Ridhima Tricks Chanchal With Mágic. Till Love Do Us Part 22 June 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 307


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Vansh should take extra care of me and the baby. Siya said yes, but he thinks his wife has turned moody. Angre said she would have mood swings, when Ishani was pregnant, we used to fight because of her mood swings, don’t ignore her. Siya said ignore him and show attitude, then he won’t take you for granted. Riddhima said the idea isn’t bad, I used to run after him always, this time I will give you attitude and she hugged Siya. Vansh thanked Angre and said now I know what to do.

Vansh came to his room and asked Riddhima how did you like the gift. She didn’t answer. He gave her a rose and a gift. She asked is this for me and he said yes. She took the rose and the gift. He asked what’s the gift for me. She then kissed him. Vansh went to make a call. Siya asked what, did you melt like butter, I explained to you. Riddhima said I tried, but Vansh is clever, he knows how to trap his wife, he said he won’t ignore me.

Siya asked where is he. Riddhima said he is on a call, maybe for an hour. Siya asked what, when did he convince you, he is back on call. Riddhima said he said he will disconnect the call and come whenever I call him. Siya said oh, call him and check, try it, I challenge you, he won’t come. Riddhima said no, I will call him if you say. Riddhima called him out and he signalled her that he will come in two mins. Siya asked what did he say.

Riddhima said he signalled two mins. Siya said you sleep, he won’t come. Vansh then came. Riddhima ended the call and huged him. She said it’s Angre’s call. She answered the call and asked Angre not to disturb Vansh. Vansh took the phone and became busy again. She said no Roy will come, I want Vansh to spend time with me, just Riddhima and Vansh. She went to the hotel and Siya greeted her.

Riddhima signalled her. Siya said Bhabhi… what are you doing in this getup, if anyone sees you. Riddhima asked how do I look. Siya said good. Riddhima said you said wife has many tricks to convince the husband. Siya said Vansh will catch you, he will get angry. Riddhima said I will give such performance that you will give me an award. Siya wished her all the best and left. Vansh and Angre came and greeted Roy. Riddhima then shook hands with Vansh. Vansh said your hands are soft. She said I don’t do dirty business. Vansh said you make others do the work.

Riddhima said I won’t drink, I told my wife that I won’t drink, every husband should listen to his wife. Siya came and greeted then. Vansh introduced new business associate Roy to his family and Chanchal joked. Vansh said I hate liars and cheaters. Riddhima said I know, they go up directly. Vansh said right, how do you know. Riddhima said I heard about it. Vansh said it will be fun to work with you. He looked at her hair. He said I will drop you to the room, come.

Vansh went for swimming and Riddhima came there. He asked Roy to join him. Riddhima said I don’t know how to swim and Vansh said I will teach you. She said I feel like I have fever, try to understand, I came here by a drive, I came here for work, not to swim. He said people do what I want, are you signing this deal or not. She said I will sign it, I feel thirsty and Ishani got juice for her.

Riddhima said waiter for the juice so soon. Ishani said I am Ishani, Vansh’s sister, not a waiter. Riddhima said Vansh gave the waiter job to his sister, to teach her the importance of life and money. Vansh said she isn’t a waiter, she is my sister. Riddhima threw the drink at Ishani and Ishani shouted at her. Riddhima said what taste is this, poison… your dress is not that nice, you should improve your dressing sense. Ishani said I got this dress from Milan. Riddhima said the place doesn’t matter, I don’t like your dressing sense and Ishani scolded her. Vansh said he made a mistake. Riddhima said no, the juice wasn’t good. Ishani said I can’t expect anything from Vansh and she left.

Vansh asked Roy to come for swimming. Riddhima said I feel uneasy, I need some rest, I will meet you later, okay with you? and she left. Vansh smiled and said exactly Riddhima. Aryan saw Riddhima in Roy’s room and he became shocked. He collided with Ishani and Chanchal asked what happened. Aryan said I told you, Roy is weird. Ishani asked what happened. Aryan said I went to Roy’s room, there was a girl inside, her back was facing me, else I would have seen her face. She asked that’s it and he said yes.

She said maybe Roy took a room to his girl, don’t tell this to Vansh, he will laugh, you killed my excitement, this is no proof. Aryan said I don’t find Roy normal. Chanchal said so what, he is rich and cute, I can help you. Aryan said we have to find out, Vansh will be happy if we give him any proof, keep an eye on that window. Riddhima saw them and thinks why are they looking at my window.

Riddhima asked Vansh about his wife. Vansh said boring, nagging, you tell me, you dance with your wife or not. Riddhima said no. Vansh said I will teach you and danced with Riddhima…Read more

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