Ridhima’s Birthday Brings Shocking Secrets. Till Love Do Us Part 22 February 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 142


The episode started with Kabir wishing happy birthday to Riddhima. He said that it won’t take much longer for the happiest moment of her life to turn to the most tragic one.

A few hours ago, at the party, Kabir asked Riddhima to come aside. He asked Riddhima to lift a cloth and underneath lies her gift. He said that there are five envelopes and she has to pick them one by one. Riddhima was pretty sure that he has placed that picture in one of the envelopes. Kabir said if you are not ready to pick up, then I will pick one up. Riddhima chose one as soon as Kabir reached out to pick one of the envelopes.

As Riddhima, picked up the envelope she found a letter in it. Through the letter Kabir was telling Ridhima that the secret which she was hiding for so long, will now be exposed. Kabir said that he has promised to make this birthday a living hell for her. He also wrote in the letter that he will not just expose her but also her lover Vihaan. Riddhima thinks that Kabir has now found evidence against Vihaan and he will now expose his truth in front of everyone.

Kabir asked Riddima if she has looked inside the envelope then she should announce the theme of the party to everybody. Vihaan interfered and said that Riddhima is his wife and he will be the one choosing the color for the party. He then chose gold color. He said, Riddhima will look gorgeous in black and gold.
Vihaan told Kabir that this party should be memorable but he should make sure that nothing should happen which can hurt Riddhima in anyway. Kabir said that he will not give them any chance to complain.

Riddhima frantically searched for the photo in the Labor’s room. Kabir came and mocked Riddhima saying that he knew she will start her search for that picture very soon. He said, it’s so sad that the birthday girl is so worried instead of enjoying her birthday party. He said that he has organised a birthday party for her and she has destroyed his room in an attempt to search for that picture.

Kabir said, she doesn’t have to worry as he will be gifting her that picture in that party in front of everyone. Riddhima pleaded that he should not do that. But Kabir reminded her of that slap and said that he warned her that she should never cross his path. And said that she has a bad habit of doing the things which she is asked not to do. He asked Riddhima to go away as he sings Happy Birthday to her.
Kabir called someone and asked them if everything was ready as the party is about to start in a little while and got a heads up.
Meanwhile Riddhima was remembering Vansh saying that her life has become so difficult without him by her side.

Riddhima then found a photo frame when she opened it at the back of it she found a bank transfer receipt where she saw that Vansh had transferred 5 crore rupees to Vihaan. She tried to make sense of why Vansh would have transferred such a huge amount to Vihaan.
Taking the letter in her hand she started walking towards Vihaan’s room but she stumbled upon a guitar and fell into the lap of Vihaan. He said that he has not given her a gift yet and she has given him a return gift already.

He told her that her destiny is bringing her closer to him. He asked her why is she so worried and Riddhima said that she is stressed because of him.
She told Vihaan the date and asked him why Vansh transferred 5 crore rupees to him on 8th of December 2017. Vihaan said that he will tell her everything but at the party. Riddhima reminded Vihaan that in the party his secret will be exposed. She blamed him for being casual even in such worrying times. He told her that she should be the one worrying as she will be the one getting exposed.

He told her that she should have told him about the letter earlier. He said, just because Kabir has the proof right now she is feeling stressed. He told Riddhima that she should not worry as he is on her side. He said that if he is able to stop Kabir from exposing her then she would spend an evening with him in return. If she wants a favor from him, she should be ready to give something in return as well.

Riddhima became angry and started to walk away but Vihaan said that she is trapped now. Because as soon as the Raj Singhania family sees that picture no one will trust her anymore. And after that everyone will send her out of the house. He said, all of this will create a big problem for a family and she will never want that to happen. He threatened her and said that her entire family’s respect and reputation is at stake now and she is smart enough to take the right decision.

Vihaan told her that in the party she will have to invite him for a flying dance. He said, she will have to take him in her arms and then only he will understand that he is ready for the give and take. Riddhima refused his offer once again and left.
The party was about to start and Kabir turned off the lights. Someone was making some arrangement with the kerosene and a wire. They lit the top with the lighter and waited for the explosion.

Vihaan once again told Riddhima that his offer is still standing as he walks down the stairs with her by his side. But Riddhima once again turned down the offer.
As she came down Kabir told her that he will now turn the most beautiful moment of a life into the most tragic one.

He thanked Riddhima that she has given him the most precious gift by bringing his mother back to him. He said that he has prepared a video for her on her birthday and he hopes that everyone likes it.
Riddhima thinks that he will show Vihaan and Vansh’s picture in the video and everyone will get to know the truth but Kabir asked everyone to wait for a little longer as he will put on some music and they will dance.

Vihaan once again reminded her that his offer is still there and she can spare herself the horror if she agrees to his offer. Riddhima said that she too has a plan. She said that she saw the LED screen and knew that Kabir will use it to show the picture. What needed to be done she has done. She said that she put kerosene all over that screen and lit up a wire to ruin everything. But Vihaan said that he knew that she will use the kerosene so he swapped it with plain blue water. He told her that he won’t let go of such a golden chance so easily. The future is now in front of her eyes as only one minute of a life is left in the Raj Singhania house

Kabir said Riddhima, don’t work hard to find the pic, I will gift it to you in front of everyone. Vihaan and Riddhima danced and Kabir joined them on the dance floor. He said I have prepared a special video for Riddhima and everyone became shocked…Read more

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