Ridhima To Judge Vansh For His Crimes. Till Love Do Us Part 21 March 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 179


the Episode started with Riddhima breaking some bottles. She said it will be a test today, if Vansh is proved innocent today, then I will walk barefoot on these glass pieces, it will be my punishment to doubt my love. Kabir shot a fire arrow at Vansh and Riddhima’s picture, he burnt their pic and Aryan smiled. Kabir said I have gotten fake evidences against Vansh, now Vansh is talking about a truth, what truth is he talking about. Aryan saw a shadow and stopped him.

Kabir said there is no one, maybe some servant passed, we have to be ahead of Vansh and Riddhima, else the entire plan can change. Riddhima came to the room and saw Vansh. She showed her saree for the reception. She said it’s good, right. Vansh went to the drawer and gave her the scissors and asked her to cut the saree. She said I have to wear this saree to the reception. He said you won’t wear it, do as I say.

Riddhima cut the saree and asked her to look back, pull the thread. She pulled the thread and saw a saree. He said the reception theme is retro, wear this saree, this will suit you. She said your choice can’t be wrong and she hugged him. She said I feel scared of the night of judgement. He asked why are you scared, you have to be the judge, I am the suspect, I should be scared. She said I lost a lot, I don’t want to lose you.

He said I didn’t get scared of anyone till now, but today, I also feel scared that I may get away from you, I have no wish, just you stay well, I want you to look stunning, I want to tell my truth to you, you will decide if I should get punished, I will accept your decision, whatever the verdict, I have to end this today. She said I don’t want anything to go wrong, everything gets fixed. He said it’s not in our hands and said everything will be true today.

Kabir saw Vansh and said I heard a storm is coming tonight. Vansh said you are scaring the sea about a storm, you should be careful, a wind may move you away. Kabir said I am glad that you care for me, I feel that our enmity will reach a new place today, like one of us will be alive to see the sunrise. Vansh said I promise that your last night will the best of your life. Kabir said I heard that you are bringing the truth of your life out.

Vansh said such news will do the rounds. Kabir said I know you will play some new game, truth doesn’t suit you. Vansh said don’t be restless, you wait till the night and then decide if you like my truth or not, till then let it be a mystery. Kabir said we shall wait for the judgement night.

Dadi said the theme is retro, new songs will not work. DJ said got it. Siya came and said Dadi, you are right, tonight will be an evergreen night and Ishani came. Siya complimented her. Vansh said things are under control, nothing will go wrong and someone came there. Vansh turned but didn’t see anyone. He said why do I think someone was here. Siya asked Vansh and Riddhima to do the rasam together. Dadi said new bride does first rasoi rasam and she made sweetdish for the family, but today I have done a change, I want Vansh to help Riddhima.

Siya said right. Dadi said lets see if he helps his wife. Vansh said I am ready to do it. Dadi and Siya left. Vansh helped Riddhima and said I should help well if I am doing it. Vansh asked will you fulfill rasam like this, look at your expression, like you lost everything, smile and do the rasam, I promised you, everything will be fine, smile for my sake, fine our sake and she smiled.

He held her and lifted to help her pick the container. He said you don’t know that my breath stops when you are close, you don’t know what you are for me and they made the sweetdish and had an eyelock. Siya ad Dadi came and they laughed. Siya said Mithibhaat will be much sweeter today. Riddhima asked Dadi to taste it and say how it is. Dadi said we will keep it as bhog first and then we will eat it.

Riddhima prayed and thinks it’s the judgment night, I love Vansh truly, our love shall win. Vansh thinks Riddhima’s doubts will end, I wish my love wins today. Dadi tasted the mithibhaat and said we never had such tasty mithibhaat ever. Siya said Vansh and Riddhima’s love got mixed in it, it’s really tasty. She asked them to feed the sweetdish to each other.

Riddhima and Vansh fed each other. Dadi said the guests will be coming, go and get ready. Vansh and Riddhima had a moment. Vansh romanced her and made her ready. Vansh said you are the world’s most beautiful girl, whom I love the most, I will open up my heart in front of you tonight, you have to decide.

Everyone danced in the reception.Vansh said I am going to bring my past truth out, this truth can bring a big storm in someone’s life….Read more

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