Vansh To Prove He Is Innocent. Till Love Do Us Part 21 March 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 178


The Episode started with Kabir seeing Riddhima and Vansh through the binoculars. He said not bad Riddhima, come on, it will be good if you shoot. Vansh said no, I think you know Vansh well. Riddhima asked are you sure. He said the gun is loaded, be careful. Riddhima said Lord will count the breath, why are you afraid,he tried to get the gun from her hands and they fell on the bed. He held her and said trust me Riddhima, it’s a night of trust, I didn’t break your trust, I didn’t hide any truth and kissed her on the cheek.

He said I love you a lot, I don’t want to false swear on your name and she left. Kabir said it would have been a good scene if she shot him. Aryan came to him and asked what’s up bro. Kabir said nothing, there isn’t any dead body fallen but their suhaagraat got spoiled, Riddhima had pointed the gun at Vansh, I have a big plan.

It’s morning, Dadi asked Riddhima to do the aarti today. Riddhima thinks don’t know whom shall I trust and did the aarti. Vansh then came, she looked ate him and recalled the officer’s words. He asked her to give him aarti and she asked him to leave her. He placed his hand on the aarti and said I swear on it, you are very important for me, I won’t think if I have to die for you, what else do you want to hear from me. She took him to the pool and dipped his hand in the water.

She said Vansh, I have no doubt on you, I know you gave me a new life and family, it’s not about our trust, it’s about a third world, tell me, did you kill my parents . He said no, who told you. She said it’s a lie again and he asked her to stop. She slipped into the pool and he tried to hold her but they fall into the pool. She said you saved Ragini to know your mum’s murder truth, you went mad when she was kidnapped and killed, is it wrong if I am going mad to find my parents’ killer.

I am going through the same pain, no feelings can be alive, I want to know my parents’ truth, you are hiding everything, tell me the truth. He said your parents are more important than me. She said it’s tough to know which relation is important, I want to know the truth that you killed my parents or not, if not, then prove it, you have no proof, you know what I can do. He said I can understand. She said you married me again and tried to stop me from reaching the truth, how shall I know what’s the truth.

She showed the officer’s video to Vansh and he became shocked. Kabir looked on and thinks well done, Riddhima. Vansh asked what nonsense, who sent it. Riddhima said that’s not important, is this important or not, is it true. Vansh said it’s a lie, the officer was tortured to say this. She said he was tortured because he was refusing to speak against you. He said you don’t trust me. Kabir thinks you can never clear her illusion, she will stand against you. She said I want to know the truth, why were you kept in the juvenile custody, your silence shows you have killed my parents.

I want to know the truth, my husband is the one who turned me into an orphan. She got out from the pool and slipped. He holded her and said enough, I will bring the truth in front of you in the reception, I will tell you why I went to the juvenile detention center, I will give you a right to judge me and decide if I am your parents’ killer, I will accept your decision, it’s a night to make a decision. She thinks what will he do when everything is against him.

Riddhima watered the plants. She said Vansh’s truth will come out, I will get all my answers, is he related to my parents’ death or not, why do I feel scared, I wish he isn’t connected to my parents’ death, if I am wrong, then my promise will break, I had promised to never doubt him again. Vansh saw their wedding pic. Siya came and asked are you thinking about Riddhima. She said I love you and also Riddhima, she is pure gold, she cares a lot for you, I can’t see her worried. Vansh said don’t worry, all her pain will end today.

He hurts his hand by hitting the glass table. Riddhima got hurt by the thorn. She said Vansh said I am the judge today, if my fear is right, if he had killed my parents, what will I do, what will be my decision, it will be my defeat, whoever wins, I will lose. Vansh said Riddhima’s heart is shattered, she is going through pain, I am the reason, I want to free her from the pain.

Riddhima said I will toss a coin to know what has Bappa written in my fate, if its head, my fear will be true, else my illusion will get cleared, it will be my biggest defeat, I will fall in my own sight and she tossed the coin. Siya said I will pray that everything gets fine between Riddhima and you, Angre came and Siya left. Vansh asked Angre to remove that red cloth. Angre asked what’s this. He see the hot oil in the vessel. Vansh said if I am proved a culprit in Riddhima’s sight, then you put this boiling oil over me.

Ishani got the coin and said don’t put the burden of your fate on this coin, you will reap what you have sown, whatever the decision is today, if Vansh gets a tear in his eyes, then I will make you shed blood tears, not just one person gets punished in love. Angre said I can’t, sorry. Vansh said you can’t refuse to my orders, you promised me, you know me well. Angre said sorry, I can’t do this, I will pray that such situation doesn’t arise. Vansh said the decision will be taken today. Riddhima worried that the night’s darkness may create a new question.

Precap: Riddhima brought a bunch of glass bottles in a room and threw them on the floor, spreading the glass pieces everywhere. She thinks whatever the truth comes out tonight, it will bring a huge aftermath. If it’s proved tonight that Vansh killed her parents, then it will be the biggest defeat of her life. If Vansh proves to be innocent, then she will walk on those glass pieces. That will be her punishment for doubting her love…Read more

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