow, I sent those pendrives by black mamba name.

She said I have no doubt on your capability, did you know Riddhima and Gayatri’s truth. Aryan said no, but I knew that Gayatri went to jail for murder charges of the professor and came out as Sara. She asked will Riddhima doubt. He said no. Riddhima said maybe Gayatri left, Vansh is right and saw a phone on the stairs. She checked and it was Sara’s phone. She checked the last caller and called the number. Aryan got the call. He then came out of his room and said Sara…. Chanchal shouted and went back. He saw Riddhima, hid and shuts the door.

Chanchal said Sara is calling as a ghost. Aryan asked her to shut up, Riddhima was the one calling. He went out and collided with Riddhima. She asked where have you been all this while. Chanchal came and hugged Aryan. Aryan said I also missed you. Ishani came and said so good to see you, there was no fun without you. Siya said it’s good you have come, we missed you a lot. Riddhima asked where were you. Chanchal said he was here, in my heart, where will a son stay, in a mum’s heart. Riddhima said of course, but this bag, he was somewhere. Ishani asked why, were you in the police force to ask for everyone’s details, I don’t think Aryan needs to tell you anything.

Ishani said this is none of your concern and he hugged Ishani. Ishani said he called me and Chanchal. Ishani told them that Gayu has disappeared. Chanchal said she is gone. Riddhima asked did you see her going. Ishani said yes, I had saw her going and she gave me a tip, who do you think I am, why do I care for her coming or leaving. Aryan asked her to come for a drink and they all left. Riddhima then went to see Gayu.

Riddhima woke up and saw Vansh working. She hugged him and said I want attention. He said I am busy. She said no, look into my eyes, you will forget everything, you said the same at night, you are busy and all. He said I am looking into your eyes and she said you can do the work later and she smiled.

Riddhima said your focus is on me right, which dress should I wear. Vansh said yes, wear it and show me, I can’t wait to see you and she angrily left. He held her head and said what was she saying, I was listening, I love…Read more