Siya Gets Broken Heart. Till Love Do Us Part 22 June 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 306


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to talk to him, he is listening, it’s a deal. She said deal and he also said great, shoot. She closed her eyes and gave him her cheek. He said you said you will say something, you aren’t saying anything. She asked are you paying attention to me. He said absolutely, sweetheart. She said I will be back and left. Ishani asked Siya are you not ashamed to lie to me, that lobby manager is Vyom, it means you lied about the breakup. Siya asked how do you know he is Vyom. Ishani said I have seen you meeting him, he is dangerous, you won’t meet him. Siya said I will meet him. Ishani said he is our enemy. Siya said you should have told me when you encouraged me.

Ishani said he will turn you against the family. Siya said don’t give me this Gyaan, I like him a lot, look at yourself, first Sunny and then Angre… Ishani said be in your limits. Siya said you said I am not a kid, I can take my own decisions, stay out of my business. Ishani said you will stay away from him. Siya said no, what will you do. Angre came and took Ishani’s phone. He asked what’s this video. Ishani said Siya and Vyom’s video is on the phone and Siya said what, get the phone back, do something.

Riddhima got some dresses and asked what shall I wear today. Vansh said yes, wear that. She asked what,the blue one? He said yes, you look stunning in blue. She said fine, this blue dress will suit you. He said I can’t wait to see you. She got upset and joked. He asked her to decide the wedding gift herself. He didn’t pay attention and was just talking to her. She said the rain has stopped and he said you are very magical.

She then thanked him and said, you said we should buy magical carpet, we can go anywhere using that. He said yes, I told you, just go and buy it. She said fine, you are giving me much attention. He said I know, I love you a lot. She said I hate you and left. Ishani pretended to be hurt and Angre asked what happened to your foot. Ishani then took the phone from him.

Siya deleted the video and placed the phone back. Ishani said it’s better now, go and do your work. Angre went with the phone and Ishani scolded Siya. She said I will tell Vansh that Vyom is roaming here as the lobby manager, he is becoming so much angry these days, stay away from Vyom. Vansh asked what were you saying… He saw her gone and she come back. He said I was listening to you, because I love…. but she just left from the room.

Siya saw Vyom sleeping and said you look lovely and woke him up. He became scared and asked what are you doing here. She said I came to greet you. He stood up and wore his shirt. She said I will make you wear it right. He said don’t behave like my wife, just go, I am getting late. She said I will order coffee for you. He said I don’t need your help, I am irritated by you, just go.

She said I love you Vyom, it doesn’t mean you should behave like this with your girlfriend. He asked girlfriend, what’s this joke, stop crying, I am fed up. She said you got gifts for me. He said I had pity, you didn’t have any friend, you think I have become your boyfriend, you have no importance in my life, I came in your life to use you against Vansh, even then you are useless, go from here, get out and Siya cried. She said I know you are joking but he scolded her and she left.

Riddhima sat talking to the baby. Siya came crying and said he broke my heart and told her about about Vyom. She asked am I so bad that no one loves me. Riddhima said no, you can’t be bad, he doesn’t deserve you, come and Riddhima pacified her. Siya said I am weak. Riddhima said crying means we are sensitive, we are strong and Siya asked really. Riddhima said yes, you don’t need a partner at this time.

you are young, focus on your life, when you find someone like-minded, then think of relationship, no need to go to the person who insults you. Siya said thanks for boosting my morale, please forgive me for that doll incident, stealing the letter and hurting you, I did that to please someone. Riddhima said it’s okay, forget it.

Siya asked do you think it was good if Vansh wasn’t here. Riddhima said yes, he always ignores me, he is always busy with work. Siya said a wife has many ways to get her husband’s attention, you may do that. Vansh asked what do you mean. Angre asked do you and Riddhima have some tension again. Vansh ignored and talked about work. He said Riddhima was telling me something, I didn’t hear it, when I answered, she got upset.

Angre asked what did she say. Vansh said she wanted to buy some carpet, I asked her to buy it, she then became upset. Angre said she is pregnant. Vansh said I know. Angre said girls get mood swings during pregnancy, they want much attention. Riddhima said idea the isn’t bad, I used to run after him, this time, I will give him attitude.

Someone came to the hotel. It was Riddhima in a male’s disguise. She met Angre and Vansh…Read more

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