Ridhima Reveals The Truth Of Who She Really Is. Till Love Do Us Part 22 April 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 227


The Episode started with Vansh saying my Riddhima can never lie to me, or cheat me. She said maybe you didn’t know her, she is much ahead of you, she can make your life and ruin it too, you should lose, accept it, you couldn’t identify your wife or know you.

He pointed the gun at her and said you have 30 seconds, tell me, where is Riddhima. She said you are a fool, it’s me Riddhima, you are making a mistake, you may lose your wife forever. He said your face matches with Riddhima, so I am giving you a last chance. She said I feel sorry for you.

They heard some explosion sound and they went to see. Vansh asked everyone where they are. Angre and everyone came. Kiara asked what was this explosion. Ishani said welcome to the VR mansion. Aryan asked are you okay. She said yes, but this smoke… Vansh asked Angre to open the windows and doors, make the smoke out and cared for Dadi. He asked Dadi who did this.

Riddhima thinks where is Siya and she left. Chanchal said the enemy wants to kill us. Aryan said I will clean your face, it seems black spots have come on the moon. Ishani said oh God, what time you found for romance. Angre said someone sent a package, it had smoke bomb, it was for Riddhima, Siya had it. Vansh asked where is Siya.

Dadi said I told you the fire isn’t blown off, it’s just smoke bomb, real bomb will be blown tomorrow, are you waiting for that. Riddhima asked Vansh to see Siya. Anupriya asked Vansh to go. They all saw Siya hurt. Chanchal said she is bleeding, I will get the aid box. Vansh then took Siya to the room. He asked her to relax, nothing will happen. She said a package came for Riddhima, I was taking it to her and it exploded. Riddhima asked package for me?

Vansh starred at her and left. Vyom came home. He said I heard about the blast, is everything fine. Anupriya said yes, come in. Vyom asked Dadi are you fine. Dadi said yes, it seems like a bad spirit has entered our house, Vansh came and Vyom hugged him. He asked are you fine, did you get hurt. Vansh asked what are you doing here. Vyom said I heard about the blast, are you fine Bhabhi ji….

Riddhima said I am fine, thanks. Vansh warned Vyom. He asked Vyom to leave, he is still alive to take care of his family. Vyom asked Dadi to hear this out, Vansh is making him leave. Dadi said I am glad to see your concern for this family, don’t go anywhere, have breakfast and then go. Chanchal said Siya got hurt. Vyom asked what happened.

Anupriya said bomb blasted when it was with her, she can’t walk now. Vyom said I should see her. He greeted Riddhima and smiled. He then went upstairs and saw Kiara. Dadi said I don’t need to tell you again, who is doing this, Riddhima did this, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to kill us, she wants to blacken our face and complained about Riddhima.

He said I was going to shoot her, but that bomb exploded. She said you kill that girl, she doesn’t deserve to be alive, no one dared to hurt our family, where did your love go for Siya. Vyom held Siya and complimented her beauty. She said I just slipped, the bomb exploded and I got hurt. He said don’t know who is Vansh’s enemy.

She said I am fine. He said some wounds start paining more with time, your feet are beautiful, don’t keep them on the ground, these anklets look so beautiful on your feet. She said thanks, I can talk but she stumbled again. He said I told you, we have a way. Vansh said this isn’t my Riddhima, she is some duplicate. Dadi said it’s her plan, she did this to show that she isn’t that Riddhima. He said I got proof, believe me.

Dadi said fine, she isn’t your Riddhima, why don’t you kill her. He said I can’t kill her, I have to find the real Riddhima first. Dadi said you can’t do anything, that girl had fooled you to make you find real Riddhima, I can’t think that my child can be so foolish, I have to do something now and she called someone. Siya asked what way. Vyom lifted her and said I can’t see you in pain and made her sit on the bed and she thanked him. He said don’t thank me and spoil the moment. She asked did you come to meet someone.

He said maybe someone beautiful like you, your smile is magical, anyone would ask you for a date, right. She said no, I never went on any date. He said so adorable, maybe Gods made this plan to make us meet, can I become the first man to take you on a date, I will give you chocolates and flowers, not teddy bears, don’t refuse, my heart will break. Riddhima said Siya, you need rest. Vyom asked are you also hurt.

Vyom said Siya, don’t forget about the date and he left. Dadi said you will get her dead body tonight. Vansh said you won’t do this. Dadi said keep your tone down, you are forgetting with whom are you talking. Aryan came and greeted them. Aryan said Dadi called me, Riddhima’s dead body will be in the swimming pool. She said yes, I should get that report.

Aryan said now Vansh knows what will happen. Vansh stopped Aryan and said you won’t do this. Aryan said stop me if you can. Aryan pushed him and shuts the office door. Vansh shouted open the door. Aryan said bye bye Riddhima… Vansh shouted don’t touch Riddhima. Riddhima asked how dare you send me a smoke bomb. Vyom asked how thankless, I try to do anything good and people scold me.

She said you think it’s a good thing. He said I saved your life by sending that bomb. She asked how do you know. He said you forgot my name, Vyom, zero, circle, VR mansion is in this circle now. She said don’t forget that you did this for your selfishness.

He said yes, I got habitual to you, go and get the black box. She said you think Vansh will keep it handy. He said yes, I kept you alive to get the box. She said don’t make this mistake again, Siya would have lost her life, this isn’t part of our deal. He said fine, complete the deal and he left.

Aryan took Riddhima and tied her. Vansh tried to break the bars. Aryan said first I will kill you and then Vansh. Angre said I couldn’t see if Aryan went alone. Vansh said Riddhima isn’t at home. Aryan asked Riddhima to run and shot at her…Read more

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