Kabir Expose Vihaan. Vansh Appears & Fails His Plan. Till Love Do Us Part 22 February 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 143


The Episode started with Vihaan saying whatever the story, the important thing is it’s climax, you can see it here, just a min left. Riddhima recalled Kabir’s words. Vihaan and Kabir looked at her while Vihaan danced with her and everyone clapped. She said please help me, stop Kabir. Kabir said it’s time to present the special arrangements I had made for her birthday.

He played the video and said Riddhima looked such in her childhood, she is now in VR mansion, I have stolen some moments from her life. Everyone saw the pics and smiled. Kabir said now the last and most important part. He showed Vansh and Vihaan’s pic and everyone became shocked.

Kabir said I told this before, but no one believed me, you all made me say sorry, but this proof will prove me right, this man isn’t Vansh, but his lookalike, he is playing a game with us, he is playing with our feelings and love, whatever he did, it’s fine, someone can’t be forgiven here, that person knew how much everyone loves Vansh, if there is cheat related to Vansh, then it will hurt a lot.

even then you have played with our feelings, Riddhima tell me, didn’t you pay this lookalike and get him home, game over Riddhima, you don’t have even 3 seconds now, Vansh’s truth is here, he had left us long time back, Riddhima stayed here with this partner and played with our feelings, she cheated Dadi, who supported her always, how low can she fall down.

He asked Riddhima to tell her partner’s name. Dadi asked how can this happen. Anupriya said son’s love stopped me. Ishani said Riddhima can win people’s heart and trust always. Kabir asked why is this happening, tell us. He asked Vihaan as well. Vihaan became angry and broke the projector screen. He asked Kabir to turn and see, the answer is standing right there, half bro…. Kabir turned to see. He became shocked seeing the envelops.

Riddhima said it’s the same envelop like the one stolen from my locker. Angre said family members names are written on it. Aryan asked what’s the matter. Everyone got the envelops. Kabir checked the pic. Everyone saw their morphed pics, making them look like twins in the pic. Ishani asked what’s this. Vihaan said it was nonsense what was told before, how would you feel if anyone calls you Ishani’s lookalike, it means you have hidden it from us, it’s all photoshop, both the persons are you in the pic, celebrities’ pics are also morphed like this.

that’s all, I was proved a liar using such pic, I didn’t see such kiddish conspiracy against me, you can’t be so foolish Kabir, you organized Riddhima’s birthday party and proved me my lookalike and Riddhima as the culprit, you didn’t think the family will be hurt, you are forgetting the difference between right and wrong to prove me a liar. Vihaan recalled making the pics for everyone.

Riddhima thinks Vihaan changed the time, why do I feel that Vansh is talking, Vansh would have done this. Vihaan said you are my family, someone showed a pic, you think I am a lookalike, since I came back, I am tested, someone wants me to fail in this test, so that you all suspect me, I felt you all got satisfied that I am Vansh, you all stood with Kabir again, your faces are showing that I have to prove my identity always and he threw things but Dadi stopped him. He asked what do you think, who am I, I will go away. Dadi said my heart said you are my Vansh.

Vansh said just two people knew your baby names, what do you think, who am I. Ishani said sorry, you are my Vansh bhai, I won’t hear anything. Vihaan asked Aryan and Chanchal. Aryan said yes Vansh Bhai. Chanchal said I knew you are our Vansh. Vihaan said you have stayed as my shadow, what do you think. Angre said you are Vansh, my boss, you will always be my boss. Vihaan said I can’t involve me, Kabir made you my partner in both scenarios, what do you think, am I Vansh whom you lost or someone else.

Riddhima said my belief didn’t break that you are my Vansh, such pics can’t break my belief, I know my Vansh is with me and will always be. Vihaan looked at Kabir. He said you are much hurt by my return, I feel you don’t have any work, you want to prove me a liar, fine Kabir, I will give you a right today, tell me, who am I, just say it. Kabir said Vansh. Vihaan asked why did you lower your voice, did you lose confidence. Kabir said you are Vansh. Vihaan asked what evidences do you all want. Dadi said no one will raise this question again.

Riddhima said this happened for the second time, Vansh is hurt, Kabir should at least say sorry. Dadi asked Kabir to apologize to Vansh. Kabir said I am sorry, now I have no doubt that you aren’t Vansh, I promise, Vansh bhai. Dadi asked all of them to go and sleep now. Vihaan hugged Dadi and said good night. He smiled looking at Riddhima. She recalled his words. She thinks Vihaan managed everything, but I have to spend an evening with him to know the secret.

Riddhima and Vihaan spent time together. He asked who do you recall with this. She said Vansh and he reminded her of Vansh. She thinks why do I feel like I am with Vansh….Read more

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